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GoRiLaz7028 Gold has broke the $1200 resistance and let's see if it will stay above this for the next 3 days, Good Luck !
15/05/2015 15:05
Kelvin Phua Alright, thank you Alex for the info.
17/05/2015 00:29
alex2012 You are welcome...On top of the site, look for 'BLOGS', click it, there is 1 blogger 'Erin'. she will always write up article every few days doing analysis of US stock index, Gold, Bond, Oil...check it out
17/05/2015 07:32
alex2012 They also host webinar every week. Go to main 'HOME' page to view the webinar recording...
17/05/2015 10:36
alex2012 Read this article


I found that the description is very similar to the price pattern of CNMC. Now seems like accumulation phase.
You can check the chart thru Yahoo Finance with ticker 5TP.SI , expand the chart to Max.
27/05/2015 11:39
lloydlim High profit margin, time to accumulate!
28/05/2015 14:55
alex2012 Share buy-back has started...

02/07/2015 08:50
alex2012 Buy back share daily...nice...:)
03/07/2015 18:34
alex2012 Aiyo...price drop like that, tears also want to come out already...
04/08/2015 08:47
alex2012 Yesterday CNMC printed a large inverted hammer with above average volume...very high chance it is a bottom reversal...we shall see what happen today...
28/08/2015 08:55

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Peter Chen Malaysia's first software billionaire
04/02/2014 14:00
Melaos Wow. What does this means for the company stock?
07/05/2014 12:24
w2go Price this morning at $1.11. Isnt that too high? What is a good price to buy?
Any comments appreciated.
11/06/2014 12:03
Calvin Foo vested
01/07/2015 14:13
bgoon99 at very good bargain...strong financial and market share in banking. Hit by silly report LOL
26/08/2015 10:47
bgoon99 http://razorbuzz2015.blogspot.com/
26/08/2015 11:09

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Wow123 shit stock lau saiz lio lor
28/05/2015 09:36
Wow123 like 1m already lio lor
19/06/2015 16:42
pyramidpoh heavy loss invested in this kind of gambling stock no hope better buy albedo.
01/07/2015 15:36
Wow123 that is for sure 25sen soon
06/08/2015 15:03
pyramidpoh I agree as no 'VIP' players all go to Genting Highland more cheaper.
08/08/2015 07:35
Wow123 slowly coming down like donation make you history
12/08/2015 12:13
Wow123 finish 20sen that for sure.
24/08/2015 10:16
Simple man omg this stock cannot perform... damn poor management
25/08/2015 01:20
Krish Lee Genting Sing: Disclosure of Interest/ Changes in Interest of Director/ Chief Executive Officer.
3 days Free Signals on www.capitalvia.com.sg
25/08/2015 12:11
Wow123 today sure lau size lio lor
26/08/2015 08:28

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LanSeeBoy What so unique ? Even a primary sch kid can do this on a Bloomberg...LOL
24/08/2015 13:29

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LanSeeBoy LOL...talking up or what ?
24/08/2015 13:26

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Calvin Foo growth still intact?
22/08/2015 00:06
LanSeeBoy Huh, u mean u still keen ton this junk ? Most institutional investor were surprised it was even listed in the first instance. "Good' luck. LOL
24/08/2015 13:23

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Jian Bin Siew My favourite reit at discounted price of SGD0.65.
21/08/2015 15:59
Krish Lee Singapore’s Straits Times Index lost 1.91% to 2,952.17 today.
21/08/2015 17:03

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winPLUSwin Soon reach 1.60
28/03/2014 12:49
lsfatt $ generator counter. Will cash out at 1.65
30/03/2014 11:54
winPLUSwin Wow... it has hit 1.60 once ~~
08/05/2014 20:24
pocketmoney 1.74 liao, haiz, sold too early...
22/05/2014 16:06
Joey Choy Post removed. Why?
24/05/2014 14:48
winPLUSwin Pocketmoney... U can reload ~~~
15/08/2014 23:11
Sebastian Sted Power good counter
18/04/2015 15:28
wangly0002 big jump today after 2 days' drop upon XD, why?
06/05/2015 20:50
Sebastian Sted Power look at the stock chart. This counter always will back to the shape after gain.
07/05/2015 08:58
LanSeeBoy Can't see the mega PEs (Bain, KKR et. al.) nor strategic buyers keen in CWT in its entirety. Its commodity biz was overpaid and a drag. It offers little synergtic benefits to its logistic which probably worth about S$850-900m (12-15x P/E)...
20/08/2015 15:15

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awakening interesting news report found in australian newspaper
19/08/2015 08:44
LanSeeBoy Australia is clearly the derivative of China slowdown. Why bother...should divest all Oz-linked holdings Tat Hong etc...
19/08/2015 21:05

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LanSeeBoy Kinda surprised as we are now in ghost month...LOL
19/08/2015 21:03

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LanSeeBoy Clear sign of bubble...wonder how much would GrabWoman be valued huh?
19/08/2015 21:00

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selamba buy2222
08/10/2014 19:29
lamlam Q3 results is good, but the price.............
16/05/2015 00:56
lamlam Aiyo so lousy this counter!
23/07/2015 18:36
lamlam omg!!!! Dropping so much leh!!!! No eyes see!!! So regret buy so much in this counter!!!!
11/08/2015 16:02
LaoLiu Sgx just like a piece of shit...market good, result positive can't move up..market bad, down like no tomorrow.
14/08/2015 09:11
lamlam Omg again!!! Hmi drink fiber is it???so terrible!! Everyday drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop!!!!!!!!
14/08/2015 17:48
LanSeeBoy Yucks !
17/08/2015 13:33
lamlam Haih, up please!
17/08/2015 14:58

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LanSeeBoy Desperate move to sell or list poor quality tower crane biz will do little to offset its poor showing and heavy exposure to Australia. Avoid or sell if u ve it.
17/08/2015 13:51

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390465 Riverstone records four consecutive quarters of pro
fit growth
as net profit surges 46.2% to RM58.0 million in FY2

Revenue increases 15.5% to RM357.9 million

Net cash position of RM114.0 million

Board of Directors recommends a final dividend per
share of 4.5 sen (RM)
Financial Highlights
RM million (Y/E Dec)
Change (%)
Change (%)
Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Profit
Profit Before Taxation
Profit After Taxation
EPS* - basic (sen)
- fully diluted (sen)
26/02/2014 20:22
Emirates Dear Sir,

We wish to invite you to partcipate and take advantage of the Emirates Investment Group's Project development and project

financing initiative.

The Emirate Investment Group (EIG) is an investment company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with initial

investment interests in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. The dynamic investment Group sources unique business

development opportunities and work closely with established companies in its actualization. EIG has over $5 Billion

private and corporate investment portfolios and a back-log of an excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) of an

average of 1.2% on each private investment and corporate portfolio under our administration and control which we wish to

re-invest through project financing and investment opportunities globally (not limited to the Middle East and GCC region).

We are ready to invest in project developments and business ventures that can generate at least 10% ROI per annum. Our

offer for investment is based on a clear conventional loan basis of 3.5% interest rate per annum throughout the duration

of the collaboration.

If our offer for collaboration is within the acceptable financing scheme anticipated by your organization, we will be glad

to consider a possible collaboration with your organization.

Best regards,

Tariq Husain
Emirates Investments Group
5th Floor, Crescent Tower,
Al Buheirah Corniche
harjah - UAE
27/02/2014 07:55
Emirates Dear Sir,

We wish to invite you to partcipate and take advantage of the Emirates Investment Group's Project development and project

financing initiative.

The Emirate Investment Group (EIG) is an investment company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with initial

investment interests in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. The dynamic investment Group sources unique business

development opportunities and work closely with established companies in its actualization. EIG has over $5 Billion

private and corporate investment portfolios and a back-log of an excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) of an

average of 1.2% on each private investment and corporate portfolio under our administration and control which we wish to

re-invest through project financing and investment opportunities globally (not limited to the Middle East and GCC region).

We are ready to invest in project developments and business ventures that can generate at least 10% ROI per annum. Our

offer for investment is based on a clear conventional loan basis of 3.5% interest rate per annum throughout the duration

of the collaboration.

If our offer for collaboration is within the acceptable financing scheme anticipated by your organization, we will be glad

to consider a possible collaboration with your organization.

Best regards,

Tariq Husain
Emirates Investments Group
5th Floor, Crescent Tower,
Al Buheirah Corniche
harjah - UAE
27/02/2014 07:55
390465 already up 2.5 cents now!
27/02/2014 11:44
390465 up 4.5 cents!!
27/02/2014 15:51
390465 today reach new high - S $ 0.835.!!!!
05/03/2014 18:52
390465 93 cents today!!
28/05/2014 10:17
chiongster1234 kikikikiki
04/08/2014 22:00
reverrrrrr Post removed. Why?
05/08/2014 15:59
LanSeeBoy Gd co with strong mgt. Valuation rich albeit slight discount to sector peak valuation. Thin stock liquidity and institutional interests add to risk.
17/08/2015 13:47

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LTInvestor no one here interested in strong OSV co?
25/03/2014 00:12
juzzdoo shall wait for dividens or shell at 1.20?
01/04/2014 17:19
juzzdoo sorry!dividends or sell at 1.20?
01/04/2014 17:20
LTInvestor Juzzdoo..dividend will be very minimal..i'll hold btw medium/long term given the bullish energy outlook
02/04/2014 09:54
Jenny Mcdonne If there are any traders out there trading the Forex I wanted to warn you don't waste your time I've been trying to make money with it for years! Go to the website Gold Trading Academy and get into trading the futures instead it's much better now I'm making money trading and very happy.
03/04/2014 15:35
presleyken88 piece of shytt...stuck here. Loss half already. What a big mistake!
22/01/2015 10:43
ryan_och I am more than happy to absorb
12/08/2015 09:52
eric56 Anyone know what happen to this counter, dropping a lot, short selling?
17/08/2015 12:12
ryan_och drop good lah, go collect
17/08/2015 13:17
LanSeeBoy Don't bother all O&G counters. Expect more earnings downward adjustment in coming months (or years !)...Can't believe CIMB calling an ADD on this. Shameful!
17/08/2015 13:31

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LaoLiu Any opinion for Yoma Strategic? good to invest?
10/07/2015 12:59
LaoLiu Near Term TP : 0.500
16/07/2015 11:18
LaoLiu Going to fly...:-)
16/07/2015 11:23
LaoLiu Uptrend ongoing, don't miss this boat..
20/07/2015 08:56
LaoLiu 0.460 now (+0.015)
20/07/2015 09:28
LaoLiu So far so good, near term Tp 0.500
21/07/2015 09:08
LaoLiu Maintain Buy before it goes up higher.. :-)
22/07/2015 09:17
LaoLiu Buy! buy..uptrend now
24/07/2015 09:05
LaoLiu Yoma reporting it' s results soon.......
27 Jul 2015 Yoma Strategic 1st Quarter Results..........

last round results........
Yoma' s Q4 profit up 28% at S$8.16m
25 May 2015 09:00

BOOSTED by higher fair-value and bargain-purchase gains on investment properties and acquisitions, Yoma Strategic on Friday posted a 28 per cent year-on-year rise in net profit to S$8.16 million for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2015. Yoma also announced senior management changes.

The profit attributable to equity-holders also came on the back of higher gross margin. While Q4 revenue was up just 0.1 per cent at S$27.56 million, gross profit was 2.2 per cent higher at S$13 million. Net profit, including S$3.71 million (FY2014: S$1.68 million) for non-controlling interests, was S$11.87 million, up 47.5 per cent.

The quarter saw net other gains doubling to S$11.38 million. Contributing to this was a rise in fair-value gain on investment properties from S$5.19 million to S$8.03 million. The latter stemmed from the revaluation of its investment properties Building A5 in Star City and Lakeview G in Pun Hlaing Golf Estate in Myanmar.

For the financial year ended March 31, 2015 (FY2015), Yoma' s profit attributable to equity-holders grew 71.1 per cent to S$28.05 million while revenue rose 10.4 per cent to S$110.93 million, mostly due to higher revenues generated by its automotive and tourism segments.

Earnings per share for the fourth quarter stood unchanged at 0.52 Singapore cent.

Yoma announced that Andrew Rickards will be stepping down as chief executive officer and executive director after the company' s annual general meeting on July 27. This is to " to implement succession plan" . Taking over is Melvyn Pun, son of Yoma' s executive chairman Serge Pun. Melvyn will step down as alternate director to the elder Mr Pun.

Mr Rickards will stay on as an adviser to the company until Dec 31, 2015.

Meanwhile, JR Ching, who is head of business development at Yoma, has been appointed as chief financial officer (CFO). He will continue to oversee the group' s business development
24/07/2015 12:15
LaoLiu Com' on Yoma...you shld not be that low...
17/08/2015 09:42

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ContrarianCWK This is a sleeping gem, waiting for some1 to discover the company!!!
14/08/2015 00:43

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sincere Francis Oh: It is akin to asking Singapore Pools what are the lucky numbers (for Toto, 4D, Big Sweep) next week and the after... The risk/reward ratio is even better than this stock!
11/08/2014 13:21
passerby the last posting before you was an advertisement message. It was left in the forum intentionally :)
13/08/2014 13:33
Surreyian Why does it drop from $4 ( in 2010 oct ) to $0.10 in 2011. Anyone knows?
12/09/2014 04:32
yuetjia0529 Surreyian, because of reverse takeover of a company
17/10/2014 11:00
yuetjia0529 trading halt now, expecting good news
17/10/2014 11:00
vegehuman i am wondering who is the biggest player in OSV building other than NAM CHEONG LIMITED???
02/12/2014 15:33
Susanah Abu Bakar What is going on with today's announcement on sgx. Can't make head or tail.
24/03/2015 10:15
Invest8124 Strong support at $0.30 & $0.305. Nam Cheong should be moving up soon with SGM and dividends coming !
24/03/2015 22:55
Lester Any updates?
22/05/2015 14:27
pyramidpoh buy at $0.17.
09/08/2015 06:16

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Jenny Mcdonne Do you realize you really can make $5000 per week trading? I would have never believed it until I saw it for myself or I started doing it. And that's exactly what happened to me because now I'm making that much money. You just need to know the right place to learn and where I went to is a website called Gold Trading Academy, you should be able to find them on Google or just search for them. Their support is the best I've ever seen on any website before and they helped me to learn to trade, and it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be.
03/04/2014 15:23
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 16:14
kenlfo Noble Group Limited (the “Company”) wishes to announce that on 8 April 2014, the
Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Noble Chartering Limited, acquired a 65%
shareholding interest in Panacore Investments Limited (“Panacore”), a company
incorporated in Mauritius, for an aggregate consideration of approximately US$11.8 million

09/04/2014 12:03
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:54
kenlfo Special General Meeting of Noble Group Limited (“Company”) will be held at Ballrooms 1 & 2, Amara Singapore Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539 on 5 June 2014 at 10.00 a.m. (Singapore time)
21/05/2014 11:47
ed88ks No comment on this?
23/05/2014 15:48
kenlfo up with high volume...any news?
28/05/2014 11:18
Joey Choy Post removed. Why?
28/05/2014 12:07
epicresearchSg Today SGX Stock Recommendations :-

BUY NOBLE GROUP ABOVE 1.390 TG 1.430, 1.460,1.500 SL 1.350

Get 1 Week Free Trail and check our accuracy and profitability. Contact me for Free Trail.
20/06/2014 13:09
lkw8361 http://sgx.i3investor.com/blogs/sgxstockwarrant/24549.jsp
24/04/2015 20:09

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asmj81 I'm grateful fo this website's services and info provided.
04/03/2014 17:16
ed88ks just like LCD global inv.
04/06/2014 16:50
25/07/2014 00:06
reverrrrrr Post removed. Why?
05/08/2014 16:00
passerby @BumbleeBee

Had I come across the articles in the last 2 links shared by you years ago, it could have save me a lot of money.
11/08/2014 19:39
BumbleBee passerby @ in stock market never too late. Uncle is 64 y.o. still learning kikikiki
12/08/2014 23:20
passerby @ Uncle BumbleBee

Are all those articles written by you? At 64 y.o. you doesn't sound old at all by the nick of BumbleBee....kikikiki

You are almost 3 cycles of Chinese zodiac ahead of me. Yup, I'm still learning & refining investing everyday. Thanks for all those shared links :)
13/08/2014 13:24
BumbleBee Hehehe @passerby ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,uncle just know how to cut and paste ...maybe play some shares
13/08/2014 23:44
passerby hihihi uncle....I'm also a Malaysian la....kikiki

I think i3 is one of the most active forum around....you can find some good peoples around...

for SGX, I'm tailing this Pang Sin Tan....
14/08/2014 10:51
Danny Kc Malaysia here too..

but malaysia i3 is more happening than here =.=
04/08/2015 00:36

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hmheng comprehensive info
19/11/2013 16:24
hp3000 Too low to sell holding tight for 5 cts div and 3 free warrant to be trade.
05/05/2014 14:18
goInvest (Cut or Hold???) Anyone know why TIH drop so much?
03/08/2015 16:56

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LaoLiu Time to watch on this counter..
20/07/2015 11:09
rikuyaya why say so?
03/08/2015 13:44

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dusti Biz background needs updating. When done this may interest other investors to this progressive company.
24/04/2014 10:20
yamiyugi why recently it is in a up trend? anyone knows?
05/05/2014 17:44
berry workers Accommodation business is expanding. Good prospect.
05/05/2014 21:13
berry dividend x date on 6 May
05/05/2014 21:21
KingPro how is this shares again?>
27/01/2015 12:28
Wolverin3 Good Counter with good earnings potential. Fantastic!
30/01/2015 09:44
nakkata high debt
29/07/2015 23:37
ryan_och debt is good, especially generate the FCF
03/08/2015 11:45
ryan_och drop to 20c pls
03/08/2015 11:45

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jack_ng Waoh! a lot of investment house recommend this stock. Worth to consider buy in?
19/10/2011 17:44
Trader Hub Keppel corp is a blue chip counter and is traditionally well covered by analysts.

My conservative investment strategy in blue chip stocks is to look at the overall market index (FTSE). If the index is above SMA 200, then it can generally be considered an uptrend market and hence is safe to invest into blue chip counters. Else better stay away from them because they are sensitive to market index. In fact, they are the stocks that contribute directly to the movement of the market index.
21/10/2011 09:05
madam What happen to thaibev and breadtalk share? Any one know
06/05/2013 21:13
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:48
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:48

BUY KEPPAL CORORATION ABOVE 10.740 TG 10.850,10.96 SL 10.630
25/06/2014 12:42
cfoong kikikikiki... good to buy at this price... not easy to go until this level... buy buy buy! yield also terrific at this level...
27/01/2015 14:28
cfoong I have been waiting for few yrs...and it comes down to this level again...!!!! kikikikikikiki...
27/01/2015 14:42
dyuen drop some more ??
31/07/2015 15:20

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lkw8361 9.6% dividend yield, given current JPY level is already very weak, the downside is limited.
24/04/2015 20:13
queenfit why today dipped so much?
02/06/2015 10:35
Siew Jian Bin Is singapore share price considered dropping after Ex-date of dividend?
04/06/2015 09:35
Jian Bin Siew Anyone has any idea why this stock drop so much?
16/07/2015 10:09
tommy31 I guess there are 2 reason
1) Potential Equity Fundig & dilution
Sponsoring comapny "Accordia Golf" is accerelating asset light strategy. Their major stakeholder give strong pressur for earlier implementation. Even though there are room for debt-fundig with Japanse ultra-low interest rate, leverage is limited. Current low valuation heighten the concern for potential dilution. Fund director's independence will be tested.

2) Japan's demography
In the mid-long term, Japanese golf population is expected to gradually decrease.
Even Daiwa's analyst evaluate the stock with negative growth rate in his report.

But I agree with you that this trust is under-valued, good buying opportunity assuming Mr.Machida(Trust CEO) act to protect stakeholder's interest, avoidng dilutive equity funding.
24/07/2015 20:13
Jian Bin Siew Finally I have heard some comment! Tq. Anyway, i am still buy and keep this stock.
30/07/2015 14:56
tommy31 Continuing downtrend make existing shareholde to worry, parly because of JPY currency depreciation. But it is said that fair value of Yen-USD rate based on PPP(Purchasing Power Parity) is the 105-110 Yen/Doller range. I guess in the mid-long term, currency will converge to fair valule.
31/07/2015 04:39

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ganesan2611 why analysts are giving positive comment on Ezion while they are raising money. compare issuing rights and issuing bonds. Ezra issue rights to raise money, likewise ezion issue bonds to raise money. investors are unhappy of ezra rights issue eventhough the right shares has the potential to increase its value in time. But for ezion the bond interest value is only fixed 3.65% and it need to be redeemed in year 2020 and it will not help on share investors any way, then why ezion need benefit. in case if they can not redeem the bonds that issued, they they will find option for that also.
30/07/2015 15:24

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albertlaw Always so impressive and promising but what shareholders want is profit/high growth-still in the red no profit to show but contimnue to place out more shares-dilution mah

Just found this write out:

Rex Int' l

Rex Int' l: ($0.615) Twin equity boost from prominent investors Alan Wang and Fidelity Shares of Rex International may get a boost after SGX filings showed that prominent investors Alan Wang and Fidelity Worldwide Investment (FIL) were the cornerstone investors in a recent share placement, leading them to become new substantial shareholders. Recall, Rex recently completed the placement of 168m new shares at $0.57 each. The net proceeds of $93.5m will be used to settle liabilities and working capital of Rex Technology Management (20%), for field development (60%) and to pursue existing and potential new business opportunities (20%). FIL picked up 70m placement shares, lifting its stake from 0.17% to 5.7%. Wang&rsquo s stake vaulted to 5.1% from 1.1%, after he took up 52m shares. Accordingly, parent Rex Commercial&rsquo s stake dropped to 44.1% from 50.9%, following the corporate action. The entry of two respected fund managers as substantial shareholders may lift sentiment in Rex&rsquo s shares. In particular Wang&rsquo s share transactions may be closely followed by some admirers. Wang is noted for his string of high-profile investments in stocks like HanKore, Memstar, Sarin, Sino Grandness, Asiatravel.com and UE E& C, all of which recorded significant share price outperformance subsequent his purchases. Rex trades at 2.5x proforma P/B.
25/09/2014 18:47
albertlaw well said

Be careful of such announcements

He is not helping retailers to make $$$

He is only enriching himslf and his team

Don;t be the last one to carry the baby

Most of Alan Wang stocks died..

Asiatravel fried to 50 cents and now 24/25

Hankore after being fried by Alan has been nicknamed Kankore

SinoGrandes....fired to high of 75 and now at 67
25/09/2014 19:20
alex2012 Chinese New Year Ang Pao is coming...

02/10/2014 18:54
alex2012 Rex has a website...come and have a look...

24/10/2014 14:27
alex2012 anybody still around..holding?
06/11/2014 10:26
albertlaw Told u alan the former remisier bought..all his counters tanked..lucky escape
06/11/2014 16:28
clarence_yeo2003 Rex please drop some more ;)
12/11/2014 11:32
stockmarketmind not the time to enter now, timing maybe soon
12/11/2014 19:26
alex2012 can only buy once crude bottom...early 2016...
16/12/2014 13:01
LaoLiu Drop too much...probably will have some technical rebound few days later..
22/07/2015 12:32

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0665hock Unbelievable! Keep going...
09/09/2013 23:03
juzzdoo Any TP?
03/01/2014 14:44
stockmarketmindgames one day 20% gain! We made it!
05/01/2014 10:34
Nallayak Broker says play Warrant better
06/06/2014 20:31
Nallayak Another Gold play another dilution, poor sharholders diluted 2 times already, blame the wrong suitor selected by j m lah . Gold is every where but none for shareholders
11/06/2014 19:48
arque A great way to make money online, Google onlineincome. No BS!
16/06/2014 10:22
LaoLiu Strong volume today..
20/07/2015 12:52
LaoLiu fly high today ! accumulate..
22/07/2015 10:22

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Sebastian Sted Power Singapore ppl busy earn money only, where got time blow cow
07/07/2015 14:49

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juzzdoo now what? don't look good.
20/05/2014 16:17
ket_60 Good price to buy.
04/02/2015 10:18
youngtay Agree with ket_60, Del Monte is a international brand, international incomes ,,
06/02/2015 10:37
ket_60 Tomorrow Del Monte right trade at $
11/02/2015 21:47
bulleye01 BULLISH
12/02/2015 11:32
bulleye01 TP $0.400 SL 0.360
12/02/2015 11:34
roheet_g sell ?
14/04/2015 15:53
Stock Analyst Ayush Post removed. Why?
14/04/2015 21:02
ket_60 Slow and steady
22/04/2015 21:27
ket_60 Going to take off soon, fasten your seat belt, sit and relax.
03/07/2015 15:46

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inphyy Ezion Holdings net profit more than doubles to $36.3m

Delivers "steady" performance in 3Q13.

According to PhillipCapital, Ezion Holdings (Ezion) delivered steady net profit in 3Q13, excluding exceptional items, of $36.3m, which was 130.2% higher than 3Q12 and 5.9% higher than the previous 2Q13.

With management is expecting 3 vessels to be deployed in 4Q13 -- 1 unit in Caspian Sea, 1 in South Asia and 1 in Arabian Gulf -- the research firm predicts earnings momentum should continue into FY14E, with a 61% increase in earnings from FY13E. But as 3Q13 net gearing rose to 1.05x from 1.01x in 2Q13 (0.83x in 1Q13), PhillipCapital said Ezion could slow down its rate of project wins in an effort to control its gearing levels.

"We expect net gearing to hit 1.1x by end-FY13E, before easing to 0.8x in FY14E on improve free cash flow generation from more vessels contribution," said PhillipCapital. But the research firm raised its FY13E/14E earnings forecast for Ezion to factor in new contracts, higher margins and updated SEUs deployment schedule.
18/11/2013 14:45
Peter Graham Lancashire Great growth Story, but what about cash flow and free cash flow which require new capital either more debt or issue new shares? Alao nil dividend policy does not suit all institutional investors. PGL
19/11/2013 16:47
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:08
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:43
alexyap trading halt? any idea?
09/04/2014 08:51
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:43
pnuklis Holding on strong. Don't feel comfortable with all the action regarding dilution of shares, jk buy ans Ausgroup cooperation. May be I am wrong
23/04/2014 12:10
pnuklis Ezion has too much action like JK Tech, Ausgroup and dilution of shares all at the same time and not sure how it benefits or slows down. Too risky till every thing settles down and if it continues to win orders!
27/04/2014 10:12
Ben Teo this stock shall move up again....just that now the timing is damn bad...pls be patient
13/01/2015 17:23
goldcarps Technically still weak, below 50 and 100 day MA.
02/07/2015 12:55

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leo8404 what about saxo capital?
03/09/2012 19:39
seifknight include standard chartered bank
26/09/2012 13:52
lobong you should add citibank as well, their transaction fee is the lowest $18
26/09/2012 14:39
samuelx Yes, i am using citibank as they have the lowest minimum fee and i am a small player.

You should be careful with SCB, because although they have zero minimum commissions, they do not hold your securities with CDP... so if you apply for IPOs through DBS/UOB, etc. you may not be able to sell your securities using Citi without an additional step of transferring, etd. dont think you can use conveniently with another broker at the same time too.
27/09/2012 09:16
samuelx Anyway, this list should be outdated. I think MF Global is in the process of liquidation.

As feedback, I would suggest timestamping all such posts on the website so that users can tell when the post was made and when it was last updated.
27/09/2012 09:22
Harky Zheng outdated site?
20/05/2013 13:36
1561199 Sky petrpl change what name
03/06/2013 12:34
gyaradoz what about CIMB?
23/08/2013 11:59
tungjj Does standard chartered charge sgd 8 monthly? Please confirm. As I am using standard chartered, I do not think they charge me
08/04/2014 07:32
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:41

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Calvin Foo TREK to help OSIM develop new tech products? Hmm..... smart home products?
25/06/2015 20:16

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wen_jun something is brewing here.
22/06/2015 10:21

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lsfatt drop so that we can buy more
22/11/2014 04:34
Andrew Chew waiting for spring soon
10/12/2014 10:26
sentimentrader Bullish consolidation after finding bottom last december..
27/01/2015 16:44
sentimentrader Resistance at weekly 0.35 level.
27/01/2015 16:45
sunbird with high US dollar results on 15th feb will look good. March results will be better due to China sales. Getting more.
30/01/2015 12:03
Andrew Chew lets see the first bud bloom nextweek
08/02/2015 18:10
a_patche downtrend :(. hope it turns around soon ...
23/02/2015 14:57
sentimentrader INVERTED Hammer form with good volume after hitting lowest 0.167..bullish if tomorrow followe thru rebound. Keep radar on.
10/06/2015 17:24
sentimentrader gaining traction...
21/06/2015 15:27

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Nallayak moving on Mers fear
18/06/2015 18:35
Nallayak Thai report 1st case of Mers
19/06/2015 09:46

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promaxsam Really undervalue stock , now just 0.161 can go up to 0.90 above after completion BIG BOX warehouse and factory retail plus having master franchise from HABITAT French . Refer
14/03/2014 20:42
Nallayak wong Ah Long is ex RDC boss so sure can complete on time and Big Box the new Suntec & can coolect rent as good as Orchard Rd like IMM does then sell to Capitalmallreit lah
15/03/2014 17:01
promaxsam seem you know about this company , anyway thanks for your reply , im from malaysia , i'm been holding this stock since last year sept'13 .
15/03/2014 19:37
Nallayak The Co lucky to get that huge prime land from JTC but got lots of cumbersome conditions, Indo money in it also so hold tight as such huge project will attract Capitalmall as they owned IMM so would want to control" Orchard road " rental there. U may not believe it but IMM nearby charge Orchard Road rental rates. As GLC they can negotiate some relaxation of conditions
17/03/2014 14:52
Nallayak Big Box for Big share?
25/03/2014 10:33
Nallayak They have good luxury brands like wardrobes and furnishing products but luxury residential mkt too chilled
31/03/2014 18:10
Nallayak Howcome frant denner not here marketing
04/04/2014 19:58
Nallayak hainam fella cant fry shr better go back to run coffee shops
11/06/2014 19:50
Nallayak See who take placements lah, if syndicates then got show
19/06/2014 13:56
Alex Tan Why drop so much?
15/06/2015 23:01

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customerprominent This is not a proper chart, please update it
18/06/2015 11:15
lamlam Huh how come drop so much
18/06/2015 12:26

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aatzer C&G Environmental Protection Hldgs Ltd : China : C&G ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION HOLDINGS proposed a sale to GRANDBLUE ENVIRONMENT
01/03/2014 | 03:17pm US/Eastern
C&G Environmental Protection Holdings owns and operates waste to energy facilities in China and Southeast Asia. It has proposed a sale of its Chinese waste to energy business.
This move will enable it to reposition itself to focus on expansion of its business in Southeast Asia.
The group said that it entered a legally binding framework agreement with Grandblue Environment (formerly known as Nanhai Development) for a 100% sale of its equity in C&G Environment Protection.
The sale of its waste to energy business and assets in China is valued at RMB1.85 billion ($305 million) which will be satisfied by cash and the issuance and allotment of new shares in the capital of Grandblue.
Lin Yan, executive chairman and group CEO of C&G Environmental Protection Holdings, said, through this strategic arrangement, we will become the second largest shareholder in Grandblue, enabling a change of our business platform to hold our WTE business in China through Grandblue.
This is also in line with our strategy to monetise our assets to enhance shareholder value and explore additional growth, he continued.
The experience gained from waste to energy projects will reposition and expand C&G's energy recovery and other environmental related business.
We have already made some inroads into Thailand, securing our first WTE energy project in Nong Khaem Bangkok with a daily capacity of 500 tonnes and incorporating our energy management company in this country last year, the CEO noted.
The Asian market offers potential for renewable energy as global investors look towards Southeast Asia as new destination for investment in this area. There is a trend that governments of the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia are setting aggressive targets for renewable energy to be achieved in 20 years.
Grandblue is an established utility and environmental player in the water sector, who will have more potential to participate in diversified business after the completion of this transaction.
© Al Bawaba Ltd., Acquiremedia 2014
30/01/2014 12:50
aatzer I got the following comments from Sharejunction forum:
> Grandblue is now RMB13.08. C& G sits on a further paper gain now of
> $242,527,628 based on shares alone.
> *** Cash consideration is RMB1.1billion = S$231.25m (exchange rate of
> 4.7567)
> *** 89,928,058 Grandblue shares at an issue price of RMB8.34 (approximately
> S$1.74 or total S$156,474,820.92) per share
> Shares of Grandblue is trading now at RMB 13.08 (approx. S$2.6969)
> This translates to a paper gain of $0.9569 per share or S$86,052,158
> (S$86million)
> This also brings the total consideration to S$231.25m + (89928058 shares x
> S$2.6969) = S$231.25m + S$242,526,979 = S$473.77m as compared to S$385.4
> million.
> Total Float in C& G = 973,023,354 shares
> Value of C& G shares now is approx. $0.4869. huat ah!
30/01/2014 12:54
aatzer From Singapore Business Review:

C&G to sell WTE business and assets in China for S$389.7m
As focus shifts to Southeast Asia.

SGX Mainboard-listed Waste-to-Energy investor and operator C&G Environmental Protection Holdings Limited (C&G) has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, C&G Environmental Protection (Hong Kong) Company Limited (C&G (HK)) has entered into a conditional acquisition agreement with Grandblue Environment Co. Ltd (Grandblue) in relation to the Proposed Sale of the entire shareholdings in C&G Environmental Protection (China) Company Limited.

Under the acquisition agreement, the Group will sell its WTE business and assets (including concession rights) and its principal operating subsidiaries in China to Grandblue for RMB1.85 billion (approximately S$389.7 million ) which will be satisfied in cash and Grandblue shares. The principal terms of acquisition agreement are substantially the same as Framework Agreement entered into 23 December 2013.

Upon execution of the acquisition agreement, the Group will deploy the proceeds to fund the expansion of the Group's WTE business and other environmental related projects in the Southeast Asian markets, as well as working capital for its existing projects. Further to this, the Group intends to distribute a portion of the proceeds as special dividend to its shareholders.

Completion of the Acquisition Agreement is subject to relevant government and regulatory approvals from both the People’s Republic of China and Singapore, as well as C&G’s shareholders. C&G will hold an extraordinary general meeting to seek the approval of the shareholders for the Proposed Sale in due course.

Mr. Lin Yan, Executive Chairman and CEO of the Group said, "We are delighted