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Gerald Yu Awesome 7% upppp
26/03/2012 17:00
pweisen anyone into this counter? what is the sentiment here?
12/08/2012 22:41
pweisen how much more will corn price move?
14/08/2012 23:13
Slc56 This is under the wsterrrrrrrrrrr already
27/03/2015 20:06

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Francis Oh Hi, at this time 11/8/14..any idea what is the good rate to enter this stock? Thanks
10/08/2014 22:29
sincere Francis Oh: It is akin to asking Singapore Pools what are the lucky numbers (for Toto, 4D, Big Sweep) next week and the after... The risk/reward ratio is even better than this stock!
11/08/2014 13:21
fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:25
passerby the last posting before you was an advertisement message. It was left in the forum intentionally :)
13/08/2014 13:33
Surreyian Why does it drop from $4 ( in 2010 oct ) to $0.10 in 2011. Anyone knows?
12/09/2014 04:32
yuetjia0529 Surreyian, because of reverse takeover of a company
17/10/2014 11:00
yuetjia0529 trading halt now, expecting good news
17/10/2014 11:00
vegehuman i am wondering who is the biggest player in OSV building other than NAM CHEONG LIMITED???
02/12/2014 15:33
Susanah Abu Bakar What is going on with today's announcement on sgx. Can't make head or tail.
24/03/2015 10:15
Invest8124 Strong support at $0.30 & $0.305. Nam Cheong should be moving up soon with SGM and dividends coming !
24/03/2015 22:55

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Tan Bk too sad
17/02/2014 13:42
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:51
tanventure Any ideas on why suddenly drop 0.05 despite good Q1 results, low PE and good yield 4.7?
09/05/2014 12:26
ultraman xd lah,if you worry sell you share to me.im waiting 1.00
09/05/2014 14:16
tanventure I see, thks
09/05/2014 16:55
dicklinglk 1.00 is good entry.
09/05/2014 19:18
Jincheng OCBC analyst== anal+yst....Really bullshitting
25/09/2014 15:50
Pretarious Seems not. On a active bull run now.
18/03/2015 13:36

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Wow123 Now you see down already !
26/02/2015 07:57
Jim Sted Power rubbish counter
05/03/2015 09:33
Wow123 now see sure 30 sen
09/03/2015 09:32
pyramidpoh I think below 30 sen
09/03/2015 12:47
AhJee technical rebound
09/03/2015 14:07
Wow123 borrow here and borrow there , vip member decline !
09/03/2015 16:03
Wow123 slowly fall like waterfall.
10/03/2015 18:24
pyramidpoh I never encounter the worst gaming stock in life.
11/03/2015 16:33
Wow123 invest oversea like NYSE oil market counter USO = USD16.80 went highest is USD48 , during high oil prices USD100.00 per/share. Maybe we can wait lowest prices and bang in with some share by small amount 100 unit first. try this counter for long term.
14/03/2015 19:03
Wow123 Upgraded sell bro. lio lor
19/03/2015 10:51

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superbill Nera Telecommunications has received purchase orders totalling $57 million to develop network infrastructure for various customers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The company, which provides IT and satellite networks, said in a statement on Tuesday that it received $37 million worth of orders for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Internet protocol and broadcast network equipment to various customers in South East Asia. Separately, it received orders worth $20 million for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of microwave radio equipment to various customers in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Of the $57 million received, $5.7 million is from Myanmar and Nigeria, two new markets that NeraTel has ventured into. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/business/companies/story/neratel-receives-orders-worth-57m-broadcast-wireless-networks-20140930#sthash.JY9JYHia.dpuf
18/03/2015 17:09

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winner99 It's time for dividend after waiting for so many years.
21/03/2014 15:36
ryan7642 Hmm usually news about transferring to main board quite +ve n will boost up most of the time eg, karyon Bhd boost from 0.18 to current almost break rm0.5 d 100% profit..genting hk please sang sang Seng Seng ar make 100% profi in usd for me$$
01/04/2014 08:34
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:50
anthonylow http://sgx.i3investor.com/servlets/ptres/6486.jsp
08/07/2014 16:28
gundam deathscythe Eh...you also bought genhk ar?
09/07/2014 20:25
ryan7642 http://biz.sinchew.com.my/node/101257
07/09/2014 21:28
Ben Teo This stock is having uptrend at the moment.. try to keep more and wait for the good news out...
13/01/2015 17:22
Ben Teo quiet for damn long...this stock is not moving at all
23/02/2015 17:40
winner99 Genting hk proposed USD0.01dividends soon.
21/03/2015 00:25
idsa not a good growth stock type now
21/03/2015 13:36

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haymanchankw SMRT @ around <$1.60 is indeed a good bargain-hunt at now.
Thank U.StockFanatic.
23/03/2015 20:35

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superbill Nera Telecommunications has received purchase orders totalling $57 million to develop network infrastructure for various customers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The company, which provides IT and satellite networks, said in a statement on Tuesday that it received $37 million worth of orders for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Internet protocol and broadcast network equipment to various customers in South East Asia. Separately, it received orders worth $20 million for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of microwave radio equipment to various customers in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Of the $57 million received, $5.7 million is from Myanmar and Nigeria, two new markets that NeraTel has ventured into. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/business/companies/story/neratel-receives-orders-worth-57m-broadcast-wireless-networks-20140930#sthash.JY9JYHia.dpuf
18/03/2015 17:15

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Wuh Hou Anyone bought this stock ?
17/03/2015 11:12

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haymanchankw With the Budget of 2015 ahead, S'pore govt is improving & expanding the Temasek-linked companies to enhance corporate-competitiveness & endrivening
assets'value as worthfully in time to enhance market-share-value.
09/03/2015 20:47

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haymanchankw A better mid-cap stock to hold & invest in for the future with the major stakeholder of over 50% in control by Temasek Holdings.
09/03/2015 13:02

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loryau86 Investment ideas updated.

Is REITS still a good investment?

03/09/2013 00:22
Peter Chen Francis Yeoh eldest son marriage Taiwan legislation speaker's daughter
10/09/2013 14:34
Peter Chen Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay grandson not marrige Taiwan legislation speaker 's daughter.
11/09/2013 10:38
Novice168 any comment on this counter?
03/03/2015 12:45
haymanchankw A futuristic star-player for
04/03/2015 07:14

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Cheng Seah Hwi wby there is a sell off on this stock, up 6.4% on IPOD talk, now down 6%. Any update NEWS
13/03/2015 10:29

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bursajames Post removed. Why?
16/03/2015 16:46

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disf76 From StockBank.com.sg
Date Analyst Last Target Call

2012-03-28 Bloomberg 0.17 0.26 Buy
2012-05-14 CIMB 0.14 0.22 Outperform
2012-07-04 phillip 0.14 0.28 Buy
2012-03-02 phillip 0.15 0.26 Buy
2011-12-06 phillip 0.12 0.36 Buy
2011-09-07 phillip 0.26 0.31 Buy
2011-07-01 phillip 0.29 0.39 Buy
22/08/2012 22:43
disf76 From SGX website

On 27 July 2012 – SGX Mainboard-listed Hu An Cable Holdings Ltd.
and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), one of the top 10 wire and cable manufacturers in the PRC, has recently held the roofsealing ceremony for the tower of its new factory in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province.New factory’s 139.8 meter tower, a new landmark in China’s Cable City, designed to house a maximum of five ultra-high voltage power cable production lines

Mr Dai Zhixiang, Executive Chairman and CEO of Hu An Cable, commented, “The capping of the 139.8 meter tower is not just a new landmark in China’s Cable City; it heralds in a new era of rapid growth for Hu An Cable with the capability in ultra-high voltage power cable production.
This is a strategic move to match the encouraging industrial prospect for ultra-high voltage power cable as set out and emphasized in China’s 12th 5-year plan.”

Hu An Cable is a qualified supplier to bellwether companies such as the China State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, China Huadian Corporation, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, etc.

Due to its wide range of industry accreditations, Hu An Cable has participated in several prominent state projects such as the Beijing Workers’ Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the DatongBaotou railway upgrading project, the Baiyun’e’bo wind-powered electricity generation project, Nanjing Subway Line 1 and various airport upgrading projects in major cities
24/08/2012 12:56
disf76 Hu An Cable bags RMB 105.6 million worth of contracts to supply 25 renewable energy power plants on 21 August 2012.

The Group won 25 out of 29 projects up for tender by China’s top five power producer, China Power Investment Corporation; demonstrates its DOMINANT position in China’s wire and cable sector.

Over 80% of contract value scheduled to be delivered in FY2012 and the
balance in FY2013

From SGX website
24/08/2012 15:36

From shareinv.com

current PE: 0.52
Average dividend issued: more than 5.1 percent

Bonus issued : yes
Dividend issued consistently: Yes

China’s latest 12th Five Year Plan, China is planning to increase the proportion of renewable energy to the total electricity consumption in China from 5% to 15% in FY2011-FY2015, thus fuelling strong demand for cables.

The PRC government had mandated that the proportion of underground power cables has to increase from 40% to 60% by 2020 (underground power cables have higher margins). Furthermore, the continual urbanization in China bodes well for wire and cable supply as 400m migrant workers are estimated to move from rural areas to urban areas in the next 20 years with estimated annual investment of RMB2 trillion
24/08/2012 16:25
disf76 Hu An Cable Holdings Ltd. has secured a RMB 101.3 million contract (the “Contact”) from Hubei Province Electric Power Company (“Hubei Electric Power”)

This contract is the largest thus far with provincial power grid, Hubei Electric Power, one of Hu An Cable’s long-time clients outside of Jiangsu province, where Hu An Cable is based. The Contract will see the Group supply low voltage aerial bundled cables to Hubei Electric Power till June 2014, with 90% of cables to be delivered by 2013.

The Group’s scale of development, coupled with its brand advantage, quality of supply and excellent service, has put it in prime position to receive an increasing amount of orders from outside Jiangsu Province and this repeat order demonstrates the Group’s increasing reputation for quality and reliability.
29/08/2012 12:38
bursajames Post removed. Why?
16/03/2015 16:44

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albertlaw belive 40cts can buy,...last few sharp drop it ended 38-39.5cts..Doji formed but still never breakdown..can accumulate slowly
13/10/2014 11:53
0665hock now how???
14/10/2014 14:27
Angel_Investor What happen? How come such a cash rich company's share price oversold in 2 days!
14/10/2014 21:08
albertlaw AmFraser: Valuetronics Holdings Ltd: Shedding light on deep value (Maintain BUY, FV: S$0.69)

Dutch MNC is separating out the lighting division, not shutting it down. We think the sell-down on this weeks-old piece of news, was totally unwarranted. The sale of LED light bulbs is not the core revenue generator for this MNC. In fact, Lumileds made up only 5% of their lighting revenue in 2013. We therefore do not believe that the decision to spin-off the weaker lighting division came just from headwinds in LED sales. It also certainly does not mean that lighting will be left out to hang dry. In truth, no one knows what big MNC’s plans are and we believe it would be more prudent for investors to assume the status quo than take a wild stab at what might or might not happen, and make worst case scenario assumptions.
Unlikely to do unprofitable business.There were also views that suggest that VALUE will continue to produce for big MNC even when its gross margins are halved or turn negative. We understand that the culture at VALUE is very profitability centric (superior net margins and them walking away from the licensing business). We find it hard to believe that Valuetronics would continue to do business with big MNC under such onerous terms.
CE’s headwinds already a well known fact. The headwinds for the CE business (-11% yoy in 1Q3/15) is a true area of concern; this was a well known fact that was highlighted post 1Q3/15 results. Our assumed CE revenue growth of 4% yoy looks high, but we have also underestimated, the higher margin, ICE growth rate (+36% yoy in 1Q3/15 vs. Amfraser’s estimated growth rate of 16%). As a result we believe both effects will even out at the bottom-line level. With a lower contribution mix from CE, we believe VALUE looks an even better proposition now, with much lower concentration risk.
Standing firm on our call. As 2Q3/15 results will be out in a couple of weeks, we make no changes to our current estimates, BUY rating and S$0.69 target. As of 1Q3/15 Valuetronics had cash of HKD441m or 19 Scts of cash per share with no debt and dividend yield of 9%. Cash level could fall over the next few quarters as Valuetronics spends on capex. Trading at 4.5x FY15F P/E, this stock looks extremely attractive in our opinion and this sell-down presents a very good chance for investors to buy.
16/10/2014 15:37
Yauboon http://news.morningstar.com/articlenet/article.aspx?id=669136

Phillips overall lighting sales declined in 3q 2014; but its led lighting business up 28%!!!
01/11/2014 10:36
Angel_Investor Trend reversal towards 0.45?
29/11/2014 11:44
albertlaw 42-42.5 hit high 43cts accumulation in progress..at current price I don't think will lose much? If worst scenario hold..dividend about S$13 for last year per share..last year at AGM at Ris Carlton during AGM i went out to call my broker to buy 50000@48cts and after that it hit a high 59cts before selling at 53-53cts ex dividend hope history will repeat
16/02/2015 15:31
albertlaw Last half hour it was trading 42-42.5cts but closing bell all 42cts was taken up leaving a wide buy-sell gap 42.5-43.5 at close for tue and even on half day trading 18 Feb..This imply Valuetronice is well supported even at 42.5cts level grin LOL cheese smile smile
- Related Stocks -
18/02/2015 23:25
albertlaw Today break resistancce 45cts and hit 47cts:s12::s13:
09/03/2015 19:34
albertlaw close at 47cts

Most analysts not accurate see they predict T.P for innovalue to be 47cts a few month s ago now Innovalue 70cts.When FYE 31 March and give special dividends besides the usual dividends Valuetronics may test its new high again..last year when AGM was on in Sept 2014 I still bought at 49 cts thereabout and during th emeeting tested 50cts level and a few days later tested 59 cts high record before I sold all shares bought from 23-26,27-33 and 35-38cts all out..let' [s hope history will repeat

DMG seems to be the most bullish among the analysts who cover Valuetronics with a TP of S$0.64, Phillip Securities has a TP of S$0.50 and KGI Fraser is at S$0.57. seems like the counter is looking for a new price point to consolidate. good luck to all who are vested!
09/03/2015 23:15

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01/09/2014 21:55
MrWealthy4321 A stock pump and dump are used by unscrupulous people to make a lot of money in the stock market. Learn about their game and become a smarter investor at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/stock-pump-and-dump-works/
14/09/2014 21:37
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21/09/2014 23:12
BumbleBee Making money in the stock market isn't easy. Now, with stock pump and dump scams it could be much worse. Learn about the stocks the stock pumpers usually buy for the scam at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/stocks-involved-stock-pump-and-dump-scams/ (Taken from Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shareinvestormalaysia7)
28/09/2014 23:04
BumbleBee Trying to time the market isn't the right strategy to apply in the stock market. The sure way of winning is by investing long term and to get rich slowly. Read article at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/get-rich-slowly-stock-market/
15/10/2014 23:45
gsyeo Hi Sir do you have an office in Singapore?
20/10/2014 11:50
BumbleBee Many people say they enjoy stock market day trading because they can make a lot of money from this. The flip side : they can also lose a lot of money if they do NOT know what they are doing! Read the article at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/6-reasons-stock-market-day-trading-everyone/
23/10/2014 08:34
BumbleBee gsyeo, U mean me? Nope, I am a small time investor like you.
23/10/2014 08:35
Parachutes for those interested in stock screeners you can check out http://www.investingdaily.com/10977/best-stock-screening-tools-on-the-web/ which has quite an exhaustive list of free screeners to help you find gold! saw something yesterday too and could be quite interesting - http://finance.yahoo.com/news/meetinvest-free-financial-social-media-000100354.html
13/11/2014 21:06

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haymanchankw A strong signal where US economy is back to good recovery as global optimism in the global stock markets are improving dramatically also.
12/03/2015 18:28

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lamlam hmi worth to invest?
03/04/2013 16:13
selamba buy2222
08/10/2014 19:29
lamlam Wish tmr 0.35
13/03/2015 01:06

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sentimentrader watching this for next week earnings
05/02/2015 16:39
albertlaw Sentimentrader..seems you are right on target..

Not very bad the CE drop made up by IE and new major customer added may bring more opportunities..the Maybank analyst hve to eat her words

10/02/2015 23:29
albertlaw I believe after its full year results(FYE 31 March 2015) Valuetronics will cross 50cts again

MAINBOARD-LISTED Valuetronics - a design and manufacturing partner for brands in the consumer electronics (CE) and industrial and commercial electronics (ICE) sectors - on Tuesday posted a 10.3 per cent increase in third-quarter net profit to HK$39.2 million (S$6.85 million), up from HK$35.5 million a year ago.

Revenue rose 3.4 per cent year-on-year to HK$596.2 million, due mainly to the increase in demand from some of its existing ICE customers and contribution from a new ICE customer, said the company.

As a result, its ICE revenue increased by 23.0 per cent to HK$235.0 million for the quarter, up from HK$191.1 million a year ago.

Valuetronics' CE revenue, however, decreased by some 6.4 per cent to HK$361.2 million from HK$385.7 million a year ago, due mainly to the slowdown in demand from some of its CE customers, said the group.
11/02/2015 09:31
albertlaw Valuetronics started at "buy", 64-cent target by OSK DMG

By Frankie Ho / theedgemarkets.com | March 2, 2015 : 9:33 AM MYT
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Printer-friendly versionSend by emailPDF version
SINGAPORE (March 2): OSK DMG has started coverage on Valuetronics with a "buy" rating and 64-cent price target.

The maker of consumer and industrial electronic products is "substantially undervalued", with its net cash representing 56% of its current market value and the stock trading at a "bargain" of 2.5 times projected 2016 earnings excluding cash, according to OSK DMG analysts Jarick Seet and Terence Wong.

"With its strong balance sheet and a business generating a substantial amount of positive free cash flow, we find that the company has been deeply misunderstood and undervalued by the market," they wrote in a note today.

When its main customer Phillips said last September it would divest its lighting business, the market believed the conglomerate would shut down or scale down its lightning business. That sparked a major sell-off on Valuetronics' shares.

In January this year, Phillips said it would sell the business via an IPO in 2016.

"If the IPO is successful, this would be a big positive and a significant fundamental change for Valuetronics’ business prospects – and could erase the initial worries of lower contributions from Phillips," the analysts said.

"We expect orders to increase from the soon-to-be-listed lighting division and margins to increase for Valuetronics’ consumer electronics division from FY16."

Another attraction of Valuetronics is its high dividend yield, they said, noting that the company has set a formal dividend payout ratio of 30% to 50% as of last year.

"We expect Valuetronics to consistently pay out above 40% of its net profit after tax going forward and potentially a special dividend if it manages to do well, like in FY14.

"This would result in a potential dividend yield range of 8%-9%
02/03/2015 15:32

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Angeline Tan Is that any law that prevent malicious reports? How can one put up reports publicly without any verification? Amazing are those people who believe in such a unverified reports from a unknown small little firm rather than the big establishment like OCBC, DBS Vickers, Morgan, etc.
26/02/2015 10:33

Posted by Jimmy Song at Feb 27, 09:16 AM
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haymanchankw Good news from budget 2015, Reits with consolidation of local assets & developments locally proved to have leeways to soar higher & solider for the future.
25/02/2015 18:18

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sykn Yes, I also added a few more lots but the price went further down! Scarry, eh? But in this case, I believe that those willing to be patient will be rewarded. Already the 9M earnings have exceeded annual earnings for all the previous years. When the FY results come out in May, we should see a surge in share price as people discover its positive FCF.
19/03/2014 09:18
yamiyugi i believe so too....have faith in it....
19/03/2014 10:23
douglas According to reports - GLP share price falls as many investors were concerns over the weakening of Chinese Yuan and this in turn may have a negative impact (on its' earning) from any proposed China deals. Nomura, maintained "neutral" rating on GLP, TP at S$2.84. The weakening Yuan may be one reason why GLP has been underperformance since mid-February.
21/03/2014 00:18
sykn I guess that's why GLP made a huge investment into logistics warehousing properties in Brazil, as a form of diversification. But its primary focus is still very much China, and I guess it just have to roll with the punches. This stock appears to have pretty high beta, so I expect the volatility to be high in this market.
21/03/2014 08:10
flekswood @skyn & @douglas - Valid points
21/03/2014 10:38
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47
Henry Wong Post removed. Why?
09/04/2014 19:39
yamiyugi what happened to this counter? anyone mind to share?
11/06/2014 12:19
seemal Have a fun...
24/02/2015 15:59
Christine Lee is it time to buy now? any advices?
25/02/2015 11:53

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singgam Who are the men who let their sharea to be sold short(13.6%) and in the process kill themself.Or is the BANKS WHICH GAVE the money to buy the shares at a lower price who sold the shares and force the price down, then call the people to top up the difference in money or force sell the shares. This brought the counter down. Can SGX say where the shares came from.
25/12/2013 12:27
inphyy LionGold: Ghana Subsidiary Formalizes Tailings Purchase Agreement And Expects Gold Production In March 2014

13/01/2014 22:13
Wong Chie Kiong Who is ssh?
14/01/2014 12:22
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:09
one688easy Up up soon
01/09/2014 00:59
one688easy Ukraine pushes gold pricePublished: 7:29 am, Tuesday, 2 September 2014 - See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/business/business/market/2014/09/02/ukraine-pushes-gold-price.html#sthash.cNWZhoug.dpuf
02/09/2014 18:57
David Liu http://www.cvmoney.com/free-trial/

Benchmark index of Malaysian market, FBM KLCI (Ftse Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) opened green gaining 4.25 points overnight but fell sharply to 1,853.48 losing 19.78 points at 9:10 am in MYT as blue chipped shares lost investors in morning trade on Wednesday.

In banking sector, shares of largest Malaysian bank Maybank and CIMB bank fell as stakeholders sold some of their holdings. Market analysts are optimistic about the banking shares including blue chips, an analyst said, "Market is likely to rebound these primary losses and banking stocks will trade higher again."
03/09/2014 18:07
David Liu Will Singapore Get The iPhone 6 On Sept 19? http://www.jotform.me/form/42450615778460
03/09/2014 18:14
one688easy http://gulfnews.com/business/markets/gold-has-been-the-pick-of-the-bunch-in-recent-weeks-1.1446287
25/01/2015 22:11
Millat Some people says that liongold is going to close. Is it true??
24/02/2015 22:05

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Ben Teo I have been their shareholder since 2008 till now and my investment have reduce by 50%. Dear management lease do something for us. It is quite frustrated to see our investment go sour...
13/01/2015 17:17
Ben Teo no news mean good news?? shit
23/02/2015 17:42

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fuetesene Post removed. Why?
12/08/2014 15:36
albertlaw Valuetronics 2Q15 results - first take
Nope, Earnings did not Collapse (Kenneth Koh)
05 November 2014 Morning Note

ICE revenue increases 24.9% to HK$225m y/y due to increased demand. CE revenue decreases 10.9% y/y to HK$402m
mainly due to demand slowdown.

Gross profit decreased only by 2.4% y/y to HK$82m (Q2 FY2014: HK$84.0m) and margins remained stable at 13.1%.

Net profit declined by 8.4% to HK36.3m (Q2 FY2014: HK$39.6m)

However, a quarterly comparison is actually more encouraging than discouraging.

Vs 1Q15 results, CE revenue actually stabilized and increased by 5% (1Q15 CE revenue: HK$384m), it did not collapse. ICE revenue seems to have short term volatility, down 7% (1Q15 ICE revenue: HK$243m)

ICE revenue looks to improve next quarter
For perspective, if we assume that the rest of the year has zero earnings growth and Q3 and Q4 earnings are the same as Q2, that implies a FY15 net income of HK$142.8m, which is only a 3 - 4% drop from FY14. This is actually close to our
estimate of flat growth this year.

At the present price of $0.355, PE (T12M) is 5.4x. We believe the stock is likely still undervalued.

Our TP is under review and a formal report will be issued after the analyst briefing tomorrow.

Source: SGX Masnet, The Business Times, Phillip Securities Research
06/11/2014 16:30
albertlaw Closed unchanged 34.5cts
06/11/2014 17:30
albertlaw Valuetronics just reported a 8.4% drop in 2nd qtr profit to HK$36.3mil drawing vastly different recommendations from brokers

Kim Eng-sell with a target $0.25 target

AmFraser-buy with $0.54 target because it said the co has S$0.19 cash per share

Philip-buy with a target price of $0.495,recent price weakness is overdone and it is undervalued on the most pessimistic of scenarios.If we assume the rest of the year has zero earnings growthand Q3 and Q4 earnings are the same as Q2,this implies a FY15 net income of HK$142.8mil which is only a 3-4% drop from FY14

So who is right?

http://www.shareinvestor.com/fundame...ls.html..share price close to NAV
09/11/2014 23:04
albertlaw 35-35.5cts looks like creeping up again
19/11/2014 19:30
albertlaw wow..breakout today? 38-38.5

If can cross over 40cts will be great
26/11/2014 16:44
Angel_Investor Trend reversal towards 0.45?
29/11/2014 11:43
albertlaw 42-42.5 hit high 43cts accumulation in progress..at current price I don't think will lose much? If worst scenario hold..dividend about S$13 for last year per share..last year at AGM at Ris Carlton during AGM i went out to call my broker to buy 50000@48cts and after that it hit a high 59cts before selling at 53-53cts ex dividend hope history will repeat
16/02/2015 15:31
albertlaw Last half hour it was trading 42-42.5cts but closing bell all 42cts was taken up leaving a wide buy-sell gap 42.5-43.5 at close for tue and even on half day trading 18 Feb..This imply Valuetronice is well supported even at 42.5cts level grin LOL cheese smile smile
- Related Stocks -
18/02/2015 23:24
albertlaw Closed at 44cts on 23 Feb first day after CNY
23/02/2015 23:11

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Ben Teo anyone sink in this ship?
04/09/2013 11:53
Alex Gray Prev Close:0.28, Open:0.28, Bid:0.28, Ask:0.28, 1y Target Est:10.39, Day's Range:0.28 - 0.28, 52wk Range:0.27 - 0.43, Volume: 105,000, Avg Vol (3m):429,970
Market Cap:219.73M, P/E (ttm):70.00, EPS (ttm):0.00
stock recommendation for tomorrow at http://ow.ly/op0iP
04/09/2013 14:44
Meya Inexperience player bought mermaid at 0.38 can l hold ?
11/10/2013 21:09
ticktock mermaid to report 4Q results on nov 27 after mkt close. Expect better results?
25/11/2013 22:11
dicklinglk Dividend isn't attractive at $0.001
06/02/2014 00:43
Ben Teo Mermaid have transformed into a better company since last year. I think the management is doing a great job. At this critical moment, shareholder shall not throw their the share cheaply. this stock is under value at the moment. The reasonable price shall be around sgd 0.45...
13/01/2015 17:20
Ben Teo no one is buying this share???
23/02/2015 17:39

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a_patche hidden gem
23/02/2015 14:58

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lsfatt drop so that we can buy more
22/11/2014 04:34
Andrew Chew waiting for spring soon
10/12/2014 10:26
sentimentrader Bullish consolidation after finding bottom last december..
27/01/2015 16:44
sentimentrader Resistance at weekly 0.35 level.
27/01/2015 16:45
sunbird with high US dollar results on 15th feb will look good. March results will be better due to China sales. Getting more.
30/01/2015 12:03
Andrew Chew lets see the first bud bloom nextweek
08/02/2015 18:10
a_patche downtrend :(. hope it turns around soon ...
23/02/2015 14:57

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David Chen Research on Chuan Hup: http://stockresearchasia.com/1/post/2015/02/chuan-hup-holdings-ltd-deep-value-emerging.html
20/02/2015 18:14
haymanchankw Any possibility Chuan Hup will soar higher after this sweetened offer?
22/02/2015 16:04
Mickie I think you can read the report in the link to get more info. It is moving a little.
23/02/2015 09:36

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ctash any of u bought more gold? gold just rebounded after Obama got re-elected....
07/11/2012 14:51
valius Bought a few times over past weeks, when it was sliding. Now about to break even. Hope it will surge higher while US grapples with its fiscal cliff.
09/11/2012 17:56
passerby gold price recovering, in any members near future hunting list ?
03/01/2013 15:46
passerby what a waste, no SLV iShares ETF at SGX
07/01/2013 14:05
petechowkw @ passerby : are u the one also investing in Golden Agri Resources?
01/08/2013 13:24
clarence_yeo2003 gold correction will continue further have not bottom out yet so be cautious. have exit the position @ $170 bucks.
01/08/2013 22:54
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 16:17
Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:51
lloydlim Better invest in CNMC Goldmine
21/02/2015 19:40
haymanchankw Dear all,
globally crude oil's prices are tumbling dramatically over the months.
Can Gold's prices really can outperform the stock-market globally???
22/02/2015 19:36

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David Chen Research on Chuan Hup: http://stockresearchasia.com/1/post/2015/02/chuan-hup-holdings-ltd-deep-value-emerging.html
20/02/2015 18:13

Posted by Adam Shaw at Feb 19, 07:39 PM
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inphyy dead cat bounce?
20/11/2013 12:22
ticktock commenced drilling of the Koi-2 appraisal well (“Koi-2”) on 29 November 2013 using the Bohai-8 jack- up rig in the offshore area of the Salawati Kepala Burung PSC (“Island PSC”), West Papua, Indonesia.
It is anticipated that drilling of the well will take approximately 21 days. results soon? Positive or negative?
17/12/2013 11:00
ticktock good news???
18/12/2013 17:06
adc38 still no news update
11/01/2014 14:59
tch1006 something brewing?
21/03/2014 16:03
dicklinglk Hear nothing as yet ..... TP is 1.38 ???
21/03/2014 19:25
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:52
mmfsolutionsg Yes, news update us.
13/12/2014 23:07
IK Share:

RH Petrogas Limited (the Company) reported that the Plan of Development (POD) for the North Klalin gas and condensate field in the Kepala Burung Production Sharing Contract (Basin PSC), West Papua, Indonesia, has been approved by SKK Migas (Satuan Kerja Khusus Minyak dan Gas). The POD was submitted following the discovery made by the North Klalin-1 well in 2011 and the successful appraisal by the North Klalin- 2 and 3 wells in subsequent years. North Klalin-1, 2 and 3 wells have since been put on production.

The POD program involves the drilling of four new development wells and the construction of flowlines tying back to existing production facilities within the Basin block. The additional gas production from the North Klalin field will be used to supplement internal fuel requirement for operation as well as to meet additional demand for gas in the local markets and to support the economic development around the Sorong area in West Papua.

Francis Chang, CEO, said: “With the POD approval, the North Klalin field can now move into full field development. In view of the steep drop in oil prices which hit the oil and gas industry in recent months, we are currently discussing with our partners on the best strategy to implement the POD. We believe that given the current environment where many E&P companies are expected to cut back or defer on their capital expenditures, there may be opportunities for us to lower the cost of development for North Klalin should there be an easing of demand for drilling and other contracting services in the region.”

The Company through its subsidiaries Petrogas (Basin) Limited and RHP Salawati Basin B.V. has an aggregate 60 percent working interest in the Basin PSC. The other partners are PetroChina International (Bermuda) Ltd. (30 percent) and PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (10 percent). The consortium, as contractor of Indonesian government operating under the supervision of SKK Migas, has actively explored and produced oil and gas in the working area.
- See more at: http://www.rigzone.com/news/oil_gas/a/137234/RH_Petrogas_Gets_Clearance_to_Develop_North_Klalin_Field_in_West_Papua?utm_source=DailyNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=2015-02-16&utm_content=&utm_campaign=Production_2#sthash.SK877lW5.dpuf
17/02/2015 18:59

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one688easy where u get the sustainable cost of A$1,405 ? I saw the pesentation is at A$800++
14/01/2015 19:56
alex2012 from the following link

15/01/2015 09:23
one688easy thks for the input, base on the latest info, the sustainable cost is at A$998 , will come down further as the output is getting higher. Cheers !!
15/01/2015 12:05
alex2012 i feel that, Lion gold have alot of exploration activities going on, so cost will be high, and will eat into the Castlemaine profit, CNMC currently only have Kelantan mine, which is producing cash flow...i wonder what is their plan next...
15/01/2015 15:01
alex2012 btw, NYSE listed Yamana Gold price is very volatile, can make quick bucks...:)
i m waiting for the next pullback to enter, should be within these 2 weeks...
15/01/2015 15:05
alex2012 momentum improve...wonder why?
22/01/2015 08:58
Angel_Investor Q4 financial results release on 16/02, should be fantastic result!
09/02/2015 02:05
Angel_Investor Q results release today!
16/02/2015 00:45
alex2012 Great result, as expected...total dividend for fy2014, o.675 SG cents, translate to 2.5% dividend yield, based on result, ROE 44%...PE 7...

Great stock for long term...2015 will be better...
16/02/2015 17:58
soojinhou A new low for all-in-cost and all-in-sustaining-cost. Which means the profit margin is as fat as ever hahaha.
16/02/2015 18:33

Posted by albertlaw at Feb 15, 10:29 PM
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inphyy Hehe.....bought some at 0.88
04/11/2013 14:28
kenting missed it at 0.86.
now at 0.9 - good price to enter?
04/11/2013 16:37
inphyy Miss...still have tomorrow. Chart bottom, worry is weak market
04/11/2013 16:55
kenting inphyy - appreciate that :)
04/11/2013 17:03
inphyy Chart....3 support prices 0.89, 0.845, 0.825
05/11/2013 00:39
inphyy 52wk Range: 0.82 - 1.42

Hmmm...dont think will fall below 52 wk low
05/11/2013 00:46
ed88ks http://www.theedgesingapore.com/component/search/?searchword=Biosensors+Internati&searchphrase=all&areas[0]=jtags
23/05/2014 15:54
houdi Biosensor's report for Quarter ended 30/6/14 gave NAV of US$ 0.7578 (~S$0.9)/share. At the current price of 0.69, the counter is undervalued.
22/09/2014 12:12
houdi As per Yahoo's financial summary 30/9/14, Biosensor has 526.86M in cash against a debt of 304.88M. its book value stands at $0.75 per share. At the current price and healthy financial sheets, the company could be a good target for taking over. It will be interesting to know what is in the mind of the managements other than buying back its own shares.
19/01/2015 14:41
KingPro anyone still hold this counter?
14/02/2015 00:32

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excelyou another Rowsley
22/09/2013 18:42
excelyou coming
02/01/2014 12:39
Jehovahnissi Gsh will be the Asian giant all the best
13/02/2015 12:54

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haymanchankw In terms of mrkt.cap, FEHT is still a worthy investment reit for the future in the hotel hospitality sector.
11/02/2015 10:18

  haymanchankw likes this.
haymanchankw In terms of mrkt.cap, FEHT is a worthy investment Reit for the future in the
local Reit mrkt.
11/02/2015 12:59
cheenam Good
11/02/2015 13:41

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Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:48
dicklinglk Moving up nicely ....
08/05/2014 21:31
juzzdoo now what? don't look good.
20/05/2014 16:17
ket_60 Good price to buy.
04/02/2015 10:18
youngtay Agree with ket_60, Del Monte is a international brand, international incomes ,,
06/02/2015 10:37
ket_60 Tomorrow Del Monte right trade at $
11/02/2015 21:47
bulleye01 BULLISH
12/02/2015 11:32
bulleye01 TP $0.400 SL 0.360
12/02/2015 11:34

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Jehovahnissi God bless this counter
04/10/2014 08:16
Jehovahnissi God bless Zagro
08/01/2015 17:28
Jehovahnissi $2.00 soon
29/01/2015 22:05
Jehovahnissi zagro up up up
12/02/2015 13:24

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haymanchankw In terms of mrkt-cap & in localised hospitality-diversification of
FEHT is worth-while in the long-term investment for localised
hotel-hospitality sector.
12/02/2015 20:29

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talk2pkc Delta Air to pay SQ for Virgin Atl shares of 49% - US$360M , wld it share with shareholders ????
11/12/2012 22:27
Ruth Lim BUY SINGAPORE AIRLINES LTD ABOVE 10.340 TG 10.440, 10.560, 10.700 SL 10.220. www.epicresearch.sg
14/04/2014 13:03
ytoh1688 http://www.fool.sg/2015/02/10/at-what-price-would-benjamin-graham-buy-singapore-airlines-ltd/
13/02/2015 09:56
ytoh1688 From Goldman Sach Feb 9th

What surprised us On February 6, Singapore Airlines (SIA) reported 3QFY3/15 results. Preexceptional net profit came in at S$202 mn, in line with both our and Bloomberg consensus estimates of S$214 mn and S$197 mn, respectively. During the quarter, SIA&rsquo s post fuel uplift cost declined by 1.9% yoy (vs 26% yoy decline in jet fuel price) mainly due to significant fuel hedging which reached 65% jet fuel consumption at an average price of US$116/bbl, resulting in hedging losses of S$216 mn.

What to do with the stock SIA Cargo&rsquo s margins rebounded in 3Q, improving 2.9pp yoy or 6.2pp qoq to 3.1%, and bucking an average 4.2% yoy decline in the last three quarters (Exhibit 1). Cargo load factors improved 1.6pp yoy but the major contribution was from a lower fuel price environment. Meanwhile, EBIT margins for the passenger segment declined 1.2pp yoy to 3.9% driven by a lower load factor of 78.3% (-1.1pp yoy). Looking ahead, we think passenger booking for calendar year 1Q15 could recover somewhat as traffic to/from Southeast Asia recovers during Chinese New Year. However, we expect yield pressure to persist throughout calendar 2015, due to significant discounts offered by Middle Eastern carriers and LCCs on long-haul routes to fill seats. We maintain our Neutral rating on the stock. Our 12-m EV/GCI vs. CROCI/WACC-based TP of S$9.60 is unchanged (target EV/GCI multiple 0.49X derived from an average FY3/16E CROCI of 9.1%). Key risks: Upside: Stronger-than-expected cargo demand. Downside: Sharp increase in oil prices.

3/14 3/15E 3/16E 3/17E

EPS (S$) 0.39 0.37 0.45 0.46

EPS growth (%) 14.1 (4.5) 21.7 1.2

EPS (diluted) (S$) 0.30 0.37 0.45 0.46

EPS (basic pre-ex) (S$) 0.40 0.37 0.45 0.46

P/E (X) 26.3 32.5 26.7 26.4

P/B (X) 0.9 1.1 1.0 1.0

EV/EBITDA (X) 4.7 5.7 6.1 6.4

Dividend yield (%) 4.6 1.6 1.9 1.9

ROE (%) 2.7 3.3 3.9 3.9

CROCI (%) 10.5 9.2 9.1 9.0
13/02/2015 10:18

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haymanchankw SMRT has the potential to be one of the better mid-cap stock as it is improving in it's transport-infrastructure for the future with better corporate-earnings to come as it is fine-tuning itself progressively.
12/02/2015 21:11

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