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jiunngio why everybody keep saying RM ? SGD !!
10/04/2014 16:11
benson911 Sorry..is SGD1.2..lol
10/04/2014 16:37
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:48
lsngee Vard posts 51% fall in 1Q earnings to $19.3 mil
29/04/2014 21:53
lsngee Vard Holdings Limited reported on Tuesday weaker earnings for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014 on higher salaries and related costs.

Singapore-listed Vard's Q1 net profit tumbles.
29/04/2014 21:54
lsngee OCBC target price at $0.84 SELL.
29/04/2014 21:55
631733 How about Rex
04/06/2014 21:43
pnuklis Vard new order came on a wrong day when STI struggled.
11/06/2014 17:33
benson911 Buy VARD before too late, expected to reach RM1.5 by end of tis year.
07/07/2014 17:13
benson911 Vard swings back to profitability in 2Q
22/07/2014 19:05

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LimitUp The most promising counter in SGX
08/07/2014 19:13
LimitUp Pays the best div
08/07/2014 19:13
June Ng Best div?
10/07/2014 11:26
SP0094701 sleeping counter ....haiz
11/07/2014 08:16
pyramidpoh Long term investment????
14/07/2014 09:17
marketbull We are all conned by Lim Kok Thai dreaming that the legendary Genting story will repeat. Share holders contributed capital to build Genting empire but look at how the company reward its investor with dirt cheap dividend.

I sold this share a year ago and bought other blue chips which bring me profit of 30% . It's wise to cut loss and use the capital to invest in stocks which can bring much better return.
There are plenty of good stock out there that bring good return and capital appreciation and the good thing is you don't need to wait in uncertainty to see it.
14/07/2014 11:50
Wow123 Which blue share is worth to invest ! Tq.
14/07/2014 14:16
pyramidpoh marketbull introduce some blue share for us to investment because we are the outsiders.tq
17/07/2014 10:37
Wow123 Come to Malaysia invest share like a few goreng share everyday up & down
18/07/2014 22:57
plaxo 88 agreed with marketbull, this is one of the worst counter...no dividend and no appreciation, Lim surely knows who to use ppl capital!!
22/07/2014 09:35

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ekomuwa While we enter the month of July, this stock opened 0.55, closed lower at 0.545, reached high at 0.555 with 48.18M changed hands. Clearly it was under selling pressure (Vol was high than the previous day too). Next possible support at the range of 0.53 & 0.52. For those who want to accumulate this stock, my view is that we should wait and see if this can hold at around 0.505....good luck, trade/invest prudently and do your homework before you act.....
02/07/2014 08:15
ekomuwa With the STI gained 21 point at 3264, I saw Golden Agri had some buying interest on 2 July, opened at 0.545, and closed at 0.55 with 27.2M changed handed. We shall wait and see how market move today...The US non-farm payroll due to release on Thursday (US Times; which will be around night time in Sg have a positive note from the market. So come Friday STI will react positively or not??? Will this help lift Golden Agri this Friday too???
03/07/2014 08:26
ekomuwa A piece of news might had fueled the price to head north these few days...." Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) proposed the collaboration with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group (LDA) through a 50:50 equity participation in Orchard Maritime Services (OMS), a subsidiary of LDA. OMS currently operates a fleet of modern vessels capable of transporting various agricultural and mineral commodities as well as GAR’s cargoes. The joint ownership of OMS will create a reliable and efficient maritime transportation network in Indonesia."

This stock opened 0.55, reached a high 0.555 and closed there on 3 July 2014 with 19.19M changed hands.

Overall STI should be good today as the US non-farm payroll was good yesterday "A strong jobs report Thursday was enough to push the Dow Industrials to their first close above 17,000 in holiday-shortened trading. Here’s the recap of the day’s record activity. Also see a compact rundown of the day’s trading activity in Market Snapshot."

With this, are we expecting this stock will go further north today???

Trade/invest with prudent.....good luck!
04/07/2014 08:31
ekomuwa On last Friday (4 July 2014), saw this stock with increased volume to 29.43M changed hands. There was heavy buying around 0.55 and 0.555. This sock opened at 0.555, ever went down to 0.545 and ever shoot up to 0.56, closed at 0.55. Personally, I felt many buyers entered their positions already, should see more support this week, however, resistance level shoud around 0.565~0.57....When world cup going to end by next early or mid week, activity should back to stock market....trade/invest prudently.
07/07/2014 08:10
ekomuwa More news on Golden Agri strategic move..." http://seashipnews.com/News/Golden-Agri-Resources-and-Louis-Dreyfus-Armateurs-join-forces-in-Indonesia/3w3c2361.html".
Long term wise shall see golden agri cost effectiveness in its sea-freight, this should value-add to its stock???? and impact positively its bottom-line?....Do our homework before we trade/invest into this stock....
07/07/2014 08:18
ekomuwa Golden opened at 0.555, hovering around the price range of 0.55 and 0.56 on 8 July 2014 with 11.3M changed handed. look like the price positions at 0.50 and 0.555 found resistance as well support with reduce vol trade. The market sentiment is a cautious one, majority of the players are looking for direction now. From a fundamental analysis point of the CEO of golden agri said this in its Q1 2014 press release.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK (http://www.goldenagri.com.sg/pdfs/News%20Releases/2014/GAR24-14-05-2014%20-%20Press%20Release%20-%201Q2014.pdf)

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Franky Widjaja commented: “We are confident on the positive long-term outlook for the palm oil industry. Demand growth is expected to continue in both food and non-food usage which include biodiesel and oleochemicals. We expect that the low cost of production and high efficiency in land use will ensure that palm oil continues to be the most competitive edible oil to meet growing future demand. The industry experienced positive momentum starting from the second half of 2013 after the Indonesian Government’s announcement to increase its biofuel targets. On the supply side, there is increasing evidence of a potential El Nino occurring in 2014, which historically is positive for palm oil prices. Meanwhile, we expect CPO prices to continue to be volatile as influenced by global economic conditions and crude oil prices.”

It seems to me if you are a mid-to-long term investor, this stock worth accumulation. short term, I felt that this stock may face some upward resistance at 0.555 or 0.56, if it break up, then it will move toward its next strong resistance region at 0.57 and 0.58 before it challenges 0.615....trade/invest prudently and do your own homework before you act.....
09/07/2014 08:26
ekomuwa Heavy selling was evidence yesterday for golden agri as the stock dropped 1 cent from 0.555 to 0.545 with 33.45M changed, I noticed there was a increasing trading vol since Monday. There was some effort to push the price up to a high of 0.56. However, seller out number buyer and pushed it down to 0.545 and closed there when the market closed. Will today see buying interest back to support this stock?????
11/07/2014 07:59
ekomuwa Golden Agri formings a downward channel, short term resistance at 0.55, high potential it will go and test 0.51 ~ 0.52, shall find a strong support at 0.505, outlook for short term still bearish....do your homework and trade/invest prudently...
16/07/2014 08:06
ekomuwa opened 0.555, closed 0.56 with 21.36M changed hands, it touched the resistance line formed by the downward channel (too bad I can't attach its chart for viewing). Be careful for those who want to take a long position. Base on TA, my assessment is that if Golden Agri unable to break up at hold well above 0.56, this stock shall retract toward 0.51 ~ 0.52 region. Do your homework, trade and invest prudently...!
18/07/2014 08:41
ekomuwa at cross road now...short term may challenge 0.56, but mid term should go down to 0.505....any comment??
22/07/2014 08:45

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sosode Is uptrend ...
19/07/2014 17:37

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Peter Chen Corporate Princess 4 : Natalie Cheng and sibings 企业公主系列4 : 钟惠严姐妹
22/08/2013 11:42
Peter Chen Parkson Retail Group Limited surged 22.3% after rival Golden Eagle Retail increased stake to 4.6 %
香港百盛集团 大涨22.3%,金鹰商贸 把百盛的持股比例提高至4.64%

06/12/2013 13:42
dunknow terrible counter....i lost all the way to this counter....
17/07/2014 21:55

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stockhero Good counter..
17/07/2014 18:25

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michalewong Increasing Uncertainty in the market aiming at reversal can make a good buy around 0.350-0.355.
To know More Visit :- http://goo.gl/qToZP7
15/04/2014 20:25
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:49
pnuklis This counter is really slow n steady and will reach 40 cents by month end.
23/04/2014 12:12
Lester just bought 10 lot today..
30/04/2014 23:18
Melaos wah, let's all pray it goes well. huat arg
04/05/2014 10:43
ahlek888 can still fly?
08/05/2014 23:53
pnuklis Q1 results are coming on Wednesday and if good news then it will crawl further. There is no running of this counter. You have to be patient with this company
11/05/2014 16:59
ahlek888 wah nice, thanks for the info pnuklis. i hope good news then, as most sgx counters are bleeding :p
11/05/2014 22:29
Muhammad Yazid Come on nam cheong its time to shine. Just bought 19 lots for it
22/05/2014 16:38
Vivian Tiong Nc 0.47 now. Up up up! Well done.
17/07/2014 13:33

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Pang Sing Tan Decent PE, low P/B, high dividend yield and in sunrise sector. Difficult to ignore. Lovely small cap play.
28/08/2013 07:36
inphyy Hmmm... strong support price 0.605 for days. only once price fell 0.600 but managed to climb back. One problem with this counter, daily transaction volume done are thin. Today Dow dip -170.33 -1.14%. we'll see price dip or not?
28/08/2013 08:22
Pang Sing Tan holding well....buy for long term if you believe in this company
28/08/2013 09:46
soungsoung sold about a few weeks ago at 0.825. waiting for new catalyst.
17/03/2014 11:08
notty1 What will happen tomorrow?
16/07/2014 20:46

Posted by ekomuwa at Jun 25, 08:08 AM
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samuelx Still vested. i think it will be a matter of time before good news come in.
25/06/2014 14:26
dicklinglk Looking at mid to long term.
25/06/2014 23:22
ekomuwa short term will this stock test the support at 0.425 and then rebound?
26/06/2014 08:32
ekomuwa On 26 Jun 2014,
opened 0.44, high at 0.445, low at 0.435, closed at 0.445, short term may test 0.45/0.455, if cannot break out/up, then I expect this go south, I am see the next support still at 0.425....very bearish I felt for this stock....will 0.425 a good entry point to buy???
27/06/2014 07:56
ekomuwa On 30 Jun 2014, this stock opened 0.44 and closed at 0.435 with 1.315M changed hands. Whole day transaction was bearish...maintained the view that this stock should move toward 0.425 where the strong support is there....trade/invest prudently..
01/07/2014 08:36
ekomuwa On 1 July 2014, this stock formed a gravestone doji with low vol transactions (1.224M changed hands). Opened 0.435, high 0.440, closed back at 0.435. No much interests in the market to trade?? However, sentiment was a bearish....wai and see where it heading...My view was that buyer may try to push it back to above 0.445, otherwise, it will head south to rest at 0.43 or 0.425....trade / invest prudently....
02/07/2014 08:22
ekomuwa 2 July, Midas opened 0.44, closed 0.435, with 2.649M changed hands, this counter still under selling pressure.....note that there were higher Vol compared to the last 2 & 3 days, clearly there were more people to unload this stock....trade/invest prudently....
03/07/2014 08:30
ekomuwa Midas had been traded between 0.435 & 0.44 for the past 5 days.....bearish sentiment was felt...however, will the non-farm payroll that lifted the US market yesterday be felt here to STI today? will such sentiment over-spill to midas as well....wait and see today how it go....
04/07/2014 08:43
ekomuwa If you study the price chart of Midas, you will notice a descending triangle is forming, such trend started on 28 Jan 2013 with a high at 0.58 cts, then experienced lower highs at 20 Feb 13(0.575), 27 Mar 13 (0.55), 20 Aug 13 (0.54), 7 Jan 14 (0.525), 9 Apr 14 (0.495), 29 Apr 14 (0.48), 10 Jun 14 (0.465), 8 July 14 (0.455). Last Friday, it experienced a strong buying with 5.02M changed hands, movement hovering 0.435 and 0.445 (opened at 0.44, low 0.435, close at all day high of 0.445). Now world cup over, the punters should come back to stock market. Let see if this stock moves up to test the resistance at 0.45?? otherwise, it will go south toward 0.425....do your homework and rtade/invest prudently.....
14/07/2014 08:08
ekomuwa short term situation.....buying interest at 0.44, may want to drive down by buyers to 0.435 to maximize potential profit, resistance at 0.455. If we have a much stronger buying interest, then this may break 0.455....if Midas can hold above 0.455, then it breaks the descending triangle resistance line and will go north.....do your own homework and trade/invest prudently.....
16/07/2014 07:55

Posted by stockmarketmindgames at Jul 13, 09:06 PM
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ta5851 no power......
25/04/2014 10:08
posby haha... power need to fuel burning...ship is slow... not like car...patiently wait.. ..
25/04/2014 17:46
pnuklis posh needs to show market that it has power to be better than others like Pacific Radiance, Nam Cheong, Otto, Swire and others.
27/04/2014 10:08
alexyap any comment for this counter? just secured a big deal from Petrobas. Fair value?
15/05/2014 08:16
kkteng70 good ..
15/05/2014 10:54
moneyfacez yup good
22/05/2014 11:30
BumbleBee O&G business is booming in SE Asia ....temporary setback due to upcoming World Cup effect I think ...http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/fifa-world-cup-effects-on-the-stock-market-worried/ ...after this event over market shld return to normal ...hahaaaa8
22/05/2014 22:45
k6ii This counter start moving ..
27/05/2014 10:03
swcltw is it too high
01/06/2014 11:34
pnuklis what happened to GOSH saga in Mexico? Do people have such a short memories???????????? That was more than USD 100 million down
13/07/2014 10:10

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inphyy Hmmmm...oil and gas exploration firm Interra Resources outperformed the market after announcing a deal to acquire an oil field in Indonesia’s South Sumatra.

OMG! Still trade in this price range? Sometime ago me hop ship due to pitiful Trading Volume regardless good news dig here and there for black gold
04/09/2013 19:28
dusti Price should be 55cents at least for this good performing company. Maybe not many investors know about it
23/04/2014 09:31
ahlek888 dust what's your valuation based on?
11/05/2014 22:30
dusti Hi ahlek888, IR is very much below the radar of analysts and investors and price is drifting nowhere. I took an average of a few analysts' TPs but one has recently upped to 69. Not surprising as recently two digs were confirmed oil producers. Check IR at shareinvestor.com for their achievement of producing wells in 2013 and 2014. Of course, there are many questions to ask, but I'm contented to being in a good place. Only hope price will be more realistic. Buy some and wait for the good news to hit the fan. Good luck!
12/05/2014 11:18
ahlek888 wow, this counter hasn't been moving much at all in the right direction. is that why the management is sweetening the deal by offering free warrants? but even that is taking quite a while to come into action. what are your thoughts?
12/07/2014 23:22

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ultraman NSL and its group of companies is a leading industrial group in the Asia Pacific. The Group has four main businesses: Construction Products, Environmental Services, Engineering and Chemicals.

The Construction Products group is a market leader in manufacturing precast concrete components and plasters & mortars in the region. The Environmental Services group is a key player in integrated environmental services in Singapore, with business in integrated waste management and re-refining of used lubricant.

The Engineering group is one of the world's leaders in manufacturing container spreaders. The Chemicals group focuses on lime and specialised refractory products manufacturing and steel slag recycling.

NSL Group is widely recognised as an extensive user of technology to provide innovative solutions to industries. It partners eminent local industry and tertiary institutions to develop industrial best practices and leading technologies in its fields.

The Group has operations and joint ventures in 9 countries. The Company has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1964.

i3 please lah....
10/07/2014 23:56

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Taywenxi Bought at 0.48 cut loss at 0.36 .. Think can invest money at better stock... But result shld be out soon... Might shoot up suddenly..last time shoot up ard 0.20.. Anything possible
25/04/2013 07:17
alex2012 hello, steve. My opinion is, buy cnmc when market is at peak. cause when market plunge, gold price will sky rocket, than cnmc share should go up while other share plunge...
i plan to buy after sell Rex, maybe Q4-2014 or Q1-2015.
28/05/2014 15:02
alex2012 if you have extra cash, can consider buy now...if not mistaken, last time i check, the all-in cost for cnmc is around USD800++, now gold price is USD1270, so still got USD400++
28/05/2014 15:12
alex2012 FYI, all-in cost for Barrick gold(Canada miner) & Newcrest(Australia miner) is around USD900 - USD1000
28/05/2014 15:14
steve84 Alex morning-
29/05/2014 09:25
alex2012 morning...welcome to cnmc
29/05/2014 10:44
steve84 Thanks Alex, happy trading
29/05/2014 11:14
lloydlim Super star has begin! Another printing money machine is in de making!
29/05/2014 22:10
Angel_Investor Time is come!
Keep accumulating & we shall rewarded handsomely soon.
05/07/2014 16:58
lloydlim Time to accumulate more & more! Gd news ahead guys!
10/07/2014 10:59

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chinchiaho the performance of G hk has been lackluster for the past several months & the vol & movement clearly shows the big shareholder wants to collect from the market. Very frustrating for small investors esp me who have held on to the shares for the last 5 years loyally & not getting rewarded. Come on KT Lim, do something fair for your loyal supporter!
28/02/2014 11:04
ryan7642 agree wf u same to me too hold for quite some times d=='' come on KT Lim make your Genting HK bcom next Genting Spore trend boost up to SGD1.3-1.5 from the lowest SGD0.5+..
02/03/2014 09:15
ryan7642 yea baby finally got BIG news coming out worth for long waiting patient make BIG Gain~~
06/03/2014 09:22
Trade Zignals get fundamental stock picks here
06/03/2014 15:17
winner99 Good time to accumulate at 39 cents.
21/03/2014 15:33
winner99 It's time for dividend after waiting for so many years.
21/03/2014 15:36
ryan7642 Hmm usually news about transferring to main board quite +ve n will boost up most of the time eg, karyon Bhd boost from 0.18 to current almost break rm0.5 d 100% profit..genting hk please sang sang Seng Seng ar make 100% profi in usd for me$$
01/04/2014 08:34
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:50
anthonylow http://sgx.i3investor.com/servlets/ptres/6486.jsp
08/07/2014 16:28
khenghong Eh...you also bought genhk ar?
09/07/2014 20:25

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muimui2 Hi,anyone holding this counter. May I get some advice what to do,I got stuck for many years.
07/07/2014 16:49
muimui2 No respond,I guessed I am the only one that is stuck to this counter.:(
08/07/2014 15:43

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chusoon Any target price?
08/01/2014 08:09
08/07/2014 14:37

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Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 16:16
Levi Henzon Post removed. Why?
21/04/2014 16:50
epicresearchSg BUY JARDINE CYCLE ABOVE 45.600 TG 45.900,46.200, 46.600 SL 45.300

Get 1 Week Free Trial and check our accuracy and profitability. Contact me for Free Trial.
08/07/2014 14:09

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foresight good like it is better to buy after xD..now selling for 81
26/08/2013 16:43
Jeff Ling Look like an uptrend..........till dividend payout in Aug.......
05/07/2014 16:23

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0665hock Oh Yeah!
15/01/2014 16:14
Lansford Loo Pre-announcement stable level share price (ex possibility of news leakage): c.11.8 cents
Implied market cap of JES = S$137.59m (1166m shs outstanding)

current share price: 16.5cents
implied value of the option granted to JES to invest in MineRiver = (0.165-0.118)*(1166m) = S$54.80m

we can view the optionality grant to JES as a real option. let's adopt a 3-stage binomial option pricing model.

based on the model below, for us to get an expected value of the option of S$50.48m, we have to go with the assumptions below.

Thus if you buy, you are betting that the option is worth more (ie your assumptions are more bullish than the ones below). If you sell, you are betting the option is worth less (ie your assumptions are more bearish than the ones below).

hope that helps.

for more analysis on different stock please visit:
our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AcaciaTradingSingapore
our blog: http://lansfordloo.wordpress.com/
and like our page. Thanks!

Acacia Trading is a Preeminent Training Institution that aims to provide financial freedom to its students through its unique and proprietary training methodology. We utilize events-driven fundamental analysis that teaches our students how to capitalize on both long and short views on opportunities to maximize gains.

Disclaimer: We do not hold shares in the stocks that are listed in our ideas unless specifically stated. The recommendations stated above are general recommendations and may not be suitable for your portfolio. Please contact your financial adviser prior to taking action on the ideas above. All ideas are provided for discussion purposes only. We will not accept any liability for losses that are sustained as a result of you following our ideas. The ideas are provided on a good faith basis, please conduct your own due diligence on the ideas prior to taking action. We iterate that we are a training academy and are only bound to our students who we have an express contract with. That said, please free feel to comment and discuss on the ideas above. Cheers, Acacia Trading.

=== Binomial Model Assumptions ===

1. stage one: tranche one investment
acacia est of probability of success: 60%
max loss to JES = S$7m

2. stage two: tranche two investment
acacia est of probability of success: 40%
max loss to JES = S$60m

3. stage one: tranche one investment
acacia est of probability of success: 20%
max loss to JES = S$60m

value of minerals at mine: S$60bn
acacia est of margin: 10%
% stake owned by JES: 30%
possible NPV of CF to JES = S$60bn * 10% * 30% = $1.8bn
28/01/2014 08:32
0665hock halted....any idea???
28/02/2014 14:19
0665hock awarded contract worth US240M
28/02/2014 23:04
0665hock separately announced losses for current quarter! Interesting how investor will react one good and bad announcement
01/03/2014 23:06
Intira Lertzangar buy or not to buy ????????
03/04/2014 12:01
Jenny Mcdonne I come here almost every day to read the news like probably most people here do that I don't have anywhere else to tell anybody so I thought I'd tell somebody here because I'm so excited about what I've found. Google "Gold Trading Academy" these guys are really helping people learn how to trade, I never traded before in my life and now I'm making money doing and having a great time I can't believe how much money you can actually make trading like this it's amazing!
03/04/2014 15:20
albertlaw Limited upside ever sold at 35cts past years,,beg of 2013 sold at 20-21cts..avoid its losses come in last 2 years..limited upside 15cts the most..I made this comment in Oct 23,,yet a few pple here said iognore all this noise...
07/04/2014 19:37
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 15:42
0665hock anyone can explain JES latest move???
04/07/2014 22:08

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JeanFan74 good buy.
20/02/2012 11:23
hongche It can be buy for short term position - http://www.capitalvia.com.sg/sgx-singapore-picks.php
22/02/2012 14:08
ket_60 good to invest
23/04/2014 00:27
AhJee ya fund manager said so
28/04/2014 16:18
AhJee why suddenly drop ?
04/05/2014 13:43
AhJee at top loser leh
04/05/2014 13:43
AhJee Wah very hard to monitor this counter
14/05/2014 17:26
AhJee hee hee money in pocket. bought at 2.5 , now 2.7
30/05/2014 09:59
AhJee why suddenly suspended
26/06/2014 10:15
Borneoartifact Galvin Post removed. Why?
04/07/2014 10:47

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ultraman sti comfir bearish
07/06/2013 13:55
jeremyl Very good guide to newbie investors...thank u
07/06/2013 16:31
lsfchris Portfolio Template can be improved, to allow quantity owned / invested so as to provide P&L of stock owned. Thank you. Otherwise, I like this site p very much.
04/07/2013 15:04
asmj81 I'm grateful fo this website's services and info provided.
04/03/2014 17:16
BumbleBee Everyone loves bargains or cheap sale. But in the stock market, are cheap stocks really cheap? Read this article at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/cheap-stocks-really-cheap/
04/06/2014 15:37
ed88ks just like LCD global inv.
04/06/2014 16:50
BumbleBee how to win in the stk mkt loser's game http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/win-stock-market-losers-game/
18/06/2014 08:49
BumbleBee One of the major difference between professionals and amateurs traders is the LACK OF Understand of Stock Chart Patterns. Read at http://shareinvestormalaysia.com/understanding-stock-chart-patterns/
22/06/2014 14:50
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25/06/2014 16:36
BumbleBee Don't kill your stock market returns with Defective Stocks - Read This, Never Worry Again - http://bit.ly/1nQhgli
03/07/2014 20:57

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anthonylow Be Patient's
01/07/2014 13:37
aikinlai At last, u appear back anthony,
Perhaps u know something that not convinence to share here.
Then may i ask if still ok to increase more share now?
01/07/2014 22:26
anthonylow Below 0.006 good to accumulate.
02/07/2014 12:07
aikinlai thanks for the info, will accumulate...
hope you can advise too what is TP once the news out
02/07/2014 16:42
anthonylow When the news coming out ,the TP should more than 0.10
02/07/2014 17:32
aikinlai ohh...more than 0.10 or 0.010 ?
if more than 0.10, is about 1500% diffrence.
03/07/2014 13:56
anthonylow Ai Lai Liao, ai dan ar.
03/07/2014 15:50
aikinlai Aiya, beh Dan Liao. I want become millionaire if the price can reach to 0.20 cent
03/07/2014 16:17
anthonylow Lu Mai Gah Lang Kong ah, neng kak po meng teh. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
03/07/2014 17:04
aikinlai Ho lar, ho lar. Wa dan. Thank u so much
03/07/2014 18:09

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0665hock goreng counter
11/04/2014 09:22
Nallayak goring only after Oxley free
11/04/2014 13:57
tanventure How come the company can issue rights/new shares even no revenue, almost, for so long? While the IPO shares got diluted so much?
08/05/2014 12:16
Nallayak got Oxley lah
08/05/2014 14:25
3328 whats Oxley actually, can explain? thks
09/05/2014 20:36
Nallayak Oxley bet on shoe box and made loads invested in arti
23/06/2014 18:31
Samantha Devon Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 09:54
0665hock red hot!!!!
24/06/2014 21:10
0665hock damn hot
03/07/2014 16:17
0665hock its time to eat durian now!
03/07/2014 16:18

Posted by stockmarketmindgames at Jul 3, 10:12 AM
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anthonylow SunMoon Food Company's latest debt restructuring has finally removed the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over its head and given it a fresh impetus for growth.
14/10/2013 14:04
01/07/2014 13:44
khenghong Mind to share your view about how do you think of this company and you also buy this counter?
01/07/2014 21:22
anthonylow Buy this company bcoz have insider news.
02/07/2014 12:10
khenghong I see. Thanks.
02/07/2014 13:46
khenghong You bought this counter, I bought in with 0.002 how about you?
02/07/2014 13:49
anthonylow 0.001-5000 lots, 0.002-2000 lots & 0.004-1000 lots
02/07/2014 17:30

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yamiyugi drop in few consecutive days....scary
13/03/2014 21:39
ryutaro12 scary, but good opportunity might be coming
14/03/2014 18:29
yamiyugi mind sharing what kind of good opportunity?
17/03/2014 09:47
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:08
Henry Wong Post removed. Why?
09/04/2014 19:54
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:47
epicresearchSg Today Recommendation :-

BUY DBS GROUP HOLDING ABOVE 16.830 TG 16.960,17,200 SL 16,550

Get 1 Week Free Trail on SGX Stock, Forex and Comex. Contact Me fb/henrywongSGX
02/07/2014 12:59

Posted by Jimmy Song at Jun 30, 07:35 AM
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ticktock another casualty........sigh!!
07/10/2013 09:54
inphyy morning average down....
07/10/2013 12:08
ticktock Mosquito oil field..........puny few hundred barrels at best? how to justify buying even here? look at the options price granted....0.10 or is 0.12?
07/10/2013 15:40
inphyy hmmm.....out of the woods yet? Closing bell 0.32
08/10/2013 17:09
inphyy Already average twice all the way down to 20cts plus. Me just put aside.
17/10/2013 16:44
inphyy Slow and steady.....
01/11/2013 16:19
ticktock Time to take a position?
20/12/2013 13:49
inphyy hmmm...0.194 +0.027 up for day 2
20/01/2014 10:29
0665hock many of them kena jia lat jia lat
29/06/2014 22:04
0665hock 0.175 soon...
29/06/2014 22:06

Posted by FirstRateBrokers at Jun 29, 07:32 PM
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Posted by stockmarketmindgames at Jun 28, 10:24 AM
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jceducationsg I just bought this REIT and looking forward to collecting dividends from this REIT... with High yield and low price-to-book ratio...

29/12/2011 20:52
Siew Jian Bin I also kept this share, but the rupee is down VS SGD, haiz... Anyway, the gearing is less than 10%, shd have room to grow!
24/07/2012 22:21
wangzhongpeng I also keep this share and waiting the price go down , want to buy some more shares.
26/07/2012 08:28
Jian Bin Siew Tomorrow the result will out, hope that the earning can increase to SGD0.008.
01/08/2012 21:42
Jian Bin Siew I think now is the good time to collect Lippomall at Sgd0.465.
13/06/2013 23:47
sengchai Does anyone see the short sell movement in INNOPAC. N CNA
10/07/2013 10:13
Fong Kh http://www.reitsweek.com/2013/12/china-tycoon-purchases-193-million.html
03/12/2013 10:15
epicresearchSg Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. Microsoft MSFT -0.13% rallied 1.3%, the best performer on the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA -0.48% , which was up 47 points.
03/12/2013 20:28
Fong Kh http://infopub.sgx.com/FileOpen/Press_Release_revised_613pm.ashx?App=Announcement&FileID=295464
27/06/2014 12:58

Posted by stockmarketmindgames at Jun 26, 09:16 PM
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Trade Zignals http://freestockbuyandsellsignals.blogspot.com/
29/01/2014 11:25
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:47
superman11 Why sgx in i3investor doesnt have financial technical analysis like klse??
30/05/2014 18:40

26/06/2014 12:44

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dicklinglk Hope to hear positive announcement from Ying Li
25/06/2014 23:23

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erkongseng good stock,high dividen 3.4sen last year,7.5% dy on 0.45 sen,buy more for good future.
23/04/2014 16:56
23/06/2014 17:50
Samantha Devon Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 09:55
erkongseng 2仙己拿到了。
25/06/2014 17:41

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jack_ng Waoh! a lot of investment house recommend this stock. Worth to consider buy in?
19/10/2011 17:44
Trader Hub Keppel corp is a blue chip counter and is traditionally well covered by analysts.

My conservative investment strategy in blue chip stocks is to look at the overall market index (FTSE). If the index is above SMA 200, then it can generally be considered an uptrend market and hence is safe to invest into blue chip counters. Else better stay away from them because they are sensitive to market index. In fact, they are the stocks that contribute directly to the movement of the market index.
21/10/2011 09:05
madam What happen to thaibev and breadtalk share? Any one know
06/05/2013 21:13
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:48
Ced Prenner Post removed. Why?
22/04/2014 14:48

BUY KEPPAL CORORATION ABOVE 10.740 TG 10.850,10.96 SL 10.630
25/06/2014 12:42

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:08

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:08

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:07

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:05

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:05

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:03

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:03

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:02

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:02

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:01

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:01

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:00

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Raymon Do Post removed. Why?
24/06/2014 16:00

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