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Invbeginner Any good news
30/09/2016 12:28

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jack_ng Waoh! a lot of investment house recommend this stock. Worth to consider buy in?
19/10/2011 17:44
Trader Hub Keppel corp is a blue chip counter and is traditionally well covered by analysts.

My conservative investment strategy in blue chip stocks is to look at the overall market index (FTSE). If the index is above SMA 200, then it can generally be considered an uptrend market and hence is safe to invest into blue chip counters. Else better stay away from them because they are sensitive to market index. In fact, they are the stocks that contribute directly to the movement of the market index.
21/10/2011 09:05
madam What happen to thaibev and breadtalk share? Any one know
06/05/2013 21:13
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:48
cfoong kikikikiki... good to buy at this price... not easy to go until this level... buy buy buy! yield also terrific at this level...
27/01/2015 14:28
cfoong I have been waiting for few yrs...and it comes down to this level again...!!!! kikikikikikiki...
27/01/2015 14:42
dyuen drop some more ??
31/07/2015 15:20
ccc5197 wow why so big drop?
07/01/2016 17:14
ccc5197 wow big drop again
11/01/2016 13:22
NicholasNWH90 Dropped with much volume. Gotta wait for rebounding sign.
12/01/2016 18:35
ccc5197 this is blue chip counter,drop more then can buy
14/01/2016 10:04
NicholasNWH90 Now seem good to buy. Just need to wait for the selling pressure to ease and rebounding sign. Keppel is index-linked and hence will be affected by the macro market.
15/01/2016 23:36
NicholasNWH90 Never come down already. Keppel please come down.
01/03/2016 13:18
ccc5197 up so fast like rocket from 4++ to 6++ within weeks
07/03/2016 14:55
ccc5197 unfortunately didnt buy when 4 something
07/03/2016 14:57
Diamond7 Remember this tie key in to buy and wait at 4.80. Dont miss!!!!
08/03/2016 17:45
08/03/2016 17:51
tjhldg gogogogo pecah 6.00 .. go 630 plus in 2 days
09/03/2016 15:11
chiongster1234 tjhldg gogogogo pecah 6.00 .. go 630 plus in 2 days
09/03/2016 15:11

09/03/2016 16:40
NicholasNWH90 tj u are also here!!! No people in i3 singapore one!
10/03/2016 12:34
alibabacoming Posted by Linchi9 > Mar 14, 2016 02:51 PM | Report Abuse

it will go till 6.40..I am sure..

i'm sure it will go up to 7dollar, just matter of time -.-\\
14/03/2016 16:52
Diamond7 Wa.......up...up...up...
18/03/2016 22:00
chiongster1234 consolidate now,next resistance 6.10, pecah
12/04/2016 22:33
NicholasNWH90 Hi Chiongster. Finally someone here in the forum to chit chat. Not many people using i3 for STI. @.@
13/04/2016 09:36
prince_mk98 I bought some at 5.78 and 5.65. Planned to keep for long term as it was a blue chip counter. besides that I also buy Keppel Reits too.
16/04/2016 21:07
NicholasNWH90 Hi Prince. Good one. I am holding both too.
18/04/2016 09:44
chiongster1234 hahah....
18/04/2016 14:19
prince_mk98 i m holding both too, nicholas. hope u may join us at the link given earlier. most of use were Msian investing in Sg shares.
19/04/2016 20:27
NicholasNWH90 Prince where is the link?
20/04/2016 10:31
prince_mk98 Nicholas, here is the link.

21/04/2016 19:54
NicholasNWH90 Jialat keppel.
22/04/2016 09:37
alibabacoming why? where got jia lat?
22/04/2016 11:11
chiongster1234 yes,alibaba. XD issue.
22/04/2016 11:40
NicholasNWH90 Thanks Prince! The forum is good. Hansel is good!
22/04/2016 15:33
prince_mk98 nicholas

if u wish to discuss abt Sg Reits, here s d link.

22/04/2016 21:13
chiongster1234 this counter just buy and buy and buy for retirement purpose?

only sell when PE too high?
25/04/2016 10:15
prince_mk98 Top up time today. 5.60
25/04/2016 14:52
ryan_och not a good sign
30/09/2016 10:59

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Tan Toh Fei est the coming fin yr report will be very nice ... with good dividend.
23/09/2016 16:54
Tan Toh Fei unfortunately they refuse to give good dividend .... only $0.017, after the director dumped 50% of his shares.
28/09/2016 12:53

Posted by Ina_amran at Sep 27, 09:02 PM
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Posted by Alibabaa at Aug 15, 01:54 PM
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DennisTan Good recommendation. This counter will easily double. Will buy 200.
15/08/2016 14:09
CharlieHoo TP is .350 and I think I will aim for .300 and see how it goes
16/08/2016 13:41
Boonming I bought 200 at $0.140 some time ago. Am going to increase 200 more. It should reward my patience.
18/08/2016 16:06
Foogle TP $0.350? Looks good income to me. Sure or not?
18/08/2016 16:13
CharlieHoo Thanks Regal!!!Already $0.170!!! Better wait until $0.30 to double my money.
18/08/2016 16:54
Ganii Looks like a uptrend is ready with strong fundamentals.
25/08/2016 16:48
DennisTan Like I think, easily reach $0.300. Will be laughing to the bank soon.
25/08/2016 16:51
Alibabaa Yes. Regal UV1 is flying!
25/08/2016 17:06
Alibabaa Great! Positive report on Regal!

As part of Regal’s strategy to leverage on its local knowledge and network in Sarawak, Regal has been entering into various MOUs with overseas partners such as ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, Kingsmen Exhibits Pte Ltd, SINAD Sports Pte Ltd, XY Hotel Holdings Pt Ltd and Ariva Hospitality Pte Ltd to explore various hospitality and tourism related projects.

30/08/2016 12:59
Espresso Steady. I better buy UV1 at $0.170. Still good price to me.
30/08/2016 13:59
DennisTan Up! Up! Up!
30/08/2016 14:00
Foogle Damn. Miss it. Should I buy at $0.170?
30/08/2016 14:02
DennisTan Yes! You should! $0.170 still low. TP is $0.330 according to report! Easily double.
30/08/2016 14:04
Jibby Ok. I am in.
01/09/2016 15:10
pickey I'm in also.
01/09/2016 17:48
Alex Voo not confident enough to invest yet.
03/09/2016 13:24
Alibabaa Good news keep on coming for Regal (UV1)
Great potential! $2.18 trillion return in China market

14/09/2016 11:02
CharlieHoo $0.175!!! Regal go go go!
15/09/2016 09:19
Espresso Regal should reach $.30 in no time after securing millions dollar deal.
15/09/2016 10:00
Imdb $0.110 to $0.170 in 2 months. Awesome!
21/09/2016 15:48

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Monsteric79 So true...
21/09/2016 14:21

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Lansford Loo NAV per share of OUE C-REIT: $1.02 (unaudited Dec 2013)
Issue Price: $0.80 (discount of 21.8%)
Loss to sponsor, OUE on per share basis: -$0.10

Essentially, OUE trying to sell apart of their assets to the market cheaply. Thus this is the key reason why OUE drops.

So why did OUE C-REIT drop?
Reason why investors would buy REIT? For stable yields. Lets look at the yield quality of OUE C-REIT:
1. REIT manager: OUE. Can OUE get more properties for the REIT at discounted prices or get more yield accretive properties to justify the 0.3% base management fee + 25% performance fee?
2. Can OUE C-REIT sustain the 6.8% yield they claimed on the front page of the prospectus?
(see pg 42) without income support the yield drops to 5.56%
(see pg 85) net income S$32, but pay S$47m in distribution using unit-holder contributions? what you pay for, they just return it straight to you? [note: stable yield prob only 2-3%]
stabilizing manager? or price support manager? c.5% of the units can be utilized in stabilization.

looks like if you're participating the IPO, you are banking on the work of the stabilizing manager.

for more analysis on different stock please visit:
our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AcaciaTradingSingapore
our blog: http://lansfordloo.wordpress.com/
and like our page. Thanks!

Acacia Trading is a Preeminent Training Institution that aims to provide financial freedom to its students through its unique and proprietary training methodology. We utilize events-driven fundamental analysis that teaches our students how to capitalize on both long and short views on opportunities to maximize gains.

Disclaimer: We do not hold shares in the stocks that are listed in our ideas unless specifically stated. The recommendations stated above are general recommendations and may not be suitable for your portfolio. Please contact your financial adviser prior to taking action on the ideas above. All ideas are provided for discussion purposes only. We will not accept any liability for losses that are sustained as a result of you following our ideas. The ideas are provided on a good faith basis, please conduct your own due diligence on the ideas prior to taking action. We iterate that we are a training academy and are only bound to our students who we have an express contract with. That said, please free feel to comment and discuss on the ideas above. Cheers, Acacia Trading.
28/01/2014 08:34

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chandra291 Very optimistic opinion of NRA
09/06/2016 18:49
CharlieHoo The latest announcement of signing HOA with China Malaysia Qingzhou Industrial Park to develop its Halal Hub is a positive news.

This may be the beginning of Regal capitalising on new opportunities on new initiatives in One Belt One Road Silk Road and new growth opportunities in China + Asean markets.
15/09/2016 09:45

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Peter Chen Malaysia's first software billionaire
04/02/2014 14:00
Melaos Wow. What does this means for the company stock?
07/05/2014 12:24
w2go Price this morning at $1.11. Isnt that too high? What is a good price to buy?
Any comments appreciated.
11/06/2014 12:03
Calvin Foo vested
01/07/2015 14:13
bgoon99 at very good bargain...strong financial and market share in banking. Hit by silly report LOL
26/08/2015 10:47
bgoon99 http://razorbuzz2015.blogspot.com/
26/08/2015 11:09
LanSeeBoy bgoon99: You are a Bellend !
30/08/2015 21:45
soon9913 any news for the due d audit on the RPT..?
15/09/2015 12:18
Poh Chye wassup today?
04/11/2015 16:27
Poh Chye cleared from wrong doing (edge sg, 6 Jan 16) still down. haiz
06/01/2016 21:56
omgimnoob Anyone attending today's meeting?
25/01/2016 09:45
Khun Chye finally see some movement
04/03/2016 16:43
tradeview looking good yesterday. lets see can challenge 60 cents resistance
13/07/2016 12:13
tradeview broke 60 cents. More upleg to be seen
18/07/2016 10:32
foosf Today really well-performed!!
31/08/2016 16:38

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NicholasNWH90 Anything to share about this counter?
21/04/2016 15:12
lloydlim Fantastic qtr result to be released by May 10th
26/04/2016 22:49
lloydlim Shall break 0.30 very soon!
27/04/2016 19:01
lloydlim Fantastic Q results with net profit more than doubled!
11/05/2016 08:59
lloydlim Net profit keeps on increasing, revenue sustainable, pe ratio very attractive now! Time to accumulate!
12/05/2016 19:38
lloydlim Seems like CNMC gain back the buying interest from genius investors, new high to be expected soon.
06/06/2016 11:47
lloydlim All eye on CNMC now! Bullish on gold trend.
13/06/2016 20:09
pang72 Worth 60sen but trade at 30sen
13/06/2016 20:21
pang72 By Friday min35sen....after Brixit 60sen
13/06/2016 20:22
lloydlim Today might touch 0.35
16/06/2016 11:16
pang72 I got tomorrow then 35sen.let's push higher
16/06/2016 12:27
pang72 Brixit is 60% confirmed ....wait see show
16/06/2016 12:31
pang72 Closing 35sen today....
16/06/2016 16:10
pang72 Tomorrow testing 37sen...next Monday 40sen
16/06/2016 16:10
lloydlim According to its forward pe of 5 now, plenty of room for upside! Let's watch & c
16/06/2016 21:00
pang72 forward PE 5!! Then, 0.345x2 = 0.69 !! look better
16/06/2016 21:08
pang72 stay tune for 40sen then 60sen
16/06/2016 21:08
lloydlim Break new high! 0.37
24/06/2016 09:38
lloydlim More to go in the afternoon session!
24/06/2016 13:18
lloydlim Tomorrow shall break another new high, get ready guys!
26/06/2016 12:47
pang72 40sen
26/06/2016 22:02
lloydlim Welldone CNMC! Break new high! Shall it breakthrough 0.40 today?
27/06/2016 10:16
lloydlim Yes! Finally breakthrough 0.40! Next target 50cts
27/06/2016 14:01
lloydlim SINGAPORE (June 29): KGI Fraser Securities has reiterated its "buy" call for CNMC Goldmine Holdings, with a revised target price of 51 cents. The previous target price was 48 cents.
30/06/2016 18:11
lloydlim Really fantastic uptrend, too crazy with gold now!
01/07/2016 18:12
pang72 Regretted to off load 50%..it really good stock
02/07/2016 00:18
lloydlim Now better don't chase high, wait for correction.
03/07/2016 09:29
pang72 This is going mad
04/07/2016 20:03
pang72 Let it crazy till 60sen as said
04/07/2016 20:11
pang72 O.525sen...
.60 very soon...
05/07/2016 17:12
lloydlim Unbelievable bullish! 0.57 liao
07/07/2016 11:02
pang72 Completely crazy!!
07/07/2016 11:51
pang72 TP revised to 80sen...stay focus
07/07/2016 17:40
pang72 UK property market crashing now!! GOLD in focus! SAVE haven.
07/07/2016 20:44
pang72 As long as index keep crashing, cnmc will in up trend
08/07/2016 10:24
pang72 Back to 60sen
08/07/2016 15:05
pang72 Higher .605
11/07/2016 09:41
pang72 Time to add
12/07/2016 09:42
Kelvinphua How come drop so much and fast?
12/07/2016 13:46
pang72 Because up so much....but tomorrow will up more
12/07/2016 14:51
Kelvinphua When do you think it's the right time to sell
12/07/2016 14:58
pang72 I only can said it is too early
12/07/2016 17:19
pang72 My TP is 80sen
12/07/2016 17:19
pang72 Gold is dropping . You can sell first and get back later with lower price
13/07/2016 11:46
punklitez this blogger's TP is 93 cents!! can follow?

31/07/2016 17:18
GoRiLaz7028 Do your due diligence and homework.
01/08/2016 10:46
pang72 Back to 60sen
04/08/2016 17:58
pang72 60sen coming
10/08/2016 22:42
pang72 good results
10/08/2016 22:42
pang72 Reach my TP 60sen....next , TP 70sen
25/08/2016 13:01

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YDPChairman One of the very few S chips which have been paying regular dividend s. Based on projected earning of 7c and 2-3 c dividend, could be bargain of the year.
17/09/2014 18:13
ed88ks HOLD!!! TARGET AT 0.70!
19/09/2014 11:31
royttm Bollinger squeeze waiting for breakout. Target $0.6
23/08/2016 17:24

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zamzam22 is this stock worth to buy? ..anyone can give suggestion pls?
18/04/2016 12:27
15/08/2016 13:56
dompeilee This thread is as dead as the stock has been for the past 3 years...a GOOD sign! :D
15/08/2016 14:02
RichieNexus Write a comment..TP S$0.355, do you think is worth to buy? Make from the stock but loss on the forex.
16/08/2016 11:01
Midascapital http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/9334.jsp
16/08/2016 21:06
Ben Gan The cash it has is more than its market cap as at 31.1.2016. It is the major shareholder of KESM. It holds 48.41% of KESM. KESM's share price has been on wings lately. This is probably why Sunlight is flying as well.
17/08/2016 07:36

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Alen_Chong Great Stock
15/08/2016 11:35

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nemesis LCTH is coming back with full vengeance
20/05/2014 02:32
cyeec2000 The fundamental of this counter is looked good..
24/03/2016 08:51
cyeec2000 Wow what happened?
07/04/2016 13:16
pickey what's up with Fu Yup?
12/08/2016 22:20

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fouad_terhiny you are Right . ..
16/03/2016 14:46
Ktan1979 u mean today
16/03/2016 16:20
chiongster1234 fortuner teller
16/03/2016 16:50
Ktan1979 Well then Fortuner teller ...did not manage to Tell the Future
16/03/2016 17:06
Rachel_Roxy Great movement Will have Goes . . ..
17/03/2016 13:40
Ktan1979 Hoping for break through more then 1.1 by next week :D
17/03/2016 14:34
Sandy_Wang RIVERSTONE HOLDINGS LIMITED Hold now Suggest me from www.equityprofit.com
18/03/2016 14:49
Ktan1979 ??? May i know why will it be 95 ( by when ?)
18/03/2016 15:05
ccc5197 when can it break 1,always up down up down
23/03/2016 09:54
Trade_Jo when can go back to $1????
30/03/2016 17:27
ccc5197 yalor always up two cents then drop back two cents
31/03/2016 13:26
Ktan1979 Hope can break through $1 then move to $1.5 and more
31/03/2016 14:20
ccc5197 hope next year can split again hahahahaha
31/03/2016 14:56
Ktan1979 lol ...split again how isit possible
31/03/2016 16:50
ccc5197 why down to o.93?
02/04/2016 15:51
Ktan1979 Well Dividend is out :D
04/04/2016 12:02
12/04/2016 11:10
chiongster1234 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Share Transfer Books and Register of Members of Riverstone
Holdings Limited (the “Company”) will be closed on 3 May 2016 for the preparation of dividend warrants
for the proposed final tax exempt (1-tier) dividend of 5.25 (RM) per ordinary share for the financial year
ended 31 December 2015.
Duly completed registrable transfers received by the Company’s Share Registrar, Boardroom Corporate &
Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. of 50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower #32-01, Singapore 048623 up to
5.00 p.m. on 29 April 2016 will be registered to determine shareholders’ entitlements to the said proposed
dividend. Members whose securities accounts with The Central Depository (Pte) Limited are credited with
shares at 5.00 p.m. on 29 April 2016 will be entitled to the said proposed dividend.
Payment of the said proposed dividend, if approved by the members at the Annual General Meeting to be
held on 18 April 2016, will be made on 20 May 2016.
12/04/2016 13:59
ccc5197 fly fly fly
13/04/2016 11:37
Ktan1979 ya hit it ...make a HOME RUN :D
13/04/2016 14:18
ccc5197 fly fly fly next year split again hahahaha
13/04/2016 14:53
Trade_Jo now is going short?
14/04/2016 10:22
chiongster1234 hahahaa u dare short or not?i scared later you cry no tear
14/04/2016 10:33
chiongster1234 how is the AGM? anyone?
18/04/2016 19:48
NicholasNWH90 Chiongster no other shareholder is here. i3 Singapore has so few users.
19/04/2016 14:38
chiongster1234 did you own this company?hahaha
22/04/2016 14:46
NicholasNWH90 No leh. Anything to share about this company?
22/04/2016 15:36
chiongster1234 what do you think? haha.

which counter you hold in SGX?
25/04/2016 10:05
LanSeeBoy industry & valuation ve peaked. Only way is down.
03/05/2016 15:04
Nafis Alsahmi i'm going to bet it will go up, support by higher earning from completion phase 3 expansion and lower cost for material. It still have some help from FX gain :)
03/05/2016 23:57
chiongster1234 relax la, times will tell. wish the best for riverstone:)
04/05/2016 09:41
LanSeeBoy 1Q gross margin came down from 31.6% to 29.1%...1st sign of more margin erosion ahead as competition intensifies from industry growing capacity.
05/05/2016 22:02
chiongster1234 Cash flow statement review
As at 31 March 2016, the Group generated positive operating cash flow of RM13.3 million and exercised
RM13.0 million for investing activities mainly for the purchase of PPE and installments paid for the
purchase of a piece of land.
As at 31 March 2016, the Group continues to remain debt-free with a resilient balance sheet comprising
RM123.8 million worth of cash and cash equivalents.
06/05/2016 14:11
LanSeeBoy Margin coming down as competition intensifies...the new expanded capacities by larger peers all coming on stream...even demand remains firm, supply-side will sure bring asp downward. Expect massive de-rating months ahead for this sector which has over-enjoyed peak valuation for past 2 years.
06/05/2016 22:49
chiongster1234 cheap sales
09/05/2016 09:33
chiongster1234 being shot down, short short short?
11/05/2016 10:20
chiongster1234 0.8 wait
11/05/2016 10:20
LanSeeBoy Despite seeing a better long-term prospect from further boost in its production capacity, I'm very concerned on the industry over capacity could lead to intense price competition. Expect poorer 2Q.
12/05/2016 17:05
chiongster1234 faster drop please, i can't wait to all in my wealth with you. so next time can growth together or holland myself.
12/05/2016 21:35
chiongster1234 long time no come nearly can't see you, my baby
16/05/2016 21:49
chiongster1234 come back is real
24/05/2016 19:27
chiongster1234 come on
31/05/2016 15:21
chiongster1234 so nice prices
02/06/2016 20:43
LanSeeBoy Glove giant Top Glove net profit dropped 40mainly due to pressures on its average selling prices and higher operational costs. Riverstone will suffer same problem. Dump your shares before is too late.
16/06/2016 22:54
chiongster1234 holland...
19/06/2016 21:10
LanSeeBoy >40% of sales from Europe(incl. UK), Riverstone outlook could be badly hit going forward.
26/06/2016 16:18
chiongster1234 lanseeboy, u are damn right.
27/06/2016 14:45
chiongster1234 Riverstone reports revenue growth of 21.5% to
RM156.7 million on the back of higher glove orders for 2QFY2016
11/08/2016 21:50
chiongster1234 the Board of Directors has declared an interim dividend of 1.30 sen (RM)
per share.
11/08/2016 21:51
chiongster1234 higher cost damn
11/08/2016 21:52

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samow hi any one like to share their point if view for sabana reits? thanks.
04/08/2016 16:21

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steve84 Let's start comment here!
09/07/2013 15:33
chongbh2 no ppl concern on this stock...
26/11/2013 15:09
inphyy Challenging times ahead for S'pore Reits

27/11/2013 10:03
Tipster What's with sabana??? On the downfall la!
06/12/2013 21:19
FLINV Lowest in 52 weeks
11/03/2014 07:29
samow now is almost 50% discount since its ipo.
03/08/2016 15:56
samow any one looking into it can share? thank u.
03/08/2016 15:57

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LanSeeBoy Co is 50 years old, and only made S$5.3m. You tell me !? Either the co is poorly run or its industry is small & no growth. Probably both. IPO has no public portion means co has no confident in its own business yet has big ego. Another crap on SGX.
02/08/2016 16:54

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Nallayak Saudi firm money coming
07/10/2013 20:20
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:14
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:14
LanSeeBoy This likely to be next to bite the dust. Can't believe still have irresponsible analyst calling buy on the stock weeks back.
29/07/2016 22:25

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