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chiongster1234 Cash flow statement review
As at 31 March 2016, the Group generated positive operating cash flow of RM13.3 million and exercised
RM13.0 million for investing activities mainly for the purchase of PPE and installments paid for the
purchase of a piece of land.
As at 31 March 2016, the Group continues to remain debt-free with a resilient balance sheet comprising
RM123.8 million worth of cash and cash equivalents.
06/05/2016 14:11
LanSeeBoy Margin coming down as competition intensifies...the new expanded capacities by larger peers all coming on stream...even demand remains firm, supply-side will sure bring asp downward. Expect massive de-rating months ahead for this sector which has over-enjoyed peak valuation for past 2 years.
06/05/2016 22:49
chiongster1234 cheap sales
09/05/2016 09:33
chiongster1234 being shot down, short short short?
11/05/2016 10:20
chiongster1234 0.8 wait
11/05/2016 10:20
LanSeeBoy Despite seeing a better long-term prospect from further boost in its production capacity, I'm very concerned on the industry over capacity could lead to intense price competition. Expect poorer 2Q.
12/05/2016 17:05
chiongster1234 faster drop please, i can't wait to all in my wealth with you. so next time can growth together or holland myself.
12/05/2016 21:35
chiongster1234 long time no come nearly can't see you, my baby
16/05/2016 21:49
chiongster1234 come back is real
24/05/2016 19:27
chiongster1234 come on
31/05/2016 15:21

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Invest8124 Singhaiyi - Investing In Undervalued US Assets
We initiate coverage on Singhaiyi with a BUY and a target price of S$0.240, pegged to a 20% discount to our RNAV/share. We see potential upside from more earnings-accretive acquisitions.
Buying jewel assets at bargain prices. 
Sold-out property developments provide good earnings visibility. 
Shifting its focus.
Net profit to surge.

We initiate coverage on Singhaiyi with a BUY and a target price of S$0.24, pegged to a 20% discount to our RNAV/share. 

This is based on: 
a) discounted cash flow (WACC: 8.0%) from the sale of its development properties, and 

b) the revaluation of its investment properties on rental assumptions. 

We estimate property selling prices and construction costs based on external sources and publicly available data. In our valuation, we have priced in all its developments on hand, including the newly-bid executive condominium (EC) project at Anchorvale, Sengkang, that has yet to be launched.

We set a 20% discount to our RNAV of S$0.30 to take into account potential execution risks in property development, possible delays due to market conditions and regulatory risks from any new property cooling measures by the government. (Read Report)   ...last:$0.177...

Source : UOB KayHian Research
16/04/2014 21:26

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:08
albertlaw 50 lots at 50cts after 1 for 1 stocksplit will become 25cts but as at 4 April it is at 26.5 net gain 50000X(26.5-25)=$750 plus you will be entitled to 50000 free bonus warrants would give you 50000x$0.089=$4450..so your total gross profit will be $5200 ..fyi only
05/04/2014 07:40
albertlaw https://apps.facebook.com/gvmovieclubgiveaway/index.php?&app_install&code=AQCoLl_SzjccDQi79GMJ0A6F4eueZeUs3BTnx6QUKTfvSRaz7PzH9057LO8mo8DtVHlm-NPF9USDYMgoWmHS8-42U0rxknGhgWLtLgv4AJK_A2OEAyLo8CuqMbWQeVFs6FZuP4KfAaZFOj6ad70Hbr66SYC2D74A-78wfWmWxh8AXYM82XUFdcaxW17CLk21qeMzmyXCVqSDTo9MSFlfb8PPJkEm196YIoxox--rISh7oJaUUYaZwhO8EGNGKttCI3nWSIPuITSBbMdQl0tPKLsu7b83pJ418v6Rw_jEPnrfs3hQf8J5FWLVchbKHrEQDTs&state=e2936b1e5f2b9b64e9911f5b38fd7842#_=_
07/04/2014 19:31

The Board of Directors (&ldquo Directors&rdquo ) of Tritech Group Limited (the &ldquo Company&rdquo and together with its
subsidiaries, the &ldquo Group&rdquo ) wishes to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tritech Engineering &
Testing (Singapore) Pte Ltd (&ldquo Tritech Engineering&rdquo ), had on 3 April 2014, been awarded a S$6.298
million contract, &ldquo Contract T2807 for the Instrumentation and Monitoring for Thomson Line Contracts
T220 and T221&rdquo (the &ldquo Contract&rdquo ) by the Land Transport Authority (&ldquo LTA&rdquo ) for the Thomson Line
(&ldquo TSL&rdquo ).

The TSL will be the sixth mass rapid transit (&ldquo MRT&rdquo ) line in Singapore comprising 22 stations and 6
interchange stations with a 30 km underground train line between the Woodlands North and Gardens
by the Bay stations.

The Contract comprises of Thomson Line Contracts T220 and T221 (&ldquo Contracts T220 and T221&rdquo )
which relates to the part of the TSL comprising the Great World and Havelock stations with a tunnel
length of about 2.2 km.

Tritech Engineering has been appointed by the LTA under the Contract to provide instrumentation and
monitoring services for Contracts T220 and T221, which includes, inter alia, supplying and installing
geotechnical instruments and monitoring ground movements within the surrounding excavation and
construction area.

The commencement date of the Contract is 7 April 2014 and the expected completion date for
Contracts T220 and T221 is 30 December 2020. The defects liability period is 6 months.

Save for the Company&rsquo s independent director, Professor Yong Kwet Yew, who is a board and
executive committee member of the LTA, none of the Directors or substantial shareholders of the
Company has any interest, direct or indirect, in the Contract (other than through their shareholdings in
the Company). Professor Yong Kwet Yew was not involved in giving any recommendation in respect
of the Contract or in any discussions or negotiations leading to the award of the Contract.

The Contract is not expected to have any material impact on the consolidated earnings per share
and/or net tangible assets per share of the Group for the current financial year ending 31 March 2015.
07/04/2014 19:32
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:43

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Chin Peng Too any comment on this counter
17/02/2014 16:12

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Henry Wong Post removed. Why?
09/04/2014 19:35

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1.860, 1.920, 1.980 SL 1.760 www.epicresearch.sg
11/04/2014 13:01
Ruth Lim Target Done
14/04/2014 18:25
NicholasNWH90 Wow Andy u are so active!
24/05/2016 10:56

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Calvin Foo vested
01/07/2015 14:13
bgoon99 at very good bargain...strong financial and market share in banking. Hit by silly report LOL
26/08/2015 10:47
bgoon99 http://razorbuzz2015.blogspot.com/
26/08/2015 11:09
LanSeeBoy bgoon99: You are a Bellend !
30/08/2015 21:45
soon9913 any news for the due d audit on the RPT..?
15/09/2015 12:18
Poh Chye wassup today?
04/11/2015 16:27
Poh Chye cleared from wrong doing (edge sg, 6 Jan 16) still down. haiz
06/01/2016 21:56
omgimnoob Anyone attending today's meeting?
25/01/2016 09:45
Khun Chye finally see some movement
04/03/2016 16:43
foosf Any potential for this goes further up?
27/05/2016 12:49

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Alen Chen GENS SELL- 0.802 SUPPORT - 0.7902
otherwise wait some time may 3 PM .market have uptrend .... . .
07/03/2016 11:27
kinfatt999 genting sg so lousy
22/03/2016 15:57
zaqwerty People keep forgetting Genting is a casino. Nobody win in any casino.
23/03/2016 13:35
NicholasNWH90 Didn't realise Genting comes back so much from 0.66.
23/03/2016 16:12
June Ng this share super lousy
30/03/2016 11:46
Ktan1979 JUne why?
30/03/2016 14:13
davidqsk forming a platform to bounce up soon.
11/04/2016 10:06
samk slow and steadily reaching 1.00 ...9-12 months time...12-15% yield...
21/04/2016 15:19
prince_mk98 sand sg got listed in sgx or hk? anyone know?

I also have few of this. planning to sell soon.
21/04/2016 19:53
samk received dividend !!! surprise !! 0.15 cents
27/05/2016 13:15

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:08

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one688easy another S-chips....riding on consumer market in China...
22/01/2013 15:29
one688easy potential take over target....for those who want to have china market..
22/01/2013 15:32

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inphyy SPH profit down 25%; creates $100m fund

The New Media Fund will look to invest in related businesses to reinvigorate the group's core business

Published October 12, 2013
12/10/2013 11:54

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limSofiya Post removed. Why?
16/04/2014 14:14

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Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:47

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Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:48

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Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:52

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:13
Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:56
Ced Prenner If there are any traders out there trading the Forex I wanted to warn you don't waste your time I've been trying to make money with it for years! Go to the website Traders Superstore and get into trading the futures instead it's much better now I'm making money trading and very happy.
22/04/2014 14:20

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ozee1088 May i know is StarHub a blue-chip stock?
13/08/2011 18:04
jc_ooi It rated SELL by Maybank KE today. Is it time to take profit while the price is still high?
11/07/2012 11:41
hongche STARHUBLTD.:-
R1- 0.338
R2- 0.342
S1- 0.333
S2- 0.330
Get FREE Live SGX Signals, Forex Recommendations, Singapore Stock Picks, and trends! Simply Register Here For Free Now http://sgx-nifty-live.blogspot.in/
13/07/2012 17:58
FrankyHot May I know this share got give dividend last year?
10/05/2013 09:03
Clee My Is it time to buy?
30/10/2013 09:57
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:51

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Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:55

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nspuum why drop so much?
05/04/2014 22:25
SYKN X dividend, I think.
06/04/2014 15:05
nspuum reit impossible X dividend :D
07/04/2014 15:08
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:46
Choong Yeow Lew This stock keeps having private placements which dilute the share price.
26/04/2014 22:41

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albertlaw 5 Things You Should Know About Auric Pacific
By Alison Hunt - March 13, 2014 | See also: A23F99LJ3Y92

auricicpacificIf you&rsquo ve ever slurped laksa (spicy noodle soup) at a Food Junction food court, munched a croissant or baguette at a Delifrance café or simply marvelled at the array of fabulous South East Asian dishes to sample at TV favourite, Chef Wan&rsquo s restaurant &lsquo 1 Market&rsquo you&rsquo ve been a customer of Auric Pacific Group Limited (APGL) (SGX: A23).

This Singapore-based investment holding company is primarily concerned with food &ndash manufacturing, distributing and retailing food products across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

APGL is 49% owned by Indonesian tycoon Stephen Riady and forms part of the sprawling conglomerate the Lippo Group that was founded in 1950, by Stephen&rsquo s father Mochtar Riady.

Stephen Riady was born in Indonesia, but moved to Singapore for schooling when he was 10. He went on to study at the University of Southern California before returning to Indonesia to become Executive Director of his family&rsquo s company Lippo Limited and was appointed Director of Auric Pacific in 1997.

Sunshine Bakeries

However, the story of one of Auric&rsquo s most famous brands begins way back in 1930s Singapore.

The Sunshine Bakery began as a small business operating from a shop house in Geylang, Singapore. Singapore Cold Storage (SCS) bought the company and Singapore&rsquo s first commercial bakery saw its fresh loaves delivered across the island, as well as neighbouring Malaysia.

Sunshine continued to attract loyal customers and in 1948, began fortifying its bread with vitamins. By 1950, the popular bakery was producing 14 different bread types, in addition to confectionery and flour products.

By 1992, the company had built a brand new production plant &ndash the largest in Asia that could turn out a whopping 6,000 loaves per hour and in 2004, was awarded world-renowned Superbrands status.

Reducing wastage

When Auric took over Sunshine however, wastage was relatively high. For every 100 loaves distributed 23 were being sent back the next day. What&rsquo s more, for every 8-10 loaves delivered to some small &ldquo Mom and Pop&rdquo shops, three would be sent back.

Auric decided to stop delivering to the lowest performing stores and instead invited those shopkeepers to collect their own bread if they still wanted it, but with no returns &ndash and reduced their wastage from 23% to just 15%.

Cookies from returned bread

However, Riady was still not satisfied that so much bread was being left for the birds and investigated ways that it could be used.

Sunshine now makes cookies from its unused bread &ndash and with a nice profit margin plus nine-month shelf life Auric is laughing (although their feathered friends around Senoko are pretty disappointed).

Free hotdog buns

Sunshine was also giving a free packet of hotdog buns worth $1 with every $1.20 loaf of bread &ndash as rival bakery Gardenia was offering the same deal.

Riady reasoned that consumers used to their bread are unlikely to switch and stopped the offer. Three month&rsquo s passed and Riady was relieved to see his gamble had paid off &ndash sales had not changed (Gardenia followed suit shortly after).

Food courts and Restaurants

Auric Pacific also owns the popular Food Junction foodcourts, serving affordable local and international dishes in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as French bakery chain Delifrance, serving European styled dishes as well as the eponymous baguettes and croissants.

But did you know&hellip

Dr Stephen Riady was awarded the accolade &ldquo Strategic Investment Entrepreneur of the Year&rdquo in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in Singapore, 2007.
Stephen is also the Executive Chairman of Overseas Union Enterprise (OUE) (SGX: LJ3).
Mochtar Riady and family currently occupy position #687 on Forbe&rsquo s list of the World&rsquo s Billionaires, with an eye-popping net worth of $2.5bn.
Sunshine was the first bakery in Asia to be awarded the three PSB awards: ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental friendliness, HACCP for food hygiene and safety.
Stephen Riady made headline news in 2013, when he launched a $13.1b cash offer for the shares of the 130-year-old Singaporean beverage manufacturer Fraser & Neave (F& N) (SGX: F99) &ndash a company five times bigger than his own. He lost out to Chang Beer producer Thai Beverage (SGX: Y92) &ndash but established himself as a high-stake player.
Today, Auric Pacific has a Property Investment segment, leasing residential and commercial property as well as one concerned with securities investment.

However, the company&rsquo s main priority is still food, distributing both food and non-food items as well as manufacturing well known brands including
29/04/2014 18:02
albertlaw Worth holding for the long haul
29/04/2014 18:03


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