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steve84 Hi all, any TP expected?
04/03/2014 14:24
alex2012 announcement out...hold tight tight for another year...

06/03/2014 19:05
steve84 Thanks for the news Alex ;)
07/03/2014 09:40
alex2012 Rex no power
07/03/2014 15:09
steve84 Aiii always up few cent then down few cents
10/03/2014 13:44
precisinvest Check out Précis Investments at www.PrecisInvesments.com
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16/03/2014 01:17
alex2012 News on North Energy to drill 2 exploratory license, good for Rex...
22/03/2014 10:20
alex2012 Anyone going to Rex AGM/EGM end of this month?
10/04/2014 10:16
alex2012 Rex to start onshore drilling in Trinidad by Q2 & hopefully production by Q3...2014 will be an exciting year for Rex...HAPPY INVESTING...

11/04/2014 08:42
koon Many announcement but the stock still not moving
19/04/2014 10:01

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Vivian Tiong So this counter cannot invest right?
11/04/2014 23:12
0665hock 1 cent
11/04/2014 23:38
dicklinglk Tough terrians ahead ......
13/04/2014 21:33
pyramidpoh no hope for this counter.
14/04/2014 12:10
stockadvisor Showing a down trend and indicating a strong Sell Signal. Can make a short position in these counter at current level.
14/04/2014 19:01
Nallayak too low to short
15/04/2014 12:34
0665hock kena short today
16/04/2014 12:00
0665hock another big short sell today...share holder also run
17/04/2014 20:21
LimitUp whats the deal on this? Freefall.........until when?
18/04/2014 17:41
dicklinglk I can only say - very sad....
19/04/2014 00:01

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koon Good TP but why not moving. Any good news.
18/04/2014 21:38
dicklinglk It's moving up quite nicely lately.
18/04/2014 23:57

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pyramidpoh True rubbish better invest our money in Fixed Deposit.many of my friends loss in this counter....when it will be returned to TP 2.00.
05/03/2014 09:06
clarence_yeo2003 @laikimchuan would like to really hear your views curiously would u sell now? agree that genting sp is quite pathetic in giving out dividends to sharholders, they can do better. If one day i ever trade genting is not because of dividend, is liquidity matters.
05/03/2014 09:09
hunterhungry Either u want growth which trsnslate to capital gain or u want dividend. Genting strategy is to grow its biz and hence reserve more money for develpment. The question is more to whether genting singspore can get value accretive investment? Certainly not with its venture to korea. If they can get japan we wld not b looking at tp 2.00 but at least 3.50
09/03/2014 12:48
248780 is midas ok to buy????????
10/03/2014 10:34
precisinvest Check out Précis Investments at www.PrecisInvesments.com
We help beginners kick start their investing and trading journey.
16/03/2014 01:18
pyramidpoh I agree to hunterhungry comment for long term investment.
17/03/2014 08:08
weijian 21/02/2014 1.365 1.26 -0.105 (7.69%) SELL Maybank Kim Eng
27/03/2014 11:56
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:05
weijian who is supporting at 1.3? Why the price can't drop below that point?
09/04/2014 16:19
LimitUp This counter only for those who has the stomach to wait....while they pay you 1ct div per year...what a joke....Jeju still another 3 years to go....Japan license not even sure if can or not looking at other competitors....while own floor space in casinos almost maximised...overseas is the way for them to go....
18/04/2014 16:45

Posted by pnuklis at Apr 17, 07:50 PM
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Invest8124 Singhaiyi - Investing In Undervalued US Assets
We initiate coverage on Singhaiyi with a BUY and a target price of S$0.240, pegged to a 20% discount to our RNAV/share. We see potential upside from more earnings-accretive acquisitions.
Buying jewel assets at bargain prices. 
Sold-out property developments provide good earnings visibility. 
Shifting its focus.
Net profit to surge.

We initiate coverage on Singhaiyi with a BUY and a target price of S$0.24, pegged to a 20% discount to our RNAV/share. 

This is based on: 
a) discounted cash flow (WACC: 8.0%) from the sale of its development properties, and 

b) the revaluation of its investment properties on rental assumptions. 

We estimate property selling prices and construction costs based on external sources and publicly available data. In our valuation, we have priced in all its developments on hand, including the newly-bid executive condominium (EC) project at Anchorvale, Sengkang, that has yet to be launched.

We set a 20% discount to our RNAV of S$0.30 to take into account potential execution risks in property development, possible delays due to market conditions and regulatory risks from any new property cooling measures by the government. (Read Report)   ...last:$0.177...

Source : UOB KayHian Research
16/04/2014 21:26

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inphyy CapitaLand, related entities to sell Westgate Tower for $579 million

03/01/2014 19:40
nphp1117 What's price of this stock expected in 12-18 months time?
16/03/2014 10:30
flekswood @nphp1117 with China slowing down, I expect further downside in the medium term towards S$2.50 range.
18/03/2014 10:46
nphp1117 @flekswood thanks for feedback. In that case I have to hold it longer term.
25/03/2014 13:04
Intira Lertzangar lucky i bought at 2.86
31/03/2014 20:11
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:05
maomao Is it worth to invest on this counter now?
15/04/2014 14:30
Ruth Lim Would suggest to hold on for a while, look for Level 2.99-3.01 to enter, which will be it nearest support level. Over all looking positive on charts.

To know more visit :- http://goo.gl/dlTEma
15/04/2014 15:50
michalewong True, with todays trend you can enter with average buying of 3.01-3.02 but would also suggest a stop loss @ 2.94-2.96
15/04/2014 18:11
limSofiya Post removed. Why?
16/04/2014 14:16

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limSofiya Post removed. Why?
16/04/2014 14:14

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jceducationsg Are there any new and recent price target?

29/12/2011 21:48
Trader Hub Not many price targets in December. I guess most analysts are out on holiday. Hope there will be more good reports coming out in 2012.
03/01/2012 18:45
jceducationsg I hope so... K-REIT Asia recently went back up again... Think it is because of some purchases by its parent... illustrating that it is undervalued...

05/01/2012 08:05
Trade Zignals get fundamental stock picks and recommendations from here http://freestockbuyandsellsignals.blogspot.com/
06/03/2014 15:19
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:50
ekomuwa nice broke out at 1.17, tested 1.19, closed at 1.18, if 1.17 proof to be a strong support, then this stock should have rising potential.......
16/04/2014 07:45

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petechowkw Short sellers came out in big herds to sell down GAR today (31 July 2013).
But beware!
31/07/2013 14:33
ycf128 expect poor results to be reported after market closed today.
01/08/2013 13:08
TomYam OCBC: 0.465 (sell)

DBSV: 0.45 (not rated)

Phillip: 0.45 (hold)

CIMB: 0.56 (hold)
05/08/2013 15:58
deepvk is it good to long or short this one?
26/09/2013 22:36
davidjackson just share here... no harm getting updated info from a genius system, enter your details and they will send you the demo video and necessary trading info without any charge, no obligation at all... hope this info helps... happy trading, thanks to technology advancement……. http://t.wowtrk.com/aff_c?offer_id=3428&aff_id=11940
25/10/2013 13:58
bcshee anyone know why this stock is languishing at this level of 54 to 56 cents?
08/01/2014 11:27
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:44
ekomuwa Golden agri now at cross road, sideway a bit around 0.585 - 0.59 these few days, the future crude palm oil saw a potential price increases; http://www.palmoilhq.com/crudepalm-oil-cpo-futures/, what fundamental suggested is a uptrend potential....so the stock price logically will go up???
16/04/2014 07:33
ekomuwa Technically, since 17 mar, this stock formed a nice ascending triangle with resistence at 0.59, there was a small gap between o.59 & 0.595. Will this gap be close soon???
16/04/2014 07:37
ekomuwa will this stock challenge the next resistence at 0.61?????
16/04/2014 07:39

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foresight recent low is on 25June at 2.07 and quickly found support at 2.2...today the support is broken (low 2.16) with good volume. See end of the day whether can close above 2.2
20/08/2013 11:25
foresight bull and bear..who will win? low 2.15
20/08/2013 13:47
Alex Gray This time is very risky for trading. Market is very fluctuate. so trade with risk free recommendations of http://goo.gl/JtKiBu.
20/08/2013 17:58
limSofiya Post removed. Why?
15/04/2014 20:38

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631733 How come this counter not moving
20/05/2013 22:33
miketan This counter has moved north from 0.25 to 0.28 within 10 days. Do you really expect a spike of 0.35 just because you bought a couple of lots? Be reasonable.
22/05/2013 22:43
631733 200lots and bought it for2 mths
23/05/2013 07:08
shankly slow and steady
03/09/2013 13:17
陈援喜 Really very slow & steady!
20/09/2013 17:12
Melaos this counter can buy?
27/02/2014 21:32
amonlim8787 Will this counter reach 40 cent level?
21/03/2014 14:42
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:06
michalewong Increasing Uncertainty in the market aiming at reversal can make a good buy around 0.350-0.355.
To know More Visit :- http://goo.gl/qToZP7
15/04/2014 20:25

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ohy2012 information on dividend is not updated.
12/06/2013 00:16
yh6668 any clue why price keep dipping?? txs
12/06/2013 15:41
ohy2012 no clue but maybe is good time to buy.
12/06/2013 19:46
hmheng 2012 dividend?
19/11/2013 16:40
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:45

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:48

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inphyy SGX securities turnover dips 8% to $27.3b
Singapore Business Review – 1 hour 51 minutes ago
05/09/2013 12:20
Alex Gray Post removed. Why?
13/09/2013 12:39
Alex Gray Traders were given a strong cue from Wall Street, where the Dow rose 0.49 percent, the S&P 500 put on 0.27 percent and the Nasdaq advanced 0.17 percent.
16/09/2013 14:36
epicresearchSg The ICE dollar index DXY +0.05% , which tracks the greenback against six rivals, fell to 81.167, down from 81.268 late Monday in North America, while the WSJ Dollar Index XX:BUXX +0.07% edged down to 73.46 from Monday’s close at 73.54.http://ow.ly/oYEEM
18/09/2013 18:25
Alex Gray Post removed. Why?
18/09/2013 19:41
epicresearchSg Two malls by CapitaMalls Asia are set to open in Singapore this December.
06/12/2013 20:18
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:46

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koon Why YZJ share is not moving
08/02/2014 21:17
Tan Bk too sad
17/02/2014 13:42

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jack_ng Waoh! a lot of investment house recommend this stock. Worth to consider buy in?
19/10/2011 17:44
Trader Hub Keppel corp is a blue chip counter and is traditionally well covered by analysts.

My conservative investment strategy in blue chip stocks is to look at the overall market index (FTSE). If the index is above SMA 200, then it can generally be considered an uptrend market and hence is safe to invest into blue chip counters. Else better stay away from them because they are sensitive to market index. In fact, they are the stocks that contribute directly to the movement of the market index.
21/10/2011 09:05
madam What happen to thaibev and breadtalk share? Any one know
06/05/2013 21:13
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:48

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simonproof sembMar will closed higher on Wed..
17/05/2011 10:45
William Huang why?? any insider news?
17/05/2011 11:20
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:09
Jenny Mcdonne I just wanted to tell anybody that might be interested in trading to go to the website Gold Trading Academy, I just recently bought from these guys and they are a class act, their video course really taught me a lot and their support is the best. Trading isn't as hard as I thought it was and the money is great!
03/04/2014 15:36
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:45

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Peter Chen OCBC one of World's strongest bank
16/09/2013 16:34
sgx_swinger ocbc now 983 , may fall to hit 974 today to bounce
12/12/2013 08:12
sgx_swinger Dow juz dropped 130 pts last nite, so sg stocks will open gap down in the morning presenting some buying opportunities ,

for short term punting , sti got sppt at 3035 , ocbc got support at 974

for more details , see http://sgxswinger.blogspot.sg/
12/12/2013 08:13
sgx_swinger Hours into sgxswinger call, ocbc falls to 972 to bounce as predicted above, closing 980.

while sti fell to 3025 to bounce strong , closing 3059.

for more details , see http://sgxswinger.blogspot.sg/
13/12/2013 00:24
sayandquoteit year end bull is coming, yahoo. please also join us for US, Malaysia etc. markets http://www.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/3508.jsp
16/12/2013 08:43
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:06

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yamiyugi drop in few consecutive days....scary
13/03/2014 21:39
ryutaro12 scary, but good opportunity might be coming
14/03/2014 18:29
yamiyugi mind sharing what kind of good opportunity?
17/03/2014 09:47
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:08
Henry Wong Post removed. Why?
09/04/2014 19:54

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inphyy M1 net profit improves 19.4% to S$39.5m

Beating expectations and attracting positive outlooks.

M1 reported a 19.4% y-y increase in net income to S$39.5m in 3QFY13, with service revenue cimbing higher due to better mobile revenue and fixed services revenue, noted PhillipCapital.

"We continue to like M1 and maintain our positive outlook due to 1) Growth in mobile and Fibre broadband customer base; 2) Continuing take-ups in tiered data plans, driving higher mobile revenue; 3) More customers exceeding data allowances; 4) Dividend yield of 4.3% continues to be attractive.

" DBS explained M1's higher revenue came mainly from the growth in its customer base.

Meanwhile, international call services revenue dipped as retail revenue declined. Operating expenses also came in lower, "as lower handset costs mitigated the increase in staff cost," said DBS,

These all led to M1's EBITDA margin on service revenue rising in 3Q13 to 37.7%. Net income rose above DBS' expectations due to the combined strong service revenue and lower expenses.
19/10/2013 10:25

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silvermansac barclays are u get any money to say target 1:70 cent. recenty only ezra raised fund 98 cent per share. what a analyst
12/07/2012 16:28
hongche Ezra Holdings Ltd.:-
Last: 0.945
Change: +0.005
Volume('000): 3,614
PriceRange: 0.940 - 0.955
13/07/2012 17:54
inphyy Ezra Full Year Revenue up 28% to US$1.26 billion

25/10/2013 09:49

Date of Lifting of Trading Halt * 25/10/2013
Time of Lifting of Trading Halt * 1000 hours
25/10/2013 09:54

03/12/2013 23:34

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inphyy SPH profit down 25%; creates $100m fund

The New Media Fund will look to invest in related businesses to reinvigorate the group's core business

Published October 12, 2013
12/10/2013 11:54

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benson911 Uptrending....RM1 soon.........
08/03/2014 12:36
soungsoung overshoot SGD1 today.
17/03/2014 22:14
amonlim8787 Will it continue to breakout ot 1.50 level.
21/03/2014 10:00
flekswood resistance at 1.07-1.09
21/03/2014 10:34
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:09
shahchetan Buy at 1.20 and avg out by buy again at 0.80 , target 1.20 in 201
08/04/2014 08:03
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:40
benson911 Target RM1.2 by next month~
10/04/2014 14:39
jiunngio why everybody keep saying RM ? SGD !!
10/04/2014 16:11
benson911 Sorry..is SGD1.2..lol
10/04/2014 16:37

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Edward Lee Msian, anything?
03/01/2013 19:57
passerby no la, just asking only coz this is STI version, thought will find some Singaporean around this forum :)

didn't see you do any posting on KLSE forum ? nice to meet you anyway. i'm a M'sian also

looks like this i3 site got a lot active malaysian members
03/01/2013 22:02
Edward Lee Nice to meet you too. No, I never post anything, just give some comments and opinions here. Ya quite a lot Msians using i3 for discussion, but I think most of them are short term trader rather than value investor.
03/01/2013 22:23
Alex Gray Hello to all!!! Get intra-day and positional stock tips as well as forex and commodity tips at http://goo.gl/GCG76y.. Take a 7 days free trial and watch the result of our recommendation.
26/08/2013 15:59
Peter Chen Corporate Princess 5 : Kuok Hui Kwong & Robert Kuok succession planning
企业公主系列5 : 郭鹤年女儿郭惠光及新人事部署

30/08/2013 14:22
Peter Chen Robert Kuok succession planning crisis 2
23/09/2013 10:46
Peter Chen What happen in 2013
06/01/2014 12:50
alex2012 Wilmar go...go...go...
19/02/2014 09:20
michelle zheng Singapore's Wilmar Intl. Gains On Shree Renuka Offer
21/02/2014 17:18
alex2012 If El Nino strike, Wilmar share price will be double...
22/02/2014 09:15

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BHSL PE & Forward PE and growth are intricately linked. Midas is "growth" company in sea of opportunities within its industry. It is really a question whther they can win big and fat contracts and still manage to maintain good margins i.e. profits.
24/03/2014 10:39
248780 will it collapse like last time i bought those chinese companies??
25/03/2014 10:52
BHSL Midas not a Chinese company per se, it is Singapore company with extensive business operations in China.
When it is mismanaged, any company can collapse or lose its value regardless whether it is Chinese or Singapore company.
25/03/2014 14:50
248780 BHSL, thank you for your good info
25/03/2014 15:26
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:09
ekomuwa support at 0.425, moved up to 0.44 now...upside potential to 0.47????
03/04/2014 08:31
BHSL up +3.41 % 0.455 +0.015
03/04/2014 10:46
ekomuwa Volume very high this morning....flying now???
03/04/2014 11:52
Jenny Mcdonne I just recently set myself free by learning to trade and anybody can do this as far as I'm concerned you just need to go to the right place. Check out the website Gold Trading Academy, just Google them you should be able to find them, these guys are really doing it right and make you wonder why everybody isn't like them. You can make $2000 a week trading all you need to do is learn how, if I can do it anybody can.
03/04/2014 15:22
ekomuwa vol traded on 3 April was 16.87 Mil, up 3.41% ( + 0.015), today expect TP??? time to go in???
04/04/2014 07:42

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陈援喜 Any comment on this stock?
20/09/2013 17:16
alexyap good stock for long term. Consistent DY and good capital gain.
08/11/2013 14:20
Trade Zignals instead of buying stocks and keep..best way is to also do trading using free signals.http://freestockbuyandsellsignals.blogspot.com/
15/11/2013 09:40
inphyy Ezion Holdings net profit more than doubles to $36.3m

Delivers "steady" performance in 3Q13.

According to PhillipCapital, Ezion Holdings (Ezion) delivered steady net profit in 3Q13, excluding exceptional items, of $36.3m, which was 130.2% higher than 3Q12 and 5.9% higher than the previous 2Q13.

With management is expecting 3 vessels to be deployed in 4Q13 -- 1 unit in Caspian Sea, 1 in South Asia and 1 in Arabian Gulf -- the research firm predicts earnings momentum should continue into FY14E, with a 61% increase in earnings from FY13E. But as 3Q13 net gearing rose to 1.05x from 1.01x in 2Q13 (0.83x in 1Q13), PhillipCapital said Ezion could slow down its rate of project wins in an effort to control its gearing levels.

"We expect net gearing to hit 1.1x by end-FY13E, before easing to 0.8x in FY14E on improve free cash flow generation from more vessels contribution," said PhillipCapital. But the research firm raised its FY13E/14E earnings forecast for Ezion to factor in new contracts, higher margins and updated SEUs deployment schedule.
18/11/2013 14:45
Peter Graham Lancashire Great growth Story, but what about cash flow and free cash flow which require new capital either more debt or issue new shares? Alao nil dividend policy does not suit all institutional investors. PGL
19/11/2013 16:47
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:08
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:43
alexyap trading halt? any idea?
09/04/2014 08:51

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Chin Peng Too any comment on it stock
17/02/2014 16:14

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:07

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ticktock guidance very clear......drill not successful....tough luck small mosquito oil wells....money spent but no oil......
18/11/2013 16:55
twin-joy hopefully, Fuyu-1 will bring some good news towards end of this year. Expect ODP approval to commence production
18/11/2013 17:42
skye15 Can pick up some counters now since there is good news for oil found? How risky is this counter? OSK recommended BUY. Any advice?
20/11/2013 09:08
inphyy dead cat bounce?
20/11/2013 12:22
ticktock commenced drilling of the Koi-2 appraisal well (“Koi-2”) on 29 November 2013 using the Bohai-8 jack- up rig in the offshore area of the Salawati Kepala Burung PSC (“Island PSC”), West Papua, Indonesia.
It is anticipated that drilling of the well will take approximately 21 days. results soon? Positive or negative?
17/12/2013 11:00
ticktock good news???
18/12/2013 17:06
adc38 still no news update
11/01/2014 14:59
tch1006 something brewing?
21/03/2014 16:03
dicklinglk Hear nothing as yet ..... TP is 1.38 ???
21/03/2014 19:25
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47

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Nallayak Saudi firm money coming
07/10/2013 20:20
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:14
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:14

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albertlaw Just like REX if oil discovered ..stocks will shoot up at least 30%conservatively..back by strong shareholders..time to buy Rex secretly ..I sold off my Mirach at 52cts ..quite happy liao
17/09/2013 14:54
inphyy Just gave support 0.38 and 0.385
04/10/2013 10:01
ticktock another casualty........sigh!!
07/10/2013 09:54
inphyy morning average down....
07/10/2013 12:08
ticktock Mosquito oil field..........puny few hundred barrels at best? how to justify buying even here? look at the options price granted....0.10 or is 0.12?
07/10/2013 15:40
inphyy hmmm.....out of the woods yet? Closing bell 0.32
08/10/2013 17:09
inphyy Already average twice all the way down to 20cts plus. Me just put aside.
17/10/2013 16:44
inphyy Slow and steady.....
01/11/2013 16:19
ticktock Time to take a position?
20/12/2013 13:49
inphyy hmmm...0.194 +0.027 up for day 2
20/01/2014 10:29

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excelyou another Rowsley
22/09/2013 18:42
excelyou coming
02/01/2014 12:39

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0665hock yeehaaaaaa......
14/01/2014 17:10
0665hock Oh Yeah!
15/01/2014 16:14
Lansford Loo Pre-announcement stable level share price (ex possibility of news leakage): c.11.8 cents
Implied market cap of JES = S$137.59m (1166m shs outstanding)

current share price: 16.5cents
implied value of the option granted to JES to invest in MineRiver = (0.165-0.118)*(1166m) = S$54.80m

we can view the optionality grant to JES as a real option. let's adopt a 3-stage binomial option pricing model.

based on the model below, for us to get an expected value of the option of S$50.48m, we have to go with the assumptions below.

Thus if you buy, you are betting that the option is worth more (ie your assumptions are more bullish than the ones below). If you sell, you are betting the option is worth less (ie your assumptions are more bearish than the ones below).

hope that helps.

for more analysis on different stock please visit:
our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AcaciaTradingSingapore
our blog: http://lansfordloo.wordpress.com/
and like our page. Thanks!

Acacia Trading is a Preeminent Training Institution that aims to provide financial freedom to its students through its unique and proprietary training methodology. We utilize events-driven fundamental analysis that teaches our students how to capitalize on both long and short views on opportunities to maximize gains.

Disclaimer: We do not hold shares in the stocks that are listed in our ideas unless specifically stated. The recommendations stated above are general recommendations and may not be suitable for your portfolio. Please contact your financial adviser prior to taking action on the ideas above. All ideas are provided for discussion purposes only. We will not accept any liability for losses that are sustained as a result of you following our ideas. The ideas are provided on a good faith basis, please conduct your own due diligence on the ideas prior to taking action. We iterate that we are a training academy and are only bound to our students who we have an express contract with. That said, please free feel to comment and discuss on the ideas above. Cheers, Acacia Trading.

=== Binomial Model Assumptions ===

1. stage one: tranche one investment
acacia est of probability of success: 60%
max loss to JES = S$7m

2. stage two: tranche two investment
acacia est of probability of success: 40%
max loss to JES = S$60m

3. stage one: tranche one investment
acacia est of probability of success: 20%
max loss to JES = S$60m

value of minerals at mine: S$60bn
acacia est of margin: 10%
% stake owned by JES: 30%
possible NPV of CF to JES = S$60bn * 10% * 30% = $1.8bn
28/01/2014 08:32
0665hock halted....any idea???
28/02/2014 14:19
0665hock awarded contract worth US240M
28/02/2014 23:04
0665hock separately announced losses for current quarter! Interesting how investor will react one good and bad announcement
01/03/2014 23:06
Intira Lertzangar buy or not to buy ????????
03/04/2014 12:01
Jenny Mcdonne I come here almost every day to read the news like probably most people here do that I don't have anywhere else to tell anybody so I thought I'd tell somebody here because I'm so excited about what I've found. Google "Gold Trading Academy" these guys are really helping people learn how to trade, I never traded before in my life and now I'm making money doing and having a great time I can't believe how much money you can actually make trading like this it's amazing!
03/04/2014 15:20
albertlaw Limited upside ever sold at 35cts past years,,beg of 2013 sold at 20-21cts..avoid its losses come in last 2 years..limited upside 15cts the most..I made this comment in Oct 23,,yet a few pple here said iognore all this noise...
07/04/2014 19:37
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:42

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anthonylow SunMoon Food Company's latest debt restructuring has finally removed the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over its head and given it a fresh impetus for growth.
14/10/2013 14:04

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kenlfo coming back?
18/11/2013 10:18
kenlfo people are throwing shares?
23/01/2014 15:08
kenlfo The Board wishes to advise that Noble Group is currently
engaged in discussions with a consortium in rel
Group’s Agriculture business.

04/03/2014 16:55
alexyap according to the agenda in their next AGM, are they issuing bonus issue or right issue?
27/03/2014 13:05
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:06
kenlfo COFCO and Noble Announce Creation of an Agribusiness Joint Venture through COFCO's acquisition of 51% of Noble Agri

02/04/2014 10:02
clarence_yeo2003 noble hit target 1 price ;)
03/04/2014 11:49
Jenny Mcdonne Do you realize you really can make $5000 per week trading? I would have never believed it until I saw it for myself or I started doing it. And that's exactly what happened to me because now I'm making that much money. You just need to know the right place to learn and where I went to is a website called Gold Trading Academy, you should be able to find them on Google or just search for them. Their support is the best I've ever seen on any website before and they helped me to learn to trade, and it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be.
03/04/2014 15:23
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 16:14
kenlfo Noble Group Limited (the “Company”) wishes to announce that on 8 April 2014, the
Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Noble Chartering Limited, acquired a 65%
shareholding interest in Panacore Investments Limited (“Panacore”), a company
incorporated in Mauritius, for an aggregate consideration of approximately US$11.8 million

09/04/2014 12:03

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yamiyugi why suddenly drop so much? anyone knows?
17/03/2014 14:37
BHSL Probably some fund investors don't like GLP taking on more Brazilian assets increasing emerging market risks.
18/03/2014 10:06
yamiyugi i thought it is a wise move which will benefit all the investors since there is more revenue?
19/03/2014 09:02
sykn Yes, I also added a few more lots but the price went further down! Scarry, eh? But in this case, I believe that those willing to be patient will be rewarded. Already the 9M earnings have exceeded annual earnings for all the previous years. When the FY results come out in May, we should see a surge in share price as people discover its positive FCF.
19/03/2014 09:18
yamiyugi i believe so too....have faith in it....
19/03/2014 10:23
douglas According to reports - GLP share price falls as many investors were concerns over the weakening of Chinese Yuan and this in turn may have a negative impact (on its' earning) from any proposed China deals. Nomura, maintained "neutral" rating on GLP, TP at S$2.84. The weakening Yuan may be one reason why GLP has been underperformance since mid-February.
21/03/2014 00:18
sykn I guess that's why GLP made a huge investment into logistics warehousing properties in Brazil, as a form of diversification. But its primary focus is still very much China, and I guess it just have to roll with the punches. This stock appears to have pretty high beta, so I expect the volatility to be high in this market.
21/03/2014 08:10
flekswood @skyn & @douglas - Valid points
21/03/2014 10:38
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47
Henry Wong Post removed. Why?
09/04/2014 19:39

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Hub Trading High debt and 3rd party guarantees. A bit fishy.
09/04/2012 09:36
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:09

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:08
albertlaw 50 lots at 50cts after 1 for 1 stocksplit will become 25cts but as at 4 April it is at 26.5 net gain 50000X(26.5-25)=$750 plus you will be entitled to 50000 free bonus warrants would give you 50000x$0.089=$4450..so your total gross profit will be $5200 ..fyi only
05/04/2014 07:40
albertlaw https://apps.facebook.com/gvmovieclubgiveaway/index.php?&app_install&code=AQCoLl_SzjccDQi79GMJ0A6F4eueZeUs3BTnx6QUKTfvSRaz7PzH9057LO8mo8DtVHlm-NPF9USDYMgoWmHS8-42U0rxknGhgWLtLgv4AJK_A2OEAyLo8CuqMbWQeVFs6FZuP4KfAaZFOj6ad70Hbr66SYC2D74A-78wfWmWxh8AXYM82XUFdcaxW17CLk21qeMzmyXCVqSDTo9MSFlfb8PPJkEm196YIoxox--rISh7oJaUUYaZwhO8EGNGKttCI3nWSIPuITSBbMdQl0tPKLsu7b83pJ418v6Rw_jEPnrfs3hQf8J5FWLVchbKHrEQDTs&state=e2936b1e5f2b9b64e9911f5b38fd7842#_=_
07/04/2014 19:31

The Board of Directors (&ldquo Directors&rdquo ) of Tritech Group Limited (the &ldquo Company&rdquo and together with its
subsidiaries, the &ldquo Group&rdquo ) wishes to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tritech Engineering &
Testing (Singapore) Pte Ltd (&ldquo Tritech Engineering&rdquo ), had on 3 April 2014, been awarded a S$6.298
million contract, &ldquo Contract T2807 for the Instrumentation and Monitoring for Thomson Line Contracts
T220 and T221&rdquo (the &ldquo Contract&rdquo ) by the Land Transport Authority (&ldquo LTA&rdquo ) for the Thomson Line
(&ldquo TSL&rdquo ).

The TSL will be the sixth mass rapid transit (&ldquo MRT&rdquo ) line in Singapore comprising 22 stations and 6
interchange stations with a 30 km underground train line between the Woodlands North and Gardens
by the Bay stations.

The Contract comprises of Thomson Line Contracts T220 and T221 (&ldquo Contracts T220 and T221&rdquo )
which relates to the part of the TSL comprising the Great World and Havelock stations with a tunnel
length of about 2.2 km.

Tritech Engineering has been appointed by the LTA under the Contract to provide instrumentation and
monitoring services for Contracts T220 and T221, which includes, inter alia, supplying and installing
geotechnical instruments and monitoring ground movements within the surrounding excavation and
construction area.

The commencement date of the Contract is 7 April 2014 and the expected completion date for
Contracts T220 and T221 is 30 December 2020. The defects liability period is 6 months.

Save for the Company&rsquo s independent director, Professor Yong Kwet Yew, who is a board and
executive committee member of the LTA, none of the Directors or substantial shareholders of the
Company has any interest, direct or indirect, in the Contract (other than through their shareholdings in
the Company). Professor Yong Kwet Yew was not involved in giving any recommendation in respect
of the Contract or in any discussions or negotiations leading to the award of the Contract.

The Contract is not expected to have any material impact on the consolidated earnings per share
and/or net tangible assets per share of the Group for the current financial year ending 31 March 2015.
07/04/2014 19:32
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:43

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chusoon Any target price?
08/01/2014 08:09

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one688easy another S-chips....riding on consumer market in China...
22/01/2013 15:29
one688easy potential take over target....for those who want to have china market..
22/01/2013 15:32

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:08

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:12
alsuper18 this guy is marketing for traders superstore.
04/04/2014 19:36

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