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rikuyaya anyone buy this stock?why the price keep dropping?
02/09/2014 11:10
rikuyaya the company start growing with profit...the share price keep dropping....sad...
02/09/2014 11:59
pnuklis Please see the kind of people who run this company? their capability and ability and then decide if you want to invest or not
02/09/2014 20:53

Posted by albertlaw at Aug 21, 11:33 PM
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albertlaw Ms Saw increase her bid from $1.16 to $1.165 today..bottom liao?

hotelgrand ( Date: 21-Aug-2014 23:19) Posted:

see G.P Battery..the directors bought..pushed up from low 55cts to current 79cts even though that was ex rights..GP Bat..hope that will apply to Auric Pacific too

Bottom liao..Auric CEO Ms Saw resumes buying 20 Aug 2014 bought7000@$1.16..counter thinly traded

1. Name of Listed Issuer:
2. Type of Listed Issuer:
✔ Company/Corporation
Registered/Recognised Business Trust
Real Estate Investment Trust
3. Name of Director/CEO:
4. Is the Director/CEO also a substantial shareholder/unitholder of the Listed Issuer?
✔ No
Is the Director/CEO notifying in respect of his interests in securities of, or made available by,
the Listed Issuer at the time of his appointment?
(Please proceed to complete Part II)
(Please proceed to complete Part III)
✔ No
6. Date of notification to Listed Issuer:
Part I - GeneralFORM 1/[ Version 2.0 ]/Effective Date [ 21 March 2014 ] Page 3 of 6
Part III - For an incumbent Director/CEO giving notice of an acquisition of, or
a change in his interest in, securities of or made available by the Listed Issuer
1. Date of acquisition of or change in interest:

saturn80 ( Date: 23-Jul-2014 17:14) Posted:
22/08/2014 09:44
albertlaw The volume is still small

only 69 lots...closed up 3.5
Ms Saw is buying again..15lots bought on monday 25 at $1.16 today most probably she buys to prop up higher

. Number of shares, units, rights, options, warrants, participatory interests and/or principal
amount/value of debentures or contracts acquired or disposed of by Director/CEO:
6. Amount of consideration paid or received by Director/CEO (excluding brokerage and stamp
26/08/2014 18:58
albertlaw Number of shares, units, rights, options, warrants, participatory interests and/or principal
amount/value of debentures or contracts acquired or disposed of by Director/CEO:
6. Amount of consideration paid or received by Director/CEO (excluding brokerage and stamp

Just like Innovalue when the directors buy..it is a matter of time should go up..but must buy above Ms Saw purchased price $1.16 as she is supporting there..I think anytime below $1.20 still o.k..previously I sold off at $1.42-1.48 ( Date: 02-Sep-2014 14:24) Posted:

Ms Saw support at $1.16
02/09/2014 18:59

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inphyy LionGold: Ballarat Gold Mine Delivers A 55% Increase In Its Mineral Resource Estimate To 112,200 Ounces Of Gold

17/12/2013 15:35
albertlaw Any comment on LionGold being undervalued?Extracted from another forum
Originally Posted by puntforlife View Post

liongold is a mystery... why no one dare to take this private...

liongold through its web of vested interest has reserves worth 7.5m ounces... if u dig everything up at $1200 per ounce also worth $11.25B. If profit margin of digging it up is 10% also got $1.25B

total net asset $231M if u write off 50% of capitalized exploration expenditure its still $161M

liongold market value now 941m shares * $0.172 = $161M
i offer 20% premium and take it private $200M... i own $1.25B worth of future profit

Hit a high of 178
17/12/2013 22:42
one688easy Ssh starts buying ....19dec13
24/12/2013 00:27
one688easy Ssh starts buying ....19dec13
24/12/2013 00:27
singgam Who are the men who let their sharea to be sold short(13.6%) and in the process kill themself.Or is the BANKS WHICH GAVE the money to buy the shares at a lower price who sold the shares and force the price down, then call the people to top up the difference in money or force sell the shares. This brought the counter down. Can SGX say where the shares came from.
25/12/2013 12:27
inphyy LionGold: Ghana Subsidiary Formalizes Tailings Purchase Agreement And Expects Gold Production In March 2014

13/01/2014 22:13
Wong Chie Kiong Who is ssh?
14/01/2014 12:22
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:09
one688easy Up up soon
01/09/2014 00:59
one688easy Ukraine pushes gold pricePublished: 7:29 am, Tuesday, 2 September 2014 - See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/business/business/market/2014/09/02/ukraine-pushes-gold-price.html#sthash.cNWZhoug.dpuf
02/09/2014 18:57

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passerby @BumbleeBee

Had I come across the articles in the last 2 links shared by you years ago, it could have save me a lot of money.
11/08/2014 19:39
BumbleBee passerby @ in stock market never too late. Uncle is 64 y.o. still learning kikikiki
12/08/2014 23:20
BumbleBee People who are serious about the stock market use stock chart patterns as an integral part to their everyday trading in the stock market. Learn more about them and discover how to enjoy more success at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/understanding-stock-chart-patterns-part-ii/
12/08/2014 23:21
passerby @ Uncle BumbleBee

Are all those articles written by you? At 64 y.o. you doesn't sound old at all by the nick of BumbleBee....kikikiki

You are almost 3 cycles of Chinese zodiac ahead of me. Yup, I'm still learning & refining investing everyday. Thanks for all those shared links :)
13/08/2014 13:24
BumbleBee Hehehe @passerby ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,uncle just know how to cut and paste ...maybe play some shares
13/08/2014 23:44
passerby hihihi uncle....I'm also a Malaysian la....kikiki

I think i3 is one of the most active forum around....you can find some good peoples around...

for SGX, I'm tailing this Pang Sin Tan....
14/08/2014 10:51
BumbleBee passerby@ wonderful. Uncle is Msian but am in Geylang hihihihi ...any websites to share?? Found one .....http://sg.dividendinvestor.com/ any good???
14/08/2014 22:02
BumbleBee A Stock Investing Business Plan should be everyone's mind during the early stages into the capital jungle we call the stock market. Learn and master the 12 techniques/questions that are crucial to make up the plan at http://bit.ly/VuQTZS
17/08/2014 14:04
BumbleBee people tend to treat the mkt like a casino instead of a place to invest in a real business. The mkt correction we had is testimony to this - gambling and speculating. In the end we all suffer. Stock investing should be treated like a business ....... http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/treat-stock-investing-like-business/
22/08/2014 21:47
BumbleBee Every stock investor dream of making big money in the stock market. But only a few manage it. Are you clueless about stock investing? Get started with these essential tips at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/clueless-stock-investing-get-started-essential-stock-investor-tips/
01/09/2014 21:55

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Nallayak most likely P E buying
18/05/2014 18:02
CNP Shortlst came in today
01/09/2014 20:04

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Nallayak hit 3.2c on the way to tgt 7c
14/12/2013 16:24
Nallayak on tgt - 4.1 c done
17/01/2014 16:40
Nallayak should hit 7c tgt soon collected for so long
21/01/2014 13:47
Nallayak Pump and dump not even a tiny bounce
22/01/2014 17:47
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:11
Nallayak going dwn to rts price
22/05/2014 20:29
Ted Chin I wish all KLW holders best of luck and continue your holdings. I have given a recommendation of this Company at the start and continue to believe in its potentials. I'm generally a growth investor and seeking growth stocks.
26/05/2014 17:40
Nallayak brker says don't buy, looks like they will push it down to chiat / collect first
29/05/2014 13:19
Nallayak brker not ready to play yet, collecting first
19/06/2014 13:55
jiunngio Already down to 18 cent..still have appetite to hold ?
01/09/2014 18:20

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seaviewer I believe so
30/01/2013 12:36
inphyy Cordlife to Undertake Private Placement

By Sudhan P - October 3, 2013
The Motley Fool

Cordlife Group Limited (SGX: P8A), a service provider of umbilical cord blood and tissue banking with operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and The Philippines, announced that it is issuing new shares to private investors at S$1.25 per share, with up to 26,838,000 shares in total. Cordlife is looking to raise up to S$33,547,500.
04/10/2013 10:32
ntbg3933 so this stock should hold?
07/10/2013 08:18
lamlam Still can buy in?
20/11/2013 12:29
clarence_yeo2003 @lam lam what kind of answer do u wish to hear to buy, hold or sell?
20/11/2013 12:34
lamlam @clarence_yeo2003 Im just ask for opinion only! Didnt wish anything!
20/11/2013 13:02
clarence_yeo2003 it has correct 18% for cordlife since making high just for your info :)
a healthy correction should be 10% think is overdone.
20/11/2013 13:16
lamlam However, thx..:)
20/11/2013 13:31
CNP Possibility of short since its on the way down before XD.
30/08/2014 08:54
CNP Prices going down .... probably back to 1.18
01/09/2014 10:53

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Peter Chen Corporate Princess 4 : Natalie Cheng and sibings 企业公主系列4 : 钟惠严姐妹
22/08/2013 11:42
Peter Chen Parkson Retail Group Limited surged 22.3% after rival Golden Eagle Retail increased stake to 4.6 %
香港百盛集团 大涨22.3%,金鹰商贸 把百盛的持股比例提高至4.64%

06/12/2013 13:42
dunknow terrible counter....i lost all the way to this counter....
17/07/2014 21:55
chang0509 It will turnaround soon. Stay tune
22/08/2014 21:27
dunknow It would not....sorry to say that;(
31/08/2014 23:19

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clarence_yeo2003 exercise caution long on osim
05/02/2014 10:59
sykn Agreed. Its really good track record has only been the last 2 FY, which is not very long. I am vested a little bit, but going long, in case it's a dark horse, although this dark horse is now very popular and not so dark anymore.
07/02/2014 14:07
pnuklis Good stock stock and strong fundamentals, low gearing and good consolidation of business by getting rid of the American part and buying TWG tea.
09/02/2014 16:38
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:44
pnuklis Osim shares are scrueeeeeeeeeeeed today
18/06/2014 19:51
Yauboon 2nd quarter profit up another 13%
31/07/2014 20:28
pnuklis holding on nice and firm
04/08/2014 19:45
reverrrrrr Post removed. Why?
05/08/2014 16:00
pnuklis With so much cash in hand what is Ron Sim up to? Will b interesting to watch who takes up the zero bonds? The market has hammered them for that and this move was not necessary.
30/08/2014 08:06

Posted by Jimmy Song at Aug 29, 09:44 AM
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Posted by Jimmy Song at Aug 29, 09:41 AM
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Posted by Jimmy Song at Aug 29, 09:35 AM
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Peter Graham Lancashire Like their curret results ROA,ROE, Cash Flow from Operations after working Capital Changes,net cash?
But outlook is less clear to me, Can they keep it up?
Isn't the Target Price a bit rich( PE 27), priced to perfection with a PEG ratio nudging 1x?
How significant would be a win or a loss of their pending bid for a key dcontract be?
What is their target percentage for recurring income?
What is their customer concentration?
New Competitors?
29/08/2014 00:08

Posted by albertlaw at Aug 28, 04:25 PM
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albertlaw Just received prospectus, EGM 12 Sept-Hotel Grand Chancellor Pte Ltd was tendered for $48.89mil in 2007 and 328 room was constructed at a cost 459.23mil and hotel was opened in 2010..valued at $201mil on Sept 2012.Hotel Grand expected profit of $67.02mil after paying off $54mil in outstanding bank loans and the net proceeds of 4192mil will be placed in interest bearing bank' s term deposits to pursue groth opportunities and fund the co' s future business plan.NTA expected to increase from $1.43 to $1.55 and sale expected to complete by 15 Jan 2015

Coupled with the 600 rooms of 2 brand new hotels in front of Istana,hope one day maybe the closely knit family may sell off at a higher valuation.Ever hit a high of $2 plus slightly

Despite the cessation of the hotel operations at Orchard,company's 1 H 2014 still increases
Company Registration No. 196800243H
Unaudited Financial Statement for the Period Ended 30 June 2014
PART I - Information required for announcements of quarterly (Q1, Q2 & Q3), half year
and full year results
1 (a) An income statement for the Group together with a comparative statement for the
corresponding period of the immediately preceding financial year
1(a)(i) Consolidated Income Statement for the Period Ended 30 June 2014:
2014 2013 % 2014 2013 %
Note S$'000 S$'000 Change S$'000 S$'000 Change
Hotel operations and management 33,921 33,347 2% 69,502 69,944 -1%
Rental income from investment properties 1 2,635 1,379 91% 5,199 2,755 89%
Total revenue 36,556 34,726 5% 74,701 72,699 3%
Other income 2 70 52 35% 1,142 108 957%
36,626 34,778 5% 75,843 72,807 4%
Costs and expenses
Staff costs (12,837) (11,982) 7% (24,859) (24,112) 3%
Depreciation and amortisation (4,722) (4,485) 5% (9,186) (9,336) -2%
Hotel operating expenses (13,570) (13,502) 1% (27,693) (27,135) 2%
Total costs and expenses (31,129) (29,969) 4% (61,738) (60,583) 2%
Profit from operating activities 5,497 4,809 14% 14,105 12,224 15%
Interest expense (709) (555) 28% (1,393) (1,186) 17%
Interest income 1,115 1,170 -5% 1,990 2,336 -15%
Foreign exchange gain/(loss) 3 430 (8,568) n/m 3,252 (5,993) n/m
Share of results of associates 115 336 -66% 105 449 -77%
Profit/(loss) before tax 6,448 (2,808) n/m 18,059 7,830 131%
Income tax expense (1,776) (2,154) -18% (3,521) (4,535) -22%
Net profit/(loss) attributable to owners of the parent 4,672 (4,962) n/m 14,538 3,295 341%
28/08/2014 16:36

Posted by Jimmy Song at Aug 28, 10:23 AM
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Posted by Jimmy Song at Aug 28, 10:12 AM
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BHSL The news apparently has no impact on share price.
02/05/2014 08:45
dicklinglk Probably need to secure another major rail project.

Uptrend is expected soon.
04/05/2014 23:11
ekomuwa BBs suppressing price....descending triangle forming with resistance at 0.445 ~ 0.450, support at 0.425, may go down to test 0.425 before rebounce...do your own study first before acion....
23/07/2014 08:27
GoRiLaz7028 Put aside the BBs....
Let's look into the FA again... any expert can offer a summary ? In particular:

1) Is it in long term debt or suffering any now?
2) Is it cash rich?
3) What is or any book order for the next 3~5 years?
4) What is the growth potential NOW?
5) Any other current risk factors?

Think need to satisfy above then worry about TA next for the best entry or exit point...
24/07/2014 10:43
ekomuwa In http://www.midas.com.sg/ir/index.html can provide answer 1) to 4), but you will need to read carefully and between the lines. Please help extract the info and share here if you have times. Let us see what happen when we go down the time tunnel....in TA, price discount everything....no 5) risk factor? yes, big players can play OUT small players, this is the fact, so go along with them not against them.
25/07/2014 07:19
ekomuwa The descending triangle formed and was broken down. Now heading south towards 0.38 cts. May test 0.35 or even 0.28 before rebound. Do our due diligence before taking up position to invest/trade.
22/08/2014 21:21
Jincheng It is really a mistake to invest in this stock. "Midas"="买的死”
25/08/2014 10:13
ft80 i have just bought last friday...:(
25/08/2014 10:27
Jincheng It will go down to 28cs. All these Chinese companies con ppl even though this company employed managerial staff from Singapore. If you value your hard earned money, pls avoid all these lousy chinky business. A painful lesson from my past 5 year experience.
25/08/2014 10:39
ekomuwa If you use CFD to short, you are laughing all the way to the bank.................in either side, be on the right side.......
27/08/2014 07:52

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inphyy dead cat bounce?
20/11/2013 12:22
ticktock commenced drilling of the Koi-2 appraisal well (“Koi-2”) on 29 November 2013 using the Bohai-8 jack- up rig in the offshore area of the Salawati Kepala Burung PSC (“Island PSC”), West Papua, Indonesia.
It is anticipated that drilling of the well will take approximately 21 days. results soon? Positive or negative?
17/12/2013 11:00
ticktock good news???
18/12/2013 17:06
adc38 still no news update
11/01/2014 14:59
tch1006 something brewing?
21/03/2014 16:03
dicklinglk Hear nothing as yet ..... TP is 1.38 ???
21/03/2014 19:25
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:52
In Symmetrical Triangle Continuation Pattern detected!

TP: 0.99 (0% Fibonacci Retracment)

Support: 0.732 (50% Fibonacci Retracement)

Closest Resistance: 0.84 (23.6% Fibonacci Retracement)

15/08/2014 19:21
In http://www.nextinsight.net/index.php/story-archive-mainmenu-60/924-2014/8655-buy-rh-petrogas-despite-no-takeover-offer
26/08/2014 19:13

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:12
alsuper18 this guy is marketing for traders superstore.
04/04/2014 19:36
Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:43
Marcus Beh Cheap stock haut ar
24/08/2014 08:06

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Jian Bin Siew Anyone hold this share, what is your comment about this share. Want to enter this share at SGD0.405 by selling Lippomall at SGD0.44. Do you think is a good move?
24/08/2012 09:36
charliie Not wise in my opinion if you intend to switch for better yield. There are many goods ones paying more didivent. Let $$ work hard 4 u.
08/10/2012 12:35
sh2383jbt You r right, let $$ work for us ..cheers
24/10/2012 21:23
nphp1117 @Charlie What are the other better options?
25/08/2014 10:38
albertlaw This is a business trust..like to use your own $$$ thru rights issues to pay dpu..avoid not much prospect
25/08/2014 17:34

Posted by albertlaw at Jul 31, 02:03 PM
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albertlaw Steady at 21 cts deapite Dow dropped >21cts..good sign
01/08/2014 18:42
albertlaw Will be another Valuetronics..b4 xd soar ?

$6 for every 1000 shares..hope will push up the shares again..exclude extraordinary gains such as insurance credit Innovalue is deemed to have shown increase in net profits for 1H 2014

(a) Current Financial Period Reported On
Any dividend declared for the current financial period reported on? Yes
Name of Dividend : Interim
Dividend Type : Cash
Dividend Amount per Share : 0.6 cents per ordinary share
Tax Rate : Tax exempt (One-tier)
(b) Corresponding Period of the Immediately Preceding Financial Year
Any dividend declared for the corresponding period of the immediately preceding financial
year? Yes
Name of Dividend : Interim
Dividend Type : Cash
Dividend Amount per Share : 0.6 cents per ordinary share
Tax Rate : Tax exempt (One-tier)
(c) Date payable
The interim dividend will be paid on 11 September 2014.
(d) Books closure date
Notice is hereby given that the Register of Members and the Transfer Books of the
Company will be closed on 29 August 2014 for the preparation of dividend warrants.
Duly completed registered transfers received by the Company’s Share Registrar, Boardroom
Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd., 50 Raffles Place, #32-01 Singapore Land Tower,
Singapore 048623 up to close business at 5.00p.m. on 28 August 2014, will be registered to
determine shareholders’ entitlement to the interim dividend.
13/08/2014 23:52
GoRiLaz7028 What about its debt and cash position as compared to Valuetronics?
What about its business prospects and any book order?
14/08/2014 15:11
passerby suddenly I got a feeling that i3 investor SGX got more quality members around...
14/08/2014 15:17
albertlaw If valuemax gave $0.88 as dividends per 1000 shares verses Innovalue $6 per 1000 shares I think matter of time Innovalue can cross 30cts today closed at 24.5

Security VALUEMAX GROUP LIMITED - SG2G29997704 - T6I
Announcement Details
Announcement Title Mandatory Cash Dividend/ Distribution
Date & Time of Broadcast 14-Aug-2014 14:46:10
Status Replacement
Corporate Action Reference SG140411DVCAFAAZ
Submitted By (Co./ Ind. Name) Lotus Isabella Lim Mei Hua
Designation Company Secretary
Dividend/ Distribution Number Not Applicable
Dividend/ Distribution Type Final
Declared Dividend Rate (Per Share) SGD 0.0088
Event Narrative
Narrative Type Narrative Text
Additional Text The correct dividend per share is S$0.0088
Event Dates
Record Date and Time 07/05/2014 17:00:00
Ex Date 05/05/2014
Dividend Details
Payment Type Tax Exempted (1-tier)
Pay Date 22/05/2014
14/08/2014 17:38
GoRiLaz7028 ??? That's ValueMax u comparing, requesting VALUETRONICS, anyone ?

ValueMax is a pawnshop, in general, whereas Innovalues and Valuetronics are more manufacturing. Think that pure dividend comparison is misleading. What's their fundamental differences?
14/08/2014 17:58
albertlaw CEO Goh bought 1,000,000@$0.25 today Aug 14..he is bent on supporting Innovalues

2. Date on which Director/CEO became aware of the acquisition of, or change in, interest
(if different from item 1 above, please specify the date):
Type of securities which are the subject of the transaction (more than one option may be
✔ Ordinary voting shares/units of Listed Issuer
Other types of shares/units (excluding ordinary voting shares/units) of Listed Issuer
Rights/Options/Warrants over shares/units of Listed Issuer
Debentures of Listed Issuer
Rights/Options over debentures of Listed Issuer
Contracts over shares of the Listed Issuer which Director/CEO is a party to, or under which he is
entitled to a benefit, being contracts under which any person has a right to call for or to make
delivery of shares in the Listed Issuer
Participatory interests made available by Listed Issuer
Others (please specify):
Explanation (if the date of becoming aware is different from the date of acquisition of, or change
in, interest):
5. Number of shares, units, rights, options, warrants, participatory interests and/or principal
amount/value of debentures or contracts acquired or disposed of by Director/CEO:
6. Amount of consideration paid or received by Director/CEO (excluding brokerage and stamp
14/08/2014 19:56
albertlaw Wow the directors are coverting their entitlements at such cheap prices $0.10-$0.15..will cross 30cts next week just b4 ex dividend?

20Aug Ong Tiak Beng 138000@$19542 i.e about $0.14 per share

Teo Soon Chye 138,000@$19542

Pung Tong Seng 513000@$68599 about $0.133 per share

CEO Goh Leng Tse 501000@$50,100 about $0.10 per shares
21/08/2014 23:37
albertlaw Good move last minute close unchanged 27.5 on eve b4 ex dividend...27-27.5 good chance can close above 30cts as directors not selling especially CEO Goh and the other directors
25/08/2014 17:33

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pyramidpoh marketbull introduce some blue share for us to investment because we are the outsiders.tq
17/07/2014 10:37
Wow123 Come to Malaysia invest share like a few goreng share everyday up & down
18/07/2014 22:57
plaxo 88 agreed with marketbull, this is one of the worst counter...no dividend and no appreciation, Lim surely knows who to use ppl capital!!
22/07/2014 09:35
opiq http://chartian.com/analysis-for-aviation-industry/
30/07/2014 23:10
Wow123 like mas every goreng , and also CSL , Mflour , supermax , top glove
02/08/2014 18:52
Wow123 Must buy Supermax , Top Gloves , Adventa , Kossan , Harta , Carplus berhad.
02/08/2014 22:37
simctgal agreed with marketbull.. genting singapore - few c dividend and capital reduction as per the whole year of 2013
18/08/2014 23:49
pyramidpoh the lousy gambling stock I think in history
19/08/2014 07:56
kc3255ck The Sleeping Giant.........
20/08/2014 09:28
anthonylow Still dropping, Jiat Lat Liao.
26/08/2014 12:49

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BoomB Something big is gonna happen to this counter...can keep
15/11/2013 21:38
anthonylow Still Nothing Happen??????
26/08/2014 12:50

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ekomuwa A piece of news might had fueled the price to head north these few days...." Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) proposed the collaboration with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group (LDA) through a 50:50 equity participation in Orchard Maritime Services (OMS), a subsidiary of LDA. OMS currently operates a fleet of modern vessels capable of transporting various agricultural and mineral commodities as well as GAR’s cargoes. The joint ownership of OMS will create a reliable and efficient maritime transportation network in Indonesia."

This stock opened 0.55, reached a high 0.555 and closed there on 3 July 2014 with 19.19M changed hands.

Overall STI should be good today as the US non-farm payroll was good yesterday "A strong jobs report Thursday was enough to push the Dow Industrials to their first close above 17,000 in holiday-shortened trading. Here’s the recap of the day’s record activity. Also see a compact rundown of the day’s trading activity in Market Snapshot."

With this, are we expecting this stock will go further north today???

Trade/invest with prudent.....good luck!
04/07/2014 08:31
ekomuwa On last Friday (4 July 2014), saw this stock with increased volume to 29.43M changed hands. There was heavy buying around 0.55 and 0.555. This sock opened at 0.555, ever went down to 0.545 and ever shoot up to 0.56, closed at 0.55. Personally, I felt many buyers entered their positions already, should see more support this week, however, resistance level shoud around 0.565~0.57....When world cup going to end by next early or mid week, activity should back to stock market....trade/invest prudently.
07/07/2014 08:10
ekomuwa More news on Golden Agri strategic move..." http://seashipnews.com/News/Golden-Agri-Resources-and-Louis-Dreyfus-Armateurs-join-forces-in-Indonesia/3w3c2361.html".
Long term wise shall see golden agri cost effectiveness in its sea-freight, this should value-add to its stock???? and impact positively its bottom-line?....Do our homework before we trade/invest into this stock....
07/07/2014 08:18
ekomuwa Golden opened at 0.555, hovering around the price range of 0.55 and 0.56 on 8 July 2014 with 11.3M changed handed. look like the price positions at 0.50 and 0.555 found resistance as well support with reduce vol trade. The market sentiment is a cautious one, majority of the players are looking for direction now. From a fundamental analysis point of the CEO of golden agri said this in its Q1 2014 press release.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK (http://www.goldenagri.com.sg/pdfs/News%20Releases/2014/GAR24-14-05-2014%20-%20Press%20Release%20-%201Q2014.pdf)

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Franky Widjaja commented: “We are confident on the positive long-term outlook for the palm oil industry. Demand growth is expected to continue in both food and non-food usage which include biodiesel and oleochemicals. We expect that the low cost of production and high efficiency in land use will ensure that palm oil continues to be the most competitive edible oil to meet growing future demand. The industry experienced positive momentum starting from the second half of 2013 after the Indonesian Government’s announcement to increase its biofuel targets. On the supply side, there is increasing evidence of a potential El Nino occurring in 2014, which historically is positive for palm oil prices. Meanwhile, we expect CPO prices to continue to be volatile as influenced by global economic conditions and crude oil prices.”

It seems to me if you are a mid-to-long term investor, this stock worth accumulation. short term, I felt that this stock may face some upward resistance at 0.555 or 0.56, if it break up, then it will move toward its next strong resistance region at 0.57 and 0.58 before it challenges 0.615....trade/invest prudently and do your own homework before you act.....
09/07/2014 08:26
ekomuwa Heavy selling was evidence yesterday for golden agri as the stock dropped 1 cent from 0.555 to 0.545 with 33.45M changed, I noticed there was a increasing trading vol since Monday. There was some effort to push the price up to a high of 0.56. However, seller out number buyer and pushed it down to 0.545 and closed there when the market closed. Will today see buying interest back to support this stock?????
11/07/2014 07:59
ekomuwa Golden Agri formings a downward channel, short term resistance at 0.55, high potential it will go and test 0.51 ~ 0.52, shall find a strong support at 0.505, outlook for short term still bearish....do your homework and trade/invest prudently...
16/07/2014 08:06
ekomuwa opened 0.555, closed 0.56 with 21.36M changed hands, it touched the resistance line formed by the downward channel (too bad I can't attach its chart for viewing). Be careful for those who want to take a long position. Base on TA, my assessment is that if Golden Agri unable to break up at hold well above 0.56, this stock shall retract toward 0.51 ~ 0.52 region. Do your homework, trade and invest prudently...!
18/07/2014 08:41
ekomuwa at cross road now...short term may challenge 0.56, but mid term should go down to 0.505....any comment??
22/07/2014 08:45
wlun85 FROM 60cents to 51cents.. any comment>?
20/08/2014 16:29
ekomuwa Next support at 0.505, this stock may at range trading now between 0.505 and 0.57. If 0.505 is a strong support, this stock may rebounce up for short term. Just based on TA analysis. Do your homework and invest/trade prudently.
22/08/2014 21:14

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Nallayak Housing board got immense power to acquire land, so land that survived acquisition will mean more expensive land in future
16/06/2014 19:58
Nallayak With R&F dazzling fireworks display and sleek sales gallery, white sandy beaches, make Vantage Bay launch a non starter. Wait till R&F sell out or increase prices then only purchasers may have a look at Vantage Bay
22/06/2014 16:46
Yauboon R&F 1st phase 3000 units, over 80% sold
05/08/2014 17:07
Nallayak what price/
07/08/2014 12:51
ytoh1688 Dont forget Rowsley got a reputable architect with an international track record while R&F is mostly chinese hot bubble
12/08/2014 11:40
ytoh1688 that is why they need to razzle and dazzle with their advertisement
12/08/2014 11:41
fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:20
zenden what is rowsley doing?
16/08/2014 22:00
zenden why this stock can't go up as much as breadtalk or sheng shiong?
16/08/2014 22:01
albertlaw After Peter Lim got the $$$ he doesn't care $$$ in his pocket or in his stable of co...I sold at 0.38 and warrants at $0.11 ..bro concentrate on Innovalue got dividends soon and 1 for 1 bonus likley next year ..good profits for 1 H 2014
22/08/2014 09:46

Posted by mirinjung at Aug 21, 01:39 PM
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Posted by mirinjung at Aug 21, 01:35 PM
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mirinjung We initiate coverage of Global Invacom (GI) following its recent admission
to AIM and placing. GI is a leading global supplier of ground equipment in
the satellite communications market. Its expansion has come from a
combination of strong organic growth as well as increased critical mass
from acquisitions. The group’s valuation remains substantially lower than
many of its international peers, and the AIM li sting, couped with greater
share liquidity, should provide a platform for investors to ride a potential
rerating as well as enjoy strong earnings growth, derived from market
share gains in a growing market. It continues t o see its market as offering consolidation opportunities.

 Placing and introduction to AIM. The group is now dual-listed. It has added

an AIM listing to its existing listing on the Singa porean Exchange. To facilitate
growth and selective acquisitions, the group has raised £8.8m in new equity.
This represents a 19% increase in the equity base .

 Growth drivers. The ongoing adoption technology gy for HDTV, broadband and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) continues to drive satellite ground equipment growth. In addition to the underlying market grow the GI aims to increase market share overall with a focus on growth in Asia, helping to diversify its customer base. New products, new territories and new customer relationships will all drive market share growth. The group will leverage its reputation for innovative new products, with facilities in the UK, Malaysia and China providing manufacturing flexibility and an integrated supply chain. Management has built the group through a series of acquisitions and aims to achieve further market share growth, targeting smaller players in a fragmented market
Valuation, The shares trade on a P/E rating of 10.2x in 2015, a significant discount versus its international peers in the satellite broadcast equipment market on 13.7x and UK electronic equipment peers on 13.9x in 2015. We believe there is significant scope for a re-rating as well as ongoing above average expectations. We set a fair value target at a peer group average 13.8x 2015 earnings, which generate a target price of 29.0p. The current discount of 27% should dissipate over time as the group moves closer to its peer group average rating. As such , this offers significant upside.
21/08/2014 13:36

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tch1006 price breakout with high volume but halted, any good news?
21/08/2014 12:19

Posted by Jimmy Song at Aug 21, 08:59 AM
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JeanFan74 good buy.
20/02/2012 11:23
hongche It can be buy for short term position - http://www.capitalvia.com.sg/sgx-singapore-picks.php
22/02/2012 14:08
ket_60 good to invest
23/04/2014 00:27
AhJee ya fund manager said so
28/04/2014 16:18
AhJee why suddenly drop ?
04/05/2014 13:43
AhJee at top loser leh
04/05/2014 13:43
AhJee Wah very hard to monitor this counter
14/05/2014 17:26
AhJee hee hee money in pocket. bought at 2.5 , now 2.7
30/05/2014 09:59
AhJee why suddenly suspended
26/06/2014 10:15
AhJee See... Really pick up. Must lock in profit.
19/08/2014 08:03

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pocketmoney no, because whatever you said up will go reverse...
joking lah...
lai liao...
25/09/2013 10:16
winPLUSwin It paiseh ma... I said up it reversed lo... shy... But wait till it breaks!
25/09/2013 10:32
pocketmoney you see...
25/09/2013 11:10
Melaos wah this company keep issuing debt and buying up new company left and right? good time to buy? or just cooking up the books?
22/03/2014 10:44
winPLUSwin Soon reach 1.60
28/03/2014 12:49
lsfatt $ generator counter. Will cash out at 1.65
30/03/2014 11:54
winPLUSwin Wow... it has hit 1.60 once ~~
08/05/2014 20:24
pocketmoney 1.74 liao, haiz, sold too early...
22/05/2014 16:06
Joey Choy Post removed. Why?
24/05/2014 14:48
winPLUSwin Pocketmoney... U can reload ~~~
15/08/2014 23:11

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:42
zenden why this stocks can't go up as much as breadtalk or sheng shiong?
15/08/2014 10:20

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Pang Sing Tan Based on 1Q14 results, strong earning recovery is in sight for this financial year.
28/08/2013 07:14
Pang Sing Tan Strong earnings growth for FY14 and what a great run in stock price over the past 12 months. No analysts, as I know, cover this stock - what a shame. To those who are vested and believe in this small cap, well done.
03/06/2014 23:09
Pang Sing Tan There are now 4 research houses recommending "buy". The recent management update is positive and we should expect a better FY15. This small cap gem, dividend yield > 6%, is in my view a long term hold. For this FY, I expect continuation of special dividend payout (has surplus cash) and a bonus issue (to improve stock liquidity) - to reward shareholders.
09/08/2014 07:15
passerby like like like too the max ! debt = 0

now need to find fresh fund for this ctr already starting next week....

arigato gozaimas Pang
10/08/2014 11:35
fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:23
0549617 Is that any news or reason
to push up the shares price?
14/08/2014 14:16
passerby wah.....you are here to fry stock? no la, no reason to push or fry la....only reason is the fundamental of the company...you check the data of this counter with ft.com, you will see some impressive numbers...

fundamental.....no pushing or frying...
14/08/2014 14:26
passerby if wanna invest :-

1) identify a good fundamental company. There are a few parameters to gauge whether a company is a good company or not.

2) determine the fair value of the company using the some available methods. if too lazy, just read the IBs report or coverage. Establish entry price using some safety of margin.

3) establish exit point once the price run ahead of the fundamental.

the above require discipline.

if punt or fry purpose....u see where the crowd go...u just join in, chances to make money or lose money are almost equal but most of the time the retail investors will lose out to the professional operators....hence, fry less & push less, sleep well at night
14/08/2014 14:36
albertlaw Pang S.T..OCBC,Philip (T.P 60cts) AM Fraser (67cts) DBS (72cts) in fact b4 xd Valuetronics touched 59cts ..first qtr esults out dividends will be payable 15 Aug..nothing to expect except maybe next year..likley will drop to,50cts

It was artifically pushed up on AGM 22 July from 49-59cts within 3 days b4 it went ex on 25 July I believe will drop tp 45-50cts level
14/08/2014 17:41

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ahlek888 can still fly?
08/05/2014 23:53
pnuklis Q1 results are coming on Wednesday and if good news then it will crawl further. There is no running of this counter. You have to be patient with this company
11/05/2014 16:59
ahlek888 wah nice, thanks for the info pnuklis. i hope good news then, as most sgx counters are bleeding :p
11/05/2014 22:29
Muhammad Yazid Come on nam cheong its time to shine. Just bought 19 lots for it
22/05/2014 16:38
Vivian Tiong Nc 0.47 now. Up up up! Well done.
17/07/2014 13:33
0549617 What price is good entry?
27/07/2014 13:42
Francis Oh Hi, at this time 11/8/14..any idea what is the good rate to enter this stock? Thanks
10/08/2014 22:29
sincere Francis Oh: It is akin to asking Singapore Pools what are the lucky numbers (for Toto, 4D, Big Sweep) next week and the after... The risk/reward ratio is even better than this stock!
11/08/2014 13:21
fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:25
passerby the last posting before you was an advertisement message. It was left in the forum intentionally :)
13/08/2014 13:33

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Hokkien JR may make tons of money from some investments, however, he may also invest wrongly from time to time. Don't forget, Geo Energy is controlled by Indonesians, can we rust Indonesian businessmen based on records?
11/10/2013 23:44
inphyy Coal digging is one thing, selling is another. 1kg of Indonesia coal price Vs Coal India Ltd (CIL) ≥︺‿︺≤
12/10/2013 01:03
ticktock moving?
23/10/2013 10:07
inphyy Hmmm....
4 Weeks Range: 0.29 - 0.36
52 Weeks Range: 0.29 - 0.65
Average Price Target: 0.34
16/11/2013 09:30
inphyy http://sgx.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/re4.jsp

History of this. 22-08-2013. When news leaked Uncle Jim Acquired 1.7 Million Shares At S$0.355 Each.
Price high at 0.42.
When the rush fever ease...price start to drop...
Uncle Jim after all an 70 plus old man.
18/11/2013 12:45
haikeyila How will Indonesia's proposed ore export ban affect this counter, if any?
20/11/2013 16:52
clarence_yeo2003 @haikeylia we will not know how it will impact the geo energy performance time will tell and how investor's perceive its performnce.
07/12/2013 20:47
inphyy Hmmm..... X'mas 2014? Hit 0.425 when followers realised that white knight vested. That was good old time.
19/12/2013 12:18
chewhanseong i think the impact of the ore export ban should have minimum influence on geo energy. PT Parisma Jaya Abadi one of the geo's customer own its smelter and thus exempted from the ban
14/01/2014 06:51
clarence_yeo2003 buy despite posting a quarterly loss.
13/08/2014 10:10

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Pang Sing Tan Astute management team with a keen eye on value creation for its shareholders. A small cap gem.
28/08/2013 07:11
kng5086 King Wan Corporation Limited Announces Final Dividend for the Year Ended March 31, 2014, Payable on August 08, 2014
May 29 14
King Wan Corporation Limited announced the tax exempted (1-tier) final dividend of SGD 0.015 per share for the financial year ended March 31, 2014. the dividend will be payable on August 08, 2014, with a record date of August 07, 2014. The ex-date was August 05, 2014.
12/08/2014 18:00

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:42

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:41

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:40

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:40

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:40

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:39

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:37

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:37

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:36

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:36

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:35

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:35

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:34

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:33

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