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Pang Sing Tan Strong earnings growth for FY14 and what a great run in stock price over the past 12 months. No analysts, as I know, cover this stock - what a shame. To those who are vested and believe in this small cap, well done.
03/06/2014 23:09
Pang Sing Tan There are now 4 research houses recommending "buy". The recent management update is positive and we should expect a better FY15. This small cap gem, dividend yield > 6%, is in my view a long term hold. For this FY, I expect continuation of special dividend payout (has surplus cash) and a bonus issue (to improve stock liquidity) - to reward shareholders.
09/08/2014 07:15
passerby like like like too the max ! debt = 0

now need to find fresh fund for this ctr already starting next week....

arigato gozaimas Pang
10/08/2014 11:35
0549617 Is that any news or reason
to push up the shares price?
14/08/2014 14:16
passerby wah.....you are here to fry stock? no la, no reason to push or fry la....only reason is the fundamental of the company...you check the data of this counter with ft.com, you will see some impressive numbers...

fundamental.....no pushing or frying...
14/08/2014 14:26
passerby if wanna invest :-

1) identify a good fundamental company. There are a few parameters to gauge whether a company is a good company or not.

2) determine the fair value of the company using the some available methods. if too lazy, just read the IBs report or coverage. Establish entry price using some safety of margin.

3) establish exit point once the price run ahead of the fundamental.

the above require discipline.

if punt or fry purpose....u see where the crowd go...u just join in, chances to make money or lose money are almost equal but most of the time the retail investors will lose out to the professional operators....hence, fry less & push less, sleep well at night
14/08/2014 14:36
albertlaw Pang S.T..OCBC,Philip (T.P 60cts) AM Fraser (67cts) DBS (72cts) in fact b4 xd Valuetronics touched 59cts ..first qtr esults out dividends will be payable 15 Aug..nothing to expect except maybe next year..likley will drop to,50cts

It was artifically pushed up on AGM 22 July from 49-59cts within 3 days b4 it went ex on 25 July I believe will drop tp 45-50cts level
14/08/2014 17:41
albertlaw belive 40cts can buy,...last few sharp drop it ended 38-39.5cts..Doji formed but still never breakdown..can accumulate slowly
13/10/2014 11:53
0665hock now how???
14/10/2014 14:27
Angel_Investor What happen? How come such a cash rich company's share price oversold in 2 days!
14/10/2014 21:08
albertlaw AmFraser: Valuetronics Holdings Ltd: Shedding light on deep value (Maintain BUY, FV: S$0.69)

Dutch MNC is separating out the lighting division, not shutting it down. We think the sell-down on this weeks-old piece of news, was totally unwarranted. The sale of LED light bulbs is not the core revenue generator for this MNC. In fact, Lumileds made up only 5% of their lighting revenue in 2013. We therefore do not believe that the decision to spin-off the weaker lighting division came just from headwinds in LED sales. It also certainly does not mean that lighting will be left out to hang dry. In truth, no one knows what big MNC’s plans are and we believe it would be more prudent for investors to assume the status quo than take a wild stab at what might or might not happen, and make worst case scenario assumptions.
Unlikely to do unprofitable business.There were also views that suggest that VALUE will continue to produce for big MNC even when its gross margins are halved or turn negative. We understand that the culture at VALUE is very profitability centric (superior net margins and them walking away from the licensing business). We find it hard to believe that Valuetronics would continue to do business with big MNC under such onerous terms.
CE’s headwinds already a well known fact. The headwinds for the CE business (-11% yoy in 1Q3/15) is a true area of concern; this was a well known fact that was highlighted post 1Q3/15 results. Our assumed CE revenue growth of 4% yoy looks high, but we have also underestimated, the higher margin, ICE growth rate (+36% yoy in 1Q3/15 vs. Amfraser’s estimated growth rate of 16%). As a result we believe both effects will even out at the bottom-line level. With a lower contribution mix from CE, we believe VALUE looks an even better proposition now, with much lower concentration risk.
Standing firm on our call. As 2Q3/15 results will be out in a couple of weeks, we make no changes to our current estimates, BUY rating and S$0.69 target. As of 1Q3/15 Valuetronics had cash of HKD441m or 19 Scts of cash per share with no debt and dividend yield of 9%. Cash level could fall over the next few quarters as Valuetronics spends on capex. Trading at 4.5x FY15F P/E, this stock looks extremely attractive in our opinion and this sell-down presents a very good chance for investors to buy.
16/10/2014 15:37
yauboon http://news.morningstar.com/articlenet/article.aspx?id=669136

Phillips overall lighting sales declined in 3q 2014; but its led lighting business up 28%!!!
01/11/2014 10:36
Angel_Investor Trend reversal towards 0.45?
29/11/2014 11:44
albertlaw 42-42.5 hit high 43cts accumulation in progress..at current price I don't think will lose much? If worst scenario hold..dividend about S$13 for last year per share..last year at AGM at Ris Carlton during AGM i went out to call my broker to buy 50000@48cts and after that it hit a high 59cts before selling at 53-53cts ex dividend hope history will repeat
16/02/2015 15:31
albertlaw Last half hour it was trading 42-42.5cts but closing bell all 42cts was taken up leaving a wide buy-sell gap 42.5-43.5 at close for tue and even on half day trading 18 Feb..This imply Valuetronice is well supported even at 42.5cts level grin LOL cheese smile smile
- Related Stocks -
18/02/2015 23:25
albertlaw Today break resistancce 45cts and hit 47cts:s12::s13:
09/03/2015 19:34
albertlaw close at 47cts

Most analysts not accurate see they predict T.P for innovalue to be 47cts a few month s ago now Innovalue 70cts.When FYE 31 March and give special dividends besides the usual dividends Valuetronics may test its new high again..last year when AGM was on in Sept 2014 I still bought at 49 cts thereabout and during th emeeting tested 50cts level and a few days later tested 59 cts high record before I sold all shares bought from 23-26,27-33 and 35-38cts all out..let' [s hope history will repeat

DMG seems to be the most bullish among the analysts who cover Valuetronics with a TP of S$0.64, Phillip Securities has a TP of S$0.50 and KGI Fraser is at S$0.57. seems like the counter is looking for a new price point to consolidate. good luck to all who are vested!
09/03/2015 23:15
albertlaw Was at Capitalmaster Pte Ltd (Fock Wah Industrial Building)where they recommend strongly as strong accumulation of Valuetronics detected
09/04/2015 10:40
albertlaw In Oct 2014 it broke below 30cts after negative report by Maybank-Kim Eng..hover 30-35 for sometime before it broke through 40cts and at that time target price was from 50-72cts...latest T.P is at 64cts if it can maintain its profits and dividends policy..hope can break the 50cts soon


Quite safe witrh its limited downside as the dividends yiled is much better than FD rates
09/04/2015 23:04
albertlaw Valuetronics (VALUE SP, BN2)
Technical BUY with 13.4% potential returns
Last price: S$0.485
Target price: S$0.55
Protective stop: S$0.450
BUY with a target price of S$0.55, with stops
placed at S$0.485. The stock continues to
trade at above the rising 25-day SMA and a
breakout could close the gap down formed on
29 Jul 14. The MACD indicator appears to
have corrected moderately and looks poised to
form a bullish crossover at above its centreline.
Watch the MACD histogram to see if it could
move above its centreline.
Expected timeframe: 2 - 3 weeks.

Made a few round on this Valuetronics..it's owned by Hongkee..not an S chips and the beauty of this co it pays good dividends every year since ipo in 2007 and has no bank borrowings ..positive CAGR
09/04/2015 23:15
albertlaw Closed at 51.5 on 22 April
22/04/2015 23:33
albertlaw hit 52cts
24/04/2015 13:17
mocics Long time nobody talk about this stock...wonder why it continues to trade at such depress valuation? Cash is like 85% of market cap, free cash flow positive, yield around 8%, PER ex cash is around 1x....
09/03/2016 09:20
LanSeeBoy Silly mgt still keeping it listed. SME mentality, never gonna grow.
11/03/2016 15:41
breadman i think the management saw ur comment here lanseeboy
19/04/2016 09:39
LiteInvestor any sifu.... TP?
10/06/2016 21:18
680301Seed got syndicate or not? all watching football?
23/06/2016 15:08
hstha 3 Income Stocks I Like from the List of 30 Best Stocks in Singapore for 2018
08/08/2018 21:16
hstha 2 Electronic Stocks That Have Been Unfairly Hammered By The Market
08/08/2018 21:17
tecpower Valuetronics

15/08/2018 21:41

Posted by MMFSolutions at Aug 13, 08:19 PM
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tecpower Semiconductors Again Testing Dotcom Era Highs (SMH)
14/08/2018 22:40

Posted by sgxstockstraders at Jun 20, 09:07 PM
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zakara Great information
Here is list of some more potential Singapore stocks to make 2018 successful
10. Duty Free International Limited (5SO.SI)
10/08/2018 21:16

Posted by agrawalmukti at Jul 5, 05:42 PM
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sgxstockstraders OCBC is one the most trading share in Singapore. I prefer investing in such type of share always good for your investment and trading. Because it has a good volume of trading all trading days.
07/08/2018 17:28

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vico We are please to inform your esteem buying company the petroleum products you are looking for is available in our storage tanks, We have an official FOB and CIF offer (Fob Rotterdam). We guarantee truth and professionalism, We will be ready to cooperate with you in various products. to ship to our customers. and reservoir for immediate delivery Such as:

Jp54 Gross price $46/ Net $44. Minimum Order is 2,000,000 barrels / month
JA1 Gross price $46/ Net $44. Minimum Order is 2,000,000 barrels / month
D2 indent $ 380 / $ 370. Minimum Order 100,000mt / month
D6 Gross $0.80 cent USD per Gallon Net $ 0.70cent USD

Provide your official email or contact us via email to enable us issue our official soft corporate offer (SCO).Thanks.


E-mail: neftegazoiltrading@yandex.ru
E: neftegazoiltrading@yahoo.com

Skype: neftegazoiltrading

Best Regards
(Mr.) Vico Peißker.
Skype: neftegazoiltrading

Thank You
03/08/2018 02:11
sgxstockstraders As per the latest announcement of the company they are getting strong year-on-year growth in profits for the second quarter of 2003 ("2Q2003") and the first half of 2003 ("1H2003"). Contributions by strategic investments, as well as resilience in the company's trading and procurement businesses, were the main contributors to the company's profitability during a difficult period, in which SARS and the war in Iraq adversely impacted markets worldwide.
07/08/2018 17:07

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Kay 10 things I learned from the 2018 Mapletree Logistics Trust AGM

02/08/2018 16:29

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sgx_swinger geoenergy may be a good buy at 48 for a quick punt
18/04/2013 16:43
sengchai Are u trying to tell ppl that u brt this stock.so u wan ppl to phish up for u.smart move.
20/04/2013 03:02
pcscorpio took profit..kopi money..
25/04/2013 16:25
Shan Yada can geo energy go to 0.41
30/04/2013 02:33
631733 Any advise on this counter
25/08/2013 21:10
sgx_swinger geo energy now 38.5 , may fall to 37-37.5 for a good bounce - for more details see http://www.sharejunction.com/sharejunction/listMemberPosts.htm?username=hello123
26/08/2013 03:21
ticktock Jim Rogers Take Initial Stake in Geo Energy Resources?
12/09/2013 08:32
631733 buy or hold
12/09/2013 22:54
631733 U are right. So what is your comments
13/09/2013 08:34
ticktock JR acquired 1.7mm shares at 35.5cts on 22aug. JR also has a 10yr call option for 2mm shares at 35cts exercisable after 1Jan 2015. JR is a long term investor.....Buy and hold........can we do the same?
13/09/2013 08:43
ticktock time to take a look again??
10/10/2013 16:47
631733 U mean buy or sell
10/10/2013 20:03
ticktock buy......
10/10/2013 20:48
631733 Yesterday I bought 50lots 0.345
10/10/2013 21:00
ticktock patience.....
11/10/2013 17:53
haikeyila Grandpa jim said he's in it for the long haul. And he's 70. :)
11/10/2013 18:18
Hokkien JR may make tons of money from some investments, however, he may also invest wrongly from time to time. Don't forget, Geo Energy is controlled by Indonesians, can we rust Indonesian businessmen based on records?
11/10/2013 23:44
inphyy Coal digging is one thing, selling is another. 1kg of Indonesia coal price Vs Coal India Ltd (CIL) ≥︺‿︺≤
12/10/2013 01:03
ticktock moving?
23/10/2013 10:07
inphyy Hmmm....
4 Weeks Range: 0.29 - 0.36
52 Weeks Range: 0.29 - 0.65
Average Price Target: 0.34
16/11/2013 09:30
inphyy http://sgx.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/re4.jsp

History of this. 22-08-2013. When news leaked Uncle Jim Acquired 1.7 Million Shares At S$0.355 Each.
Price high at 0.42.
When the rush fever ease...price start to drop...
Uncle Jim after all an 70 plus old man.
18/11/2013 12:45
haikeyila How will Indonesia's proposed ore export ban affect this counter, if any?
20/11/2013 16:52
clarence_yeo2003 @haikeylia we will not know how it will impact the geo energy performance time will tell and how investor's perceive its performnce.
07/12/2013 20:47
inphyy Hmmm..... X'mas 2014? Hit 0.425 when followers realised that white knight vested. That was good old time.
19/12/2013 12:18
chewhanseong i think the impact of the ore export ban should have minimum influence on geo energy. PT Parisma Jaya Abadi one of the geo's customer own its smelter and thus exempted from the ban
14/01/2014 06:51
clarence_yeo2003 buy despite posting a quarterly loss.
13/08/2014 10:10
bluelight Coal price keep increasing
Coal shall have good profit
30/07/2018 11:15
bluelight Good slowly moving up
31/07/2018 16:49

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26/10/2013 15:50
emma Can buy in now?
21/12/2013 23:59
ryan7642 yes due to the report will out by next wk..can even accumulate at USD0.4-0.45 range cos is the cheapest among Genting Shares..
22/12/2013 11:20
Peter Chen Genting Hong Kong opens new lodge at its ski resort in China's Hebei

云顶香港进军中国河北 打造滑雪度假村

25/12/2013 21:29
ryan7642 http://www.theedgemalaysia.com/business-news/270330-report-genting-hk-to-build-resorts-world-macau.html
07/01/2014 17:05
chinchiaho the performance of G hk has been lackluster for the past several months & the vol & movement clearly shows the big shareholder wants to collect from the market. Very frustrating for small investors esp me who have held on to the shares for the last 5 years loyally & not getting rewarded. Come on KT Lim, do something fair for your loyal supporter!
28/02/2014 11:04
ryan7642 agree wf u same to me too hold for quite some times d=='' come on KT Lim make your Genting HK bcom next Genting Spore trend boost up to SGD1.3-1.5 from the lowest SGD0.5+..
02/03/2014 09:15
ryan7642 yea baby finally got BIG news coming out worth for long waiting patient make BIG Gain~~
06/03/2014 09:22
winner99 Good time to accumulate at 39 cents.
21/03/2014 15:33
winner99 It's time for dividend after waiting for so many years.
21/03/2014 15:36
ryan7642 Hmm usually news about transferring to main board quite +ve n will boost up most of the time eg, karyon Bhd boost from 0.18 to current almost break rm0.5 d 100% profit..genting hk please sang sang Seng Seng ar make 100% profi in usd for me$$
01/04/2014 08:34
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:50
anthonylow http://sgx.i3investor.com/servlets/ptres/6486.jsp
08/07/2014 16:28
gundam deathscythe Eh...you also bought genhk ar?
09/07/2014 20:25
ryan7642 http://biz.sinchew.com.my/node/101257
07/09/2014 21:28
Ben Teo This stock is having uptrend at the moment.. try to keep more and wait for the good news out...
13/01/2015 17:22
Ben Teo quiet for damn long...this stock is not moving at all
23/02/2015 17:40
winner99 Genting hk proposed USD0.01dividends soon.
21/03/2015 00:25
idsa not a good growth stock type now
21/03/2015 13:36
chinchiahor the owners who now owns combined 80% may want to buy back all the shares from the market at such dirt cheap price la…that's why the price is suppressed…..the share shd worth more than usd60 cts easily by now…

minority investors are screwed….
21/05/2015 11:03
winner99 Genting Hong Kong has finally received regulatory approval to increase its stake in Australian casino operator Echo Entertainment.
09/09/2015 15:32
chinchiahor KT Lim somehow not able to show any turnaround his cruise business yet in his much touted ambition to be king of the cruises. Believe he now controls more than 80% of Genting HK with
the last big block bought at usd29cts from Genting Malaysia. We as the loyal follower & supporter of KT Lim also took position Genting HK at the same price from the market but really
get bashed & ill treated from the price collapse to current usd17cts equivalent in HK$. KT Lim shd at least have
a heart for the loyal supporters who have so much confidence in him to not let the mkt price drop so much & invite the suspicion of a cruel & unscrupulous move by him to force the small
investors to sell back the shares to him at a huge loss, killing every hope the small investors had in riding along with him. The nta of the company shd still be around usd55 cts & he shd at
least maintain a price of usd 40-50 cts to reflect his corporate responsibility to his investors. the daily vol of GHK shares is so low that billionaire KT Lim shd hv no problem in maintaining a reasonable mkt price. Have a kind soul Tan Sri.
19/07/2018 10:12

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pyramidpoh Compared to GentingM its location is too small for any construction for playground for children and entertainment can't be enlarged just like Genting Malaysia .Tourists like to visit Genting Malaysia rather than GenS because compared to currency GentM is cheaper.Moreover GentingM have more beautiful scene to watch and good place for people to relax.
29/10/2015 17:54
Wow123 worst still no hope lio lor
11/11/2015 22:03
Wow123 no eye to see , eat banana nanana
13/11/2015 12:48
Velson Loh May I know what is the dividend distributed in 2014 & 2015 under GENTING SPS$500M5.125% but it shown in GENTING SINGAPORE PLC.
I'm a newbie here seeking for the senior helping hand.
I'm holding 3,000 of GENTING SINGAPORE PLC but never received any of the dividend under GENTING SPS$500M5.125%?
28/11/2015 12:47
SyedIbrahim It's good time to take position, go for it
04/12/2015 18:39
JQ96 Hi Velson, Genting Sing hardly give out dividend.
14/12/2015 09:27
Wow123 Macau casino also decreasing vip
22/12/2015 22:04
Wow123 sell
22/12/2015 22:09
SyedIbrahim It's buy call for all investors
09/01/2016 00:07
kinfatt999 sands sg better than genting sg
09/01/2016 11:03
Wow123 sell sell
11/01/2016 09:59
Wow123 sell sell again
18/01/2016 09:37
Wow123 25 sen worth
18/01/2016 09:38
Wow123 sell sell better
20/01/2016 10:13
Wow123 don't wait sell asap
20/01/2016 11:08
SyedIbrahim It's high time to collect !
16/02/2016 22:29
SyedIbrahim Then sell why wait
18/02/2016 20:18
Kumi_duit Don't Wait for the peak value sell it now
22/02/2016 17:51
samk all gaming sector improving now
03/03/2016 16:42
samk its time to collect.keep it for 1 year to reach 1.00..25 percent!!!
03/03/2016 16:43
kinfatt999 genting sg so lousy
22/03/2016 15:57
zaqwerty People keep forgetting Genting is a casino. Nobody win in any casino.
23/03/2016 13:35
NicholasNWH90 Didn't realise Genting comes back so much from 0.66.
23/03/2016 16:12
June Ng this share super lousy
30/03/2016 11:46
Ktan1979 JUne why?
30/03/2016 14:13
davidqsk forming a platform to bounce up soon.
11/04/2016 10:06
samk slow and steadily reaching 1.00 ...9-12 months time...12-15% yield...
21/04/2016 15:19
prince_mk98 sand sg got listed in sgx or hk? anyone know?

I also have few of this. planning to sell soon.
21/04/2016 19:53
samk received dividend !!! surprise !! 0.15 cents
27/05/2016 13:15
samk what happened ?? gensp is fyling
04/11/2016 12:56
samk Genting Singapore's 3Q earnings more than quadr
to $107 mil.. no wonder..kakaka
04/11/2016 14:07
tts101 Gogogogo
04/11/2016 16:54
pheng5566 keep go
11/11/2016 15:19
samk http://www.forbes.com/sites/muhammadcohen/2016/11/17/genting-singapore-exits-south-korea-casino-project-to-re-focus-on-japan/#56c5a622779f
18/11/2016 16:03
samk very positive news.. heng heng !!!
18/11/2016 16:03
jossef SELL
30/11/2016 20:34
LeeJacky genting japan business will contribute to genting singapore?
10/01/2017 16:09
ryan_och come come come, cheong ah
19/01/2017 10:44
samk as i said before.. buy at 0.75 and keep 1 year... already hit 1.00.. more positive news is coming as chinese tourists and vips flooding singapore.. airlines and genting sp will fully benefit from it... end of this year can easily hit 1.25-1.35... huat ar!!!
15/02/2017 11:19
Monsterlim Genting will go up if it wins the rights to operate the casino in Japan. It is going to be a fierce bidding war.
17/02/2017 20:17
samk Gensp have 5b cash in hands.. they are highly qualify and chances of them winning the bid is very high....genting is not a normal casino...look at genting malaysia .. entertainment , tourism , casinos , resorts...their business concept is the best for Japanese people to boost the economy.
23/02/2017 14:13
culbertlim hi Singaporean s me malaysian
22/03/2017 21:16
culbertlim come Malaysia place and chat
22/03/2017 21:16
samk super good results ... http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/05/12/genting-singapore-1st-quarter-profit-jumps.html
15/05/2017 10:58
samk Genting Sp getting better and better....target price is 1.60-1.80 in few months time....everything seems robust for Genting
07/11/2017 12:20
samk GENTING Singapore's net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders jumped 35 per cent year-on-year to S$143.79 million for the third quarter ended June 30.Revenue rose 8 per cent to S$629.87 million supported by a stronger VIP and premium mass business volume, while earnings per share clocked 1.20 Singapore cents, versus 0.89 cent in the corresponding quarter a year ago.Operating profit increased 24 per cent to S$226.08 million on the back of higher revenue as well as an 11 per cent drop in the cost of sales. "Adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (Ebitda) rose 37 per cent year-on-year to S$320.11 million underpinned by an improved operating margin and lower net impairment on receivables as a result of a more measured credit policy," the gaming group said.Its attractions business saw "higher average visitor spend" and "a 5 per cent growth in the daily average visitorship, that exceeded 21,000". Meanwhile, its hotel business had an average occupancy rate of 93 per cent
07/11/2017 12:39
samk Singaporeans is 1 of the richest in the world.. 25 percents is a millionaires ..and more and more billionaires are migrating to Singapore as its the only AAA rating in Asia...not to mention those rich chinese tourist who are flooding Singapore... very positive because of their government policy and gambling addicted chinese.. their airports are world class as well... i see nothing negative now
07/11/2017 12:46
samk the momentum is super good...never see funds buying like this before.. hope that the share will go back to 2.17 when it hit its peak in 2010... hopefully
10/11/2017 16:02
ckchung despite good annual profits but the share keep on dropping none stop, why?
lousy counter!
09/03/2018 15:19
davidsmith These days GENTING SINGAPORE PLC stocks is complete side bias. No volatility in this stock.
If you are waiting to invest in this stock. Please do a deep research regarding company future planning and growth model.
Or wait for any big news from government.
Feel free to ask you queries.
21/03/2018 21:13

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DenisYeo 2016 was not the volatile year for the Singapore stock market
02/05/2017 18:05
DenisYeo Great running
15/05/2017 20:09
zakara Here are some low-cost Singapore stock for profitable trading-
-Ace Achieve Infocom Limited (SGX: A75)
-China Taisan Tech Group Holdings Ltd (SGX: AZW)
-Dukang Distillers Holdings Ltd (SGX: BKV)
-Pan Hong Holdings Group Ltd (SGX: P36)
-China Haida Ltd (SGX: C92)
-China Sports International Limited (SGX: FQ8)
-Swing Media Technology Group Ltd (SGX: BEV)
-Matex International Ltd (SGX: M15)
-Full Apex (Holdings) Ltd (SGX: BTY)
-Luxking Group Holdings Limited (SGX: BKK)
Source- MMF Solutions Singapore
12/07/2018 17:47

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