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Posted by CapitalCityOwners at Mar 14, 11:13 PM
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qps999 isnt it..?. Name has been changed ...
17/03/2019 15:08
CapitalCityOwners hi, are you retail owners in Capital City?
17/03/2019 22:13

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agrawalmukti Thanks, for sharing this information with us.
It had been of great use for the traders in Singapore.
01/03/2019 14:31
qps999 Nice info..
12/03/2019 23:46

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foresight sell down for this week seems heavy..Monday begin at 1.17..now 1.05. Drop a whopping 10%..something is brewing. avoid for now until price stable
20/08/2013 11:34
lobong because rupiah is weakening and First Reit has majority Indonesian properties
22/08/2013 10:13
foresight currency weakness will last for awhile before it will be stable. May impact DPU
22/08/2013 14:02
Tipster their rental incomes are in SGD, so any currency movement will not impact FIRST reit... buy!
29/11/2013 16:16
Peter Graham Lancashire Tipster, you are right the rental incomes are in sgd., but the Net Asset Value not!
Also when rentals are up for renewal, negotiations to increase them in Sgd., may be tough against the background of tenants whose income is in IDR, and competitors
Who pay their rents in IDR. Stii remain vested though! PGL
30/11/2013 21:31
Melaos mm this one can buy?
27/02/2014 22:16
chezball This is one of best performing reit. But the prices are at all time high! So, I have done a quick analysis to see if I should sell. Check it out here:

30/05/2015 00:02
snapsnap for long or short haul !!!!! http://sdb.theedgemarkets.com/2015/SMR/SMR_20151102k42xxv.pdf
02/11/2015 17:22
davidsmith Stock: [First Reit]: FIRST REAL ESTATE INV TRUST

As per the technical analysis of chart. I seems to be down till 1.3300 right now it is at 1.3700
21/03/2018 21:19
samk Indonesia rupiah keep falling..a bit risky for this counter
09/03/2019 19:11
qps999 No change la...why
12/03/2019 00:39
qps999 I am going on safe side..
12/03/2019 23:37

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47
superman11 Why sgx in i3investor doesnt have financial technical analysis like klse??
30/05/2014 18:40
PressJustice Rumor businessman from Malaysia Larry Tey Por Yee took a stake of Singtel. Is it true? Check out the mystery investor https://teyporyeetruth.wordpress.com/
08/11/2015 02:36
NotAbel Tan will the fourth Telco... impart further the share prices of Singtel?
21/01/2016 00:19
Y2016 Definitely
21/01/2016 01:29
superman11 why singtel keep dropping?
01/03/2018 17:10
pickey Ya, any bad news?
11/03/2018 14:46
pickey finally, see some movement
12/03/2018 09:28
davidsmith Hello traders,

SingTel is another good stock to trade these days. It may have good up movement in the end of year. Feel free to ask your queries.
19/03/2018 21:31
bluelight Time to accumulate more to collect dividend?
08/06/2018 08:58
qps999 not much..but save my money with the help of Money life research sggested tgt..hit it..@lim..come with me.
09/03/2019 00:57

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Andy Other forum say no good, if good not require so many announcement.
Still can buy, please advice.
24/04/2014 21:04
Alex2012 which forum? i want to go have a look.
25/04/2014 08:54
lsfatt resource counter is good now....I will not miss the opportunity to ride the wave
27/04/2014 13:16
Alex2012 anybody going to AGM/EGM tomorrow?
29/04/2014 08:00
Sernaite Doob Post removed. Why?
29/04/2014 10:27
Alex2012 Q1 result out, seems not so good...

30/04/2014 09:20
631733 So sell or hold
30/04/2014 21:26
Alex2012 have to hold lo...till oman start production, only than can see profit...hopefully Q4 2014...
02/05/2014 08:32
Alex2012 Great news, Rex will start to drill first of 5 well in Trinidad. production expected to start Q3/Q4...

05/05/2014 08:22
Alex2012 Some more good news for Rex in Australia...

13/05/2014 16:18
Alex2012 First production - Trinidad - in progress
Second production - Oman - Q3/Q4 2014
Third production - Australia - Q1/Q2 2015
13/05/2014 16:21
jbb1676 not for contra players
13/05/2014 21:33
Alex2012 Based on their last announcement on Trinidad dated 11 Apr. They expect to get 500 barrel/day of production at onshore well by Q4 2014. Anyone from this forum can estimate the net profit it will generate?

And during the exploration well on Oman, they get 3000 barrel/day at shallow water well. Possible to estimation the net profit?

I think most investor will like to know...
14/05/2014 08:36
Alex2012 Very comprehensive presentation from Rex.


19/05/2014 10:09
soojinhou I used protasco's profit guarantee as reference.
19/05/2014 11:37
steve84 Coming up!..
19/05/2014 11:44
Alex2012 hai...very tired of holding already...another half year to go...
19/05/2014 11:52
steve84 Up few cent then down. Omg!
19/05/2014 17:26
steve84 Up!...
27/05/2014 10:05
631733 Why
27/05/2014 10:35
Alex2012 hello, steve...hope it can go all the way up to 1.00...another share you can check out...cnmc goldmine, starting to move as well(production start end of last year)
27/05/2014 10:42
Joey Choy Post removed. Why?
27/05/2014 10:53
steve84 Yes Alex, thanks for tips. Happy trading!
27/05/2014 13:39
Alex2012 hope can close on 0.7 or above...
27/05/2014 16:23
albertlaw Rex hit 70cts 27 May 2014)today must hold still they start drilling and the 6000 barreld per day flow in...$$$$ more upside if can hold

RH Petrogas might have give it a boost to clear its resistance 66cts convincingly
27/05/2014 19:49
BumbleBee relax, world cup effect. Happening everywhere, i see no problems in this stock after this.
27/05/2014 21:15
steve84 Alex2012: what you think on cnmc? Do U buy some?
28/05/2014 14:41
steve84 Ok
29/05/2014 09:05
steve84 Alex what the code for cmnc? I can't add weird
29/05/2014 09:24
lloydlim CNMC uptrend now!
30/07/2014 13:36
Alex2012 First come good news


Than come bad news


Share price will react to which news le???
04/09/2014 09:02
GoRiLaz7028 seem like market has reacted to good news with placement shares (bad news) looking as positive aid to acquisition of asserts.
04/09/2014 10:37
Alex2012 some more good news

12/09/2014 08:25
Alex2012 Latest presentation

12/09/2014 08:43
Alex2012 Looks like share placement to be completed in 7 days time...Will there be asset injection after share placement???

16/09/2014 19:28
vergenus http://klseelwavetrading.blogspot.com/2014/09/klse-index-ready-to-go-1966.html
Will klci go up or down?
how do you all think??
17/09/2014 21:41
albertlaw Always so impressive and promising but what shareholders want is profit/high growth-still in the red no profit to show but contimnue to place out more shares-dilution mah

Just found this write out:

Rex Int' l

Rex Int' l: ($0.615) Twin equity boost from prominent investors Alan Wang and Fidelity Shares of Rex International may get a boost after SGX filings showed that prominent investors Alan Wang and Fidelity Worldwide Investment (FIL) were the cornerstone investors in a recent share placement, leading them to become new substantial shareholders. Recall, Rex recently completed the placement of 168m new shares at $0.57 each. The net proceeds of $93.5m will be used to settle liabilities and working capital of Rex Technology Management (20%), for field development (60%) and to pursue existing and potential new business opportunities (20%). FIL picked up 70m placement shares, lifting its stake from 0.17% to 5.7%. Wang&rsquo s stake vaulted to 5.1% from 1.1%, after he took up 52m shares. Accordingly, parent Rex Commercial&rsquo s stake dropped to 44.1% from 50.9%, following the corporate action. The entry of two respected fund managers as substantial shareholders may lift sentiment in Rex&rsquo s shares. In particular Wang&rsquo s share transactions may be closely followed by some admirers. Wang is noted for his string of high-profile investments in stocks like HanKore, Memstar, Sarin, Sino Grandness, Asiatravel.com and UE E& C, all of which recorded significant share price outperformance subsequent his purchases. Rex trades at 2.5x proforma P/B.
25/09/2014 18:47
albertlaw well said

Be careful of such announcements

He is not helping retailers to make $$$

He is only enriching himslf and his team

Don;t be the last one to carry the baby

Most of Alan Wang stocks died..

Asiatravel fried to 50 cents and now 24/25

Hankore after being fried by Alan has been nicknamed Kankore

SinoGrandes....fired to high of 75 and now at 67
25/09/2014 19:20
Alex2012 Chinese New Year Ang Pao is coming...

02/10/2014 18:54
Alex2012 Rex has a website...come and have a look...

24/10/2014 14:27
Alex2012 anybody still around..holding?
06/11/2014 10:26
albertlaw Told u alan the former remisier bought..all his counters tanked..lucky escape
06/11/2014 16:28
clarence_yeo2003 Rex please drop some more ;)
12/11/2014 11:32
stockmarketmind not the time to enter now, timing maybe soon
12/11/2014 19:26
Alex2012 can only buy once crude bottom...early 2016...
16/12/2014 13:01
LaoLiu Drop too much...probably will have some technical rebound few days later..
22/07/2015 12:32
ccc5197 is this stock same with hibiscc?
24/12/2015 09:12
ccc5197 this stock die ald
30/12/2015 10:02
Alex2012 crude almost bottom...can buy already...
23/01/2016 07:57
qps999 there is no volume...why?
09/03/2019 00:54

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USApg Post removed. Why?
25/01/2019 00:08

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Syyap LAFW
18/01/2019 08:34

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:13
jiahui99 Can go for TP of 1.810 in contraday
04/01/2019 14:06

Post removed.
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Ismylife73 Thank for the valuable information of this article. if i brought a leasehold and after 30 years, the balance left with 69 years. Can i extend the leasehold back to its original 99 years old? it is more easier to find a seller
25/12/2018 23:52
agrawalmukti Thanks for providing this relevant information through this article...In general term in Singapore freehold properties are termed as "Estate in free sample". Usually leasehold properties in Singapore are for 99 to 999 years. After 99 years the property belongs to government.
27/12/2018 15:00

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shinovachan Capitaland
07/12/2018 15:10

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shinovachan Singapore Reit are always in the top choice of Singapore investors portfolio, due to its due to its consistency in growth and high potential growth quantum leap, As we are moving towards 2019, here I got 2 more Singapore REIT, EC World Real Estate Investment Trust and Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust Stocks which have strong potential to increase there DPU at the beginning of the new year.

EC World Real Estate Investment Trust invests in real estate assets. Gross revenue and net property income increased by 0.1% and 0.5% respectively. The DPU and distributable income grew at a much faster pace than its top line, increasing 10.0% and 9.0% respectively. The trust gets an advantage from the absence of a 5% withholding tax that was charged in 2017 and lower expenses. The REIT also has one of the lowest gearing ratios among the REITs listed in Singapore, with a gearing ratio of 30.7%. EC World REIT has one of the highest yields in the market at a tasty 8.67%.

Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust is US Real Estate Investment Trust invests in real estate properties. the companies most recent quarter, gross revenue and net property income increased by 75.3% and 74.9% respectively from to the new accession. The distribution per unit increased by a whopping 33.6% to US$0.0151. the REIT’s gearing now stands at 37.4%, just a few percentage points shy of the 45% regulatory limit.

At the time of writing, units of Manulife REIT exchange hands at S$0.775. If its DPU is annualized, the REIT will have a yield of 7.8%.
06/12/2018 21:31

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tecpower Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 12.7 Percent Year-to-Year in October; Double-Digit Annual Growth Projected for 2018. https://www.design-reuse.com/news/45253/october-2018-worlwide-semiconductor-revenues.html
04/12/2018 23:05

Post removed.
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calvintaneng https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfr8dqusBBM
08/10/2018 21:27
hstha China's Sept trade surplus with US hits record $47b. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/economy/chinas-sept-trade-surplus-with-us-hits-record-47b
13/10/2018 11:28
hstha Prospect of Trump-Xi talks raises hope for thaw in trade war. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.

13/10/2018 12:03
tecpower Global Semiconductor Sales in September Up 13.8 Percent Year-to-Year
Q3 sales are highest on record, 4.1 percent more than previous quarter, 13.8 percent higher than Q3 of last year

27/10/2018 11:52
tecpower This is the best time to buy stocks since Trump’s election, says Wells Fargo

28/10/2018 00:57
tecpower China October exports surprisingly strong in race to beat higher U.S. tariffs. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-economy-trade/china-october-export-growth-surprisingly-strong-in-race-to-beat-higher-u-s-tariffs-idUSKCN1ND0B6
08/11/2018 21:18
tecpower Semiconductor Investors See Cause for Optimism After Recent Rout. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-13/semiconductor-investors-see-cause-for-optimism-after-recent-rout

Semiconductor ETFs Surge Amid Renewed Trade War Optimism. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-13/semiconductor-etfs-surge-amid-renewed-optimism-on-china-trade
14/11/2018 22:15
tecpower Worldwide semiconductor revenue hits record US$129.8 billion in 3Q18, says IHS. The global semiconductor industry revenue grew 7.4% sequentially in the third quarter of 2018, reaching a record US$129.8 billion, according to IHS Markit. Semiconductor growth occurred in all application markets and world regions.. https://www.digitimes.com/news/a20181130PR202.html
30/11/2018 23:09
tecpower US will hold off on raising China tariffs to 25% as Trump and Xi agree to a 90-day trade truce

02/12/2018 17:34
tecpower Trump tweets China to cut tax on US-made cars, revs up auto stocks

03/12/2018 21:04
tecpower The PHLX semiconductor infex is extremely bullish today.hehe
03/12/2018 23:14

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ta5851 no power......
25/04/2014 10:08
posby haha... power need to fuel burning...ship is slow... not like car...patiently wait.. ..
25/04/2014 17:46
pnuklis posh needs to show market that it has power to be better than others like Pacific Radiance, Nam Cheong, Otto, Swire and others.
27/04/2014 10:08
alexyap any comment for this counter? just secured a big deal from Petrobas. Fair value?
15/05/2014 08:16
kkteng70 good ..
15/05/2014 10:54
moneyfacez yup good
22/05/2014 11:30
BumbleBee O&G business is booming in SE Asia ....temporary setback due to upcoming World Cup effect I think ...http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/fifa-world-cup-effects-on-the-stock-market-worried/ ...after this event over market shld return to normal ...hahaaaa8
22/05/2014 22:45
k6ii This counter start moving ..
27/05/2014 10:03
swcltw is it too high
01/06/2014 11:34
pnuklis what happened to GOSH saga in Mexico? Do people have such a short memories???????????? That was more than USD 100 million down
13/07/2014 10:10
jackyng1981 No fuel for POSH to growth up.... the share price dying due to the Batam incident... yet so far, no responses was given by management...... maybe they only can answer "STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION", "Still under investigation" like MAS.......... their management working style...... really no comment and lost confident........ shit co!
01/08/2014 15:58
pnuklis They seem to have goofed it up. First of all it was not wise of them to buy these two shipyards if they have no capability to run them.
01/08/2014 20:56
reverrrrrr Post removed. Why?
05/08/2014 16:05
jackyng1981 The co is belongs to most richestman in Malaysia?........ ...... haha....... but the co super bad performance..... yet the net profit super bad for last quarter.... prepare to run........... the co never care the shareholders. only knows the IPO fund to pay back loan.... then minor shareholder (Mr A 7 Mr B on the road), eat yourself..... you are sacrified aldy.... 0.93..... 20% gone after IPO.....
05/09/2014 16:39
PoshShrHldr The last comment is right. The worst share I have ever had the misfortune of buying and I am one of the IPO buyers too. I guess the apple fell far from the tree in this case. Should not have assume the son is the same as the father. Took the money to pare down debt, bunch of con-artists and thieves, they have taken our money and ran. Wrote to their investor relations, got no reply. Called in, some lady in finance said 'market forces'. Would love meet one of the executives.
25/11/2015 23:09
Diamond7 Huh! Selling pressure! Only 27 cents!
05/09/2018 10:24
lching only 21 cents
14/11/2018 09:49
lching company share buy back at 20 cents
22/11/2018 16:16
sgxstockstraders Hi there,

Is there anyone who knows that how to find best penny stocks in SGX stocks?
22/11/2018 18:04

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Midascapital http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/9334.jsp
16/08/2016 21:06
Ben Gan The cash it has is more than its market cap as at 31.1.2016. It is the major shareholder of KESM. It holds 48.41% of KESM. KESM's share price has been on wings lately. This is probably why Sunlight is flying as well.
17/08/2016 07:36
atas Sunright owns 48% of KESM or 20.825m shares. The value of the stake with KESM at present price of around RM$9 is around RM$180m or S$60m (Sing Dollars)

There are 122.8m shares in Sunright. So the stake in KESM alone is already worth S$0.49
14/10/2016 15:39
atas Sunright an 'interesting investment case,' says NRA Capital
30/10/2016 19:26
dompeilee This stock's BIG move has just begun :D
10/03/2017 22:07
goldenchasis ha kena suck in
14/03/2017 00:03
dompeilee U SUCK goldenchasis! ;)
27/05/2017 09:40
aiinvestor North American semi equipment industry posts strong December billings

26 January 2018
North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted US$2.39 billion in billings worldwide in December 2017 (three-month average basis), according to SEMI. The billings figure is 16.3% higher than the revised November 2017 level of US$2.05 billion and 27.7% above the December 2016 billings level of US$1.87 billion.
27/01/2018 10:09
daffy77 Why not look at AEM its a proxy to Intel's growth. Huge run so far this year after 29 days only
29/01/2018 11:44
hstha Samsung topples Intel to become the world’s largest chipmaker. Intel is the second largest chip maker now. Recent QR announcements of both Samsung and Intel were amazing.
31/01/2018 22:10
hstha 首季iPhone X 熱銷 蘋果收入淨利創新高 | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/338033
02/02/2018 21:09
aiinvestor Volkswagen is looking to expand its market share in the electric vehicle market by looking to Apple for design guidance.

The German car manufacturer has said it will use Apple’s products as a template for designing its new electric vehicles over the next two years. The aim is to adopt a simple design and to turn around VW’s profits in the new expanding market, when the vehicles are launched in 2020, with the most simplicity possible.
18/02/2018 00:29
aiinvestor Chip stocks are ripping higher, and one market watcher says the semiconductor space could be in for an even bigger rally.

Semiconductor rally is coming.
21/02/2018 01:00
tecpower KESM Industries

The world’s largest independent burn-in and test service company KESM does not make chips but has shipped about a billion burn-in and test devices to its customers — semiconductor companies. Although it does not directly export products, KESM is a company to watch as it supports and sells to exporters and works closely with top semiconductor firms. Its aggressive capital expenditure into the automotive burn-in and test business could rake in returns from the growth of autonomous and smarter vehicles.
24/02/2018 17:01
tecpower In Malaysia, Sunright’s semiconductor burn-in, testing and electronic manufacturing (BIT&EM) services are provided through its 48%-owned subsidiary, KESM Industries, which is listed on Bursa.
24/02/2018 17:06
tecpower A Deep Dive into Sunright Limited, One of the 30 Best Stocks in Singapore for 2018
24/02/2018 17:11
aiinvestor US semiconductor stocks break out.,

PHLX Semiconductor (^SOX) is up 1,59% now.
10/03/2018 00:18
aiinvestor Chips are ripping higher and Dow stock Intel could see a bigger breakout
10/03/2018 03:09
tecpower Stronger Semiconductor 2018 Than Previously Forecast
In a move reminiscent of the continual upward revisions to semiconductor market forecasts that characterized 2017, market watcher IC Insights has increased its forecast for semiconductor industry growth this year to 15 percent from a previous projection of 8 percent.

15/03/2018 23:22
davidsmith As per my analysis, Sunright Ltd ( S71) is an fair value stock for trading. Moreover you I can see a good opportunity of investment in this stocks. It may take good movement in near future.
19/03/2018 20:43
tecpower Goldman Says World’s Best Bet Right Now Is Emerging Market Stocks

Buy Kesm as well.
21/03/2018 00:54
davidsmith Sunright stocks is about to come across its over sold level, soon it may take a up movement as per the RSI indicator.

Right now it is at 35 points, may it will take deep up to 30-25 and that point it may take an up movement till its 50 points.
So be clam and wait for good opportunity.
21/03/2018 20:19
hstha Electronics was once again the star performer, expanding 17.4 per cent last month compared to a year ago. This was attributed mainly to the booming semiconductors segment, which posted a robust growth of 26.7 per cent.
26/03/2018 22:37
hstha How Singapore’s wealth fund invests in technology companies | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/358193
26/03/2018 21:29
26/03/2018 23:10
tecpower Semiconductor stocks turned in some of the market's best performances on the day, driving the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index up by 4.24 percent.
27/03/2018 08:02
davidsmith There is one support and one resistant as per the today's closing position of this stocks.
And indicators are showing downtrend by tomorrow morning.
May be it take dive up to 0.8400 from 0.8700. Please put tight stoploss and trade safely.

28/03/2018 21:45
tecpower China cuts tax rates for chipmakers amid trade tensions
30/03/2018 20:51
tecpower China's response is a surprise for some people," said Julian Evans-Pritchard, senior China economist at Capital Economics, noting that neither said had yet called for enforcement of the tariffs.

"It's more of a game of brinkmanship, making it clear what the cost would be, in the hopes that both sides can come to agreement and none of these tariffs will come into force," he said.

Beijing's list of 25 percent additional tariffs on U.S. goods covers 106 items with a trade value matching the $50 billion targeted on Washington's list, China's commerce and finance ministries said. The effective date depends on when the U.S. action takes effect.

04/04/2018 20:31
aiinvestor A trade war has not started yet. Today most investors misunderstood that a trade war had started.

The trick is that the US and China did not state when tariffs would be effective, so there is still possibility of discussion about trade tariffs.
05/04/2018 07:19
paperplane Kesm price is in yo-yo. Until they willing to circulate more shares out there, this sunlight gonna yo-yo along!Good luck trading
05/04/2018 23:28
hstha Republicans Warn Trump a Trade War Risks Party’s Chances in November
06/04/2018 00:19
aiinvestor Trump’s trade war conveniently targets Ivanka’s fashion competitors
07/04/2018 23:59
hstha Buy KESM, a related company, as well.
09/04/2018 21:33
hstha Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged on Tuesday (Apr 10) to lower car tariffs this year and take other steps to further open the world's number two economy, indirectly addressing major complaints by the United States in a simmering trade row. -------->

Buy automotive semiconductor stocks like KESm ans Sunright.
10/04/2018 21:02
hstha Kesm and Sunright are in a very good position.

1. China cuts tax rates for chipmakers amid trade tensions

KESM has a subsidiary in China. Kesm is likely to benefit from that.

2. The US has already reduced the corporate tax rate. ->
Kesm has business dealings with virtually all the American semiconductor manufacturers. Kesm is likely to benefit from that.

3. China's Xi Jinping says tariffs on car imports will be cut this year. -> Kesm has business dealings with virtually all the American semiconductor manufacturers. Kesm is likely to benefit from that.

At first most people thought the US and China would end up with a lose-lose situation. But for Kesm things have already turned out to be a win-win situation.
10/04/2018 21:59
tecpower Sasse says Trump has directed Lighthizer, Kudlow to look into joining TPP
13/04/2018 01:07
aiinvestor Two large Chinese ingot and wafer makers have announced bold plans to expand their capacities beyond anything seen to date.

At the end of February, Zhonghuan Semiconductor Chairman and General Manager Shen Haoping braved the bitter cold to personally inspect the installation of new monocrystalline ingot furnaces at the company’s factory in Inner Mongolia, nestled between the Blue Mountains and the Hetao Plateau.

19/04/2018 09:26
hstha Singapore factory output up 5.9% in March amid strong semiconductor growth
27/04/2018 08:46
hstha https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/singapore-factory-output-up-59-in-march-amid-strong-semiconductor-growth
27/04/2018 08:46
hstha You should know that wafer acts like buffer.

When semiconductor demand increases, wafer shortage may prevent Kesm's net profit from increasing rapidly.

When semiconductor demand decreases, wafer utilisation rate will increase, so it may prevent Kesm's profit from decreasing rapidly.

That's why it is unlikely that Kesm's net profit will decrease rapidly.
27/04/2018 08:47
hstha Part of the reason why wafer shortage still continues is because wafer demand has been increassing rapidly, so it is not necessarily a bad thing.
27/04/2018 08:49
aiinvestor First Quarter 2018 Silicon Wafer Shipments Increase Quarter-Over-Quarter to Record Level
Milpitas, Calif. — May 14, 2018 — Reaching their highest recorded quarterly level ever, worldwide silicon wafer area shipments jumped to 3,084 million square inches during the first quarter 2018, a 3.6 percent increase over fourth quarter 2017 area shipments of 2,977 million square inches and a 7.9 percent rise over first quarter 2017 shipments, according to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) in its quarterly analysis of the silicon wafer industry.

"Global silicon wafer shipment volumes started the year at historic levels,” said Neil Weaver, chairman SEMI SMG and Director, Product Development and Applications Engineering of Shin-Etsu Handotai America. “As a result, silicon shipments, like device shipments, are positioned to be strong this year.”

Silicon wafers are the fundamental building material for semiconductors, which, in turn, are vital components of virtually all electronics goods, including computers, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics. The highly engineered thin round disks are produced in various diameters (from one inch to 12 inches) and serve as the substrate material on which most semiconductor devices or "chips" are fabricated.

All data cited in this release includes polished silicon wafers, including virgin test wafers and epitaxial silicon wafers, as well as non-polished silicon wafers shipped by the wafer manufacturers to end users.

The Silicon Manufacturers Group acts as an independent special interest group within the SEMI structure and is open to SEMI members involved in manufacturing polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon or silicon wafers (e.g., as cut, polished, epi, etc.). The purpose of the group is to facilitate collective efforts on issues related to the silicon industry including the development of market information and statistics about the silicon industry and the semiconductor market.
15/05/2018 22:14
sgxstockstraders As per my opinion, Sunright[SUNRIGHT LTD] is one of the 30 Best Stocks in Singapore for 2018. It has several things to know about this stocks
company’s financial health, company’s cash flows, and revenue and profit.
13/06/2018 17:02
tecpower Would Warren Buffett Be Interested in Sunright Limited, One of the 30 Best Stocks in Singapore for 2018?
25/08/2018 10:30
tecpower Electric Vehicles’ Day Will Come, and It Might Come Suddenly
02/09/2018 00:19
tecpower https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikescott/2018/05/28/electric-car-sales-set-to-accelerate-as-costs-fall-and-production-scales-up/#2b10bde14049
02/09/2018 00:53
tecpower https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikescott/2018/05/28/electric-car-sales-set-to-accelerate-as-costs-fall-and-production-scales-up/#2b10bde14049
Electric Car Sales Set To AcceleElectric Car Sales Set To Accelerate As Costs Fall And Production Scales Uprate As Costs Fall And Production Scales Up
02/09/2018 00:55
hstha Three years of record wafer shipments expected, says SEMI
17/10/2018 23:12
hstha https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/look-cheapest-stocks-singapore-stock-034238466.html
18/10/2018 23:04
hstha https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/cheapest-stocks-singapore-stock-market-044014000.html

17/11/2018 12:43

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a_patche hidden gem
23/02/2015 14:58
LanSeeBoy The offer to buy over all the business units for $74 millions is poor. The announcement didn't mentioned about the plan to distribute the cash.
14/11/2018 18:16

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calvintaneng Good sharing.



Saving from

1. Taxes. 20% or more
2. From trouble of earning it.
3. From paying extra as Christians pay 10% tithes and Muslims pay 5% zakat
So a Dollar saved is better than a Dollar earned.

Great guys like Warren Buffet won't spend more than US$5 for breakfast by eating burgers. He also buy and drove a 2nd hand car.

Ikea Boss Igvar Kamprad took bus to work, eat at Ikea canteen and buy only 2nd hand clothes

Yet both are in top 10 billionaires

So learn to save and invest early. Compounding interest is the 8th wonder in the world


14/10/2018 22:52

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TakeProfits Hey Calvin, no one from spore talk here about this matter. Why arh?
08/10/2018 22:56
calvintaneng TakeProfits Hey Calvin, no one from spore talk here about this matter. Why arh?
08/10/2018 22:56

Calvin replies:

I think i3 Forum Sg is very quiet unlike i3 Forum Malaysia

Just 47 posts my latest post in Top 5 already. Amazing indeed.

So this i3 Forum Sg is still in its infancy. I think as time passes more and more will join in
08/10/2018 23:39

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