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pyramidpoh 10 years? 5 years at left 5 years at right !
06/10/2015 16:31
chang0509 As a value investor, I look at longer term. The more its price drops, The better as I can buy at lower price and my average cost become cheaper. If u want goreng stock,u will lost until u left underwear only mr lanseeboy.
07/10/2015 00:39
chang0509 Buy as your retirement fund or the education fund for your children.
07/10/2015 00:41
Thetrader anyone see the upward trend??? hope genting Sg is trading range 0.81-0.85 this week
12/10/2015 18:02
Y2016 I bet to different; history definitely will not repeat the same as Genting for GenS
22/10/2015 05:13
Simple man this stock die?
22/10/2015 10:35
pyramidpoh Compared to GentingM its location is too small for any construction for playground for children and entertainment can't be enlarged just like Genting Malaysia .Tourists like to visit Genting Malaysia rather than GenS because compared to currency GentM is cheaper.Moreover GentingM have more beautiful scene to watch and good place for people to relax.
29/10/2015 17:54
Wow123 worst still no hope lio lor
11/11/2015 22:03
Wow123 no eye to see , eat banana nanana
13/11/2015 12:48
Velson Loh May I know what is the dividend distributed in 2014 & 2015 under GENTING SPS$500M5.125% but it shown in GENTING SINGAPORE PLC.
I'm a newbie here seeking for the senior helping hand.
I'm holding 3,000 of GENTING SINGAPORE PLC but never received any of the dividend under GENTING SPS$500M5.125%?
28/11/2015 12:47

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Sginvestor Why is it that the announcement title states release of result but attachment refers to disclosure of interests? This is very misleading!
27/11/2015 19:07

Posted by snapsnap at Nov 5, 02:57 PM
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snapsnap out of this 3 stocks, i think can hit on natural cool. any takers? http://sdb.theedgemarkets.com/2015/SMR/SMR_20151106ey5twh.pdf
06/11/2015 11:51
snapsnap peeps the edge markets singapore is having a contest for greatsingaporestocks and giving away movie tickets. go cx out their fb. shld be easy. :)
09/11/2015 15:39
snapsnap November 11, 2015 - updates on Neptune Orient Lines, International Press Softcom and Tiger Airways Holdings.

11/11/2015 11:47
snapsnap November 12, 2015 - http://sdb.theedgemarkets.com/2015/SMR/SMR_20151112t5lsyl.pdf

seems to me for Sbi Offshore, Hupsteel and Zagro Asia, should hurry up and catch the wave for Zagro Asia before they hit their peak :)0
12/11/2015 17:22
snapsnap no stocks with momentum today but got 'stocks to watch' whahaha!

13/11/2015 11:48
snapsnap UG Healthcare Corp
Nov 16, 2015 - http://sdb.theedgemarkets.com/2015/SMR/SMR_20151116btz1sm.pdf

Interesting stock. any thoughts on it?
16/11/2015 15:06
snapsnap I am peeps :) please do share if you have any stocks that you wanna include:)

Nov 18, 2015 - http://sdb.theedgemarkets.com/2015/SMR/SMR_20151118yygfh0.pdf

CSC Holdings
CSC Holdings' shares ended flat despite increased trading volume on Nov 17. Year to date, the foundation and geotechnical engineering specialist's shares are down more than 41%.

For 2QFY2016 ended September, CSC recorded a 98.9% y-o-y plunge in earnings to $33,000. Its operations in Thailand saw a decline in demand, which led to significantly lower business volumes. Revenue also fell 9.1% y-o-y to $93.7 million, due to delayed revenue recognition as new projects secured during the quarter have yet to commence.

HTL International
Leather tanner and sofa manufacturer HTL International, which saw strong interest on Tuesday, have climbed more than 60% in the past month.

The uptrend started days before the company announced on Oct 27 that its controlling shareholder, BEM Holdings, is in talks with Guangdong Yihua Timber Industry Co, a "reputable" China-listed company, about a potential corporate transaction "aimed at realising value for all shareholders of the company".

Nam Cheong
Malaysia's largest builder of offshore support vessels Nam Cheong reported an 81% drop in profits to RM50.2 million ($16.32 million) for the first nine months of FY2015 ended Sept 30. The steep fall came on the back of a halving in group revenues to RM708.2 million from RM1.4 billion previously.

In a statement release together with the results on Nov 13, the company says it expects shipbuilding activities and vessel sales to remain slow. Executive chairperson Tiong Su Kouk says the company has been deferring the delivery schedule of vessels currently under construction.
18/11/2015 14:01
snapsnap 27 November, 2015 - Stocks with Momentum : Khong Guan Flour Milling & UG Healthcare Corp.

27/11/2015 14:27

Posted by snapsnap at Nov 27, 02:24 PM
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Posted by snapsnap at Nov 27, 02:21 PM
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snapsnap Noble Group may be cut to junk by S&P on liquidity concerns.

24/11/2015 12:12
clarence_yeo2003 bad news for noble, going down to 0.24 coming soon, test all time low.
26/11/2015 09:38

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moneyfacez yup good
22/05/2014 11:30
BumbleBee O&G business is booming in SE Asia ....temporary setback due to upcoming World Cup effect I think ...http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/fifa-world-cup-effects-on-the-stock-market-worried/ ...after this event over market shld return to normal ...hahaaaa8
22/05/2014 22:45
k6ii This counter start moving ..
27/05/2014 10:03
swcltw is it too high
01/06/2014 11:34
pnuklis what happened to GOSH saga in Mexico? Do people have such a short memories???????????? That was more than USD 100 million down
13/07/2014 10:10
jackyng1981 No fuel for POSH to growth up.... the share price dying due to the Batam incident... yet so far, no responses was given by management...... maybe they only can answer "STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION", "Still under investigation" like MAS.......... their management working style...... really no comment and lost confident........ shit co!
01/08/2014 15:58
pnuklis They seem to have goofed it up. First of all it was not wise of them to buy these two shipyards if they have no capability to run them.
01/08/2014 20:56
reverrrrrr Post removed. Why?
05/08/2014 16:05
jackyng1981 The co is belongs to most richestman in Malaysia?........ ...... haha....... but the co super bad performance..... yet the net profit super bad for last quarter.... prepare to run........... the co never care the shareholders. only knows the IPO fund to pay back loan.... then minor shareholder (Mr A 7 Mr B on the road), eat yourself..... you are sacrified aldy.... 0.93..... 20% gone after IPO.....
05/09/2014 16:39
PoshShrHldr The last comment is right. The worst share I have ever had the misfortune of buying and I am one of the IPO buyers too. I guess the apple fell far from the tree in this case. Should not have assume the son is the same as the father. Took the money to pare down debt, bunch of con-artists and thieves, they have taken our money and ran. Wrote to their investor relations, got no reply. Called in, some lady in finance said 'market forces'. Would love meet one of the executives.
25/11/2015 23:09

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excelyou another Rowsley
22/09/2013 18:42
excelyou coming
02/01/2014 12:39
Jehovahnissi Gsh will be the Asian giant all the best
13/02/2015 12:54
SyedIbrahim Looks like its a penny stock like those C stocks . Major shareholders don't care about the future of the company , all they keen are to goring the stock 2-3 times to make a quick bucks. If I have invested in this co, I may have to retire earlier than planned. Just dump the stock and go for better ones.
10/11/2015 09:18
zhouminglei Sell sell sell
25/11/2015 23:09

Posted by snapsnap at Nov 24, 01:52 PM
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LanSeeBoy LOL. Deservedly so. Badly run and dismal biz.
24/11/2015 21:51

Posted by snapsnap at Nov 23, 03:34 PM
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Posted by snapsnap at Nov 20, 03:47 PM
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snapsnap sobsobsob ... why like that siol. Sembcorp Marine dropped 6 cents or 2.7% to $2.13.

20/11/2015 15:45

Posted by snapsnap at Nov 20, 03:42 PM
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snapsnap updates on CapitaLand ~ http://www.theedgemarkets.com/sg/article/capitaland-kept-%E2%80%98buy%E2%80%99-deutsche-target-price-420-unchanged
Broker's Report
CapitaLand kept at ‘buy’ by Deutsche, target price of $4.20 unchanged
20/11/2015 15:39

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pang72 Maybank shall revise to higher TP due to 2.36 TP no longer valid
17/11/2015 13:31
pang72 Aiyo up 4Sen....money money easy money...as said 2.60 coming
17/11/2015 18:14
pang72 After touching 2.60, next journey to 2.80 before ex.date of bonus...double happy
17/11/2015 18:16
pang72 Wow...as said touching 2.60
18/11/2015 10:47
pang72 Revise TP to 2.80..
18/11/2015 10:47
pang72 2.58 today up 6sen
18/11/2015 18:29
pang72 the best stock in the world , straight up 2 to 3 weeks..........
18/11/2015 22:18
pang72 money drop from sky 2 to 3 weeks
18/11/2015 22:18
pang72 toward 2.80
18/11/2015 22:19
pang72 Finally starts the consolidation
20/11/2015 10:19

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LanSeeBoy LOL...talking up or what ?
24/08/2015 13:26
snapsnap here u go... be ur own judge bahz.

11/11/2015 11:55
snapsnap more updates on spackman again !!! http://www.theedgemarkets.com/sg/article/spackman-shares-101-152-cents-blessings-priests
19/11/2015 15:35

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snapsnap updates on SembCorp....

Nov 19, 2015 - SembMarine and Marco Polo Marine in spat over termination of rig contract.
19/11/2015 15:29

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zaqwerty Obama is going to retire soon and asking for a favor from Jack Ma is not unusual.
19/11/2015 14:16

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lamlam Even have a good result, the price still can't moving up..
02/09/2015 09:26
lamlam No matter market good o bad, company profitable or loss , share will keep going down. Dropping never stop
03/09/2015 10:59
LanSeeBoy Mgt quality poor. Only upside iff sale of Mahkota Medical Centre. Heard deal is off. Dump share
03/09/2015 21:51
lamlam Confirm tmr Hmi sure drop !! This counter too terrible
06/09/2015 18:10
Ami Wong MALAYSIA share prices opened lower on Friday with the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index down 7.00 points to 1,607.02.
11/09/2015 19:38
lamlam Financial result good also useless, the price still look so ugly
15/09/2015 10:35
lamlam Big volume today, but didn't push the price up! Just trade at 0.260! Share buy back
07/10/2015 13:07
lamlam Finally touch 3
16/10/2015 14:10
lamlam Still very weak
22/10/2015 17:18
lamlam Haih just stand at 30cent few weeks only, so fast drop back! Their Q1Y2016 result come out, not so good as last year, going down their profits and big distance compare last year Q1Y2015..
16/11/2015 17:18

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LaoLiu 0.460 now (+0.015)
20/07/2015 09:28
LaoLiu So far so good, near term Tp 0.500
21/07/2015 09:08
LaoLiu Maintain Buy before it goes up higher.. :-)
22/07/2015 09:17
LaoLiu Buy! buy..uptrend now
24/07/2015 09:05
LaoLiu Yoma reporting it' s results soon.......
27 Jul 2015 Yoma Strategic 1st Quarter Results..........

last round results........
Yoma' s Q4 profit up 28% at S$8.16m
25 May 2015 09:00

BOOSTED by higher fair-value and bargain-purchase gains on investment properties and acquisitions, Yoma Strategic on Friday posted a 28 per cent year-on-year rise in net profit to S$8.16 million for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2015. Yoma also announced senior management changes.

The profit attributable to equity-holders also came on the back of higher gross margin. While Q4 revenue was up just 0.1 per cent at S$27.56 million, gross profit was 2.2 per cent higher at S$13 million. Net profit, including S$3.71 million (FY2014: S$1.68 million) for non-controlling interests, was S$11.87 million, up 47.5 per cent.

The quarter saw net other gains doubling to S$11.38 million. Contributing to this was a rise in fair-value gain on investment properties from S$5.19 million to S$8.03 million. The latter stemmed from the revaluation of its investment properties Building A5 in Star City and Lakeview G in Pun Hlaing Golf Estate in Myanmar.

For the financial year ended March 31, 2015 (FY2015), Yoma' s profit attributable to equity-holders grew 71.1 per cent to S$28.05 million while revenue rose 10.4 per cent to S$110.93 million, mostly due to higher revenues generated by its automotive and tourism segments.

Earnings per share for the fourth quarter stood unchanged at 0.52 Singapore cent.

Yoma announced that Andrew Rickards will be stepping down as chief executive officer and executive director after the company' s annual general meeting on July 27. This is to " to implement succession plan" . Taking over is Melvyn Pun, son of Yoma' s executive chairman Serge Pun. Melvyn will step down as alternate director to the elder Mr Pun.

Mr Rickards will stay on as an adviser to the company until Dec 31, 2015.

Meanwhile, JR Ching, who is head of business development at Yoma, has been appointed as chief financial officer (CFO). He will continue to oversee the group' s business development
24/07/2015 12:15
LaoLiu Com' on Yoma...you shld not be that low...
17/08/2015 09:42
LaoLiu Yoma Strategic Holdings - Christmas comes early !
• Axiata Group to acquire Telecommunication Tower Leasing Business from consortium involving Yoma

• Potential sale of Yoma’s 25% stake in Digicel Asian Holdings Pte Ltd could reap gains of US$20m

• Maintain BUY, TP S$0.78

Axiata Group to acquire Telecommunication Tower Leasing Business from consortium involving Yoma Potential sale of Digicel Asian Holdings Pte Ltd (DAHPL) to Axiata Group Bhd. Yoma Strategic Holdings (Yoma) announced that its partner, Digicel Group Limited, has entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with edotco Group Sdn Bhd (edotco), a wholly owned subsidiary of Axiata Group Bhd to dispose of its 75% interest in DAHPL at an agreed enterprise value of US$221m.

DAHPL is joint venture company between Digicel Group (75% stake) and Yoma (25% stake). The JV company owns Myanmar Tower Company (MTC) and is involved in development, construction and leasing of telecommunication towers in Myanmar. The conditions of the Proposed Transfer include a written consent from Yoma and approvals from the regulatory authorities in Myanmar.

Potential sale of its 25% stake could reap gains of US$20m. Based on the agreed sale price, Yoma’s equity stake is worth an estimated US$20m above its book value. We understand that Yoma’s management is evaluating its options and is in discussions with edotco. At this point, a sale of its 25% stake in this JV company is uncertain. In our view, a sale will be the optimal outcome as it will further streamline the group’s focus towards its core businesses of real estate, consumer and automotive. We have not ascribed a value at this point and if a sale does materialise, Yoma is expected to realise a gain of 1.1 UScts a share.
21/10/2015 12:39
Simple man drop?? shit
05/11/2015 21:39
Simple man No joke.. going up
09/11/2015 21:34
snapsnap yomaaaa pls go higher! chiong for me please .....
Broker's report on YOmaaaaaa! from edge markets.
16/11/2015 15:10

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