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Janus Mun no volume geh?counter play by zombies?
22/07/2016 18:31

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presleyken88 piece of shytt...stuck here. Loss half already. What a big mistake!
22/01/2015 10:43
eric56 Anyone know what happen to this counter, dropping a lot, short selling?
17/08/2015 12:12
LanSeeBoy Don't bother all O&G counters. Expect more earnings downward adjustment in coming months (or years !)...Can't believe CIMB calling an ADD on this. Shameful!
17/08/2015 13:31
LanSeeBoy LOL...b4 it reaches 10c, it would have been suspended. Vessels idle and bond redemption will close them up in now time.
07/09/2015 14:28
LanSeeBoy If u think this is not bad enough, then one should look at Vallianz... a laughing stock among OSV stocks. Its new CEO has no industry experience...scary. LOL
07/09/2015 22:09
Ami Wong helo...everyone MALAYSIA share prices opened lower on Friday at 7.00 points to 1,607.02
11/09/2015 19:37
LanSeeBoy OSV owners such as Pacific Radiance, Vallianz,... will face a prolonged period of low (or no) vessel utilisation, with weak asset demand compounded by strong newbuild supply. Subsea (Ezra) nor liftboat (Ezion)not immune to downturn too. Massive credit risks ahead.
23/09/2015 15:07
LanSeeBoy Is really bad, dude. Dun think their cashflow can meet their debt servicing.
13/10/2015 17:13
LanSeeBoy Can't believe this CIMB analyst still calling an ADD...wonder he knows how serious when a co called for a change in debt covenant huh? Financial inability aside; mgt creditability gone. Reason this stock is holding is becos of its tight free float. Pang family owns >60%. 1-2 loosely-arranged funds holding big blocks (from IPO) die die still keeping their massive losses. LOL
30/10/2015 15:52
LanSeeBoy Can't believe u still ve this ? Better get out b4 it sinks to seabed.
19/07/2016 14:51

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bgoon99 at very good bargain...strong financial and market share in banking. Hit by silly report LOL
26/08/2015 10:47
bgoon99 http://razorbuzz2015.blogspot.com/
26/08/2015 11:09
LanSeeBoy bgoon99: You are a Bellend !
30/08/2015 21:45
soon9913 any news for the due d audit on the RPT..?
15/09/2015 12:18
Poh Chye wassup today?
04/11/2015 16:27
Poh Chye cleared from wrong doing (edge sg, 6 Jan 16) still down. haiz
06/01/2016 21:56
omgimnoob Anyone attending today's meeting?
25/01/2016 09:45
Khun Chye finally see some movement
04/03/2016 16:43
tradeview looking good yesterday. lets see can challenge 60 cents resistance
13/07/2016 12:13
tradeview broke 60 cents. More upleg to be seen
18/07/2016 10:32

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pang72 As long as index keep crashing, cnmc will in up trend
08/07/2016 10:24
pang72 Back to 60sen
08/07/2016 15:05
pang72 Higher .605
11/07/2016 09:41
pang72 Time to add
12/07/2016 09:42
Kelvinphua How come drop so much and fast?
12/07/2016 13:46
pang72 Because up so much....but tomorrow will up more
12/07/2016 14:51
Kelvinphua When do you think it's the right time to sell
12/07/2016 14:58
pang72 I only can said it is too early
12/07/2016 17:19
pang72 My TP is 80sen
12/07/2016 17:19
pang72 Gold is dropping . You can sell first and get back later with lower price
13/07/2016 11:46

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LanSeeBoy Seagate Technology - their top customer expanded plans to cut jobs to 14% of the workforce, seeking to > reduce costs to weather a prolonged slump in demand. Looks like Cheung Woh is doomed.
13/07/2016 09:03

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inphyy Ezion Holdings net profit more than doubles to $36.3m

Delivers "steady" performance in 3Q13.

According to PhillipCapital, Ezion Holdings (Ezion) delivered steady net profit in 3Q13, excluding exceptional items, of $36.3m, which was 130.2% higher than 3Q12 and 5.9% higher than the previous 2Q13.

With management is expecting 3 vessels to be deployed in 4Q13 -- 1 unit in Caspian Sea, 1 in South Asia and 1 in Arabian Gulf -- the research firm predicts earnings momentum should continue into FY14E, with a 61% increase in earnings from FY13E. But as 3Q13 net gearing rose to 1.05x from 1.01x in 2Q13 (0.83x in 1Q13), PhillipCapital said Ezion could slow down its rate of project wins in an effort to control its gearing levels.

"We expect net gearing to hit 1.1x by end-FY13E, before easing to 0.8x in FY14E on improve free cash flow generation from more vessels contribution," said PhillipCapital. But the research firm raised its FY13E/14E earnings forecast for Ezion to factor in new contracts, higher margins and updated SEUs deployment schedule.
18/11/2013 14:45
Peter Graham Lancashire Great growth Story, but what about cash flow and free cash flow which require new capital either more debt or issue new shares? Alao nil dividend policy does not suit all institutional investors. PGL
19/11/2013 16:47
Feler Sed Post removed. Why?
01/04/2014 17:08
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 16:43
alexyap trading halt? any idea?
09/04/2014 08:51
pnuklis Holding on strong. Don't feel comfortable with all the action regarding dilution of shares, jk buy ans Ausgroup cooperation. May be I am wrong
23/04/2014 12:10
pnuklis Ezion has too much action like JK Tech, Ausgroup and dilution of shares all at the same time and not sure how it benefits or slows down. Too risky till every thing settles down and if it continues to win orders!
27/04/2014 10:12
Ben Teo this stock shall move up again....just that now the timing is damn bad...pls be patient
13/01/2015 17:23
goldcarps Technically still weak, below 50 and 100 day MA.
02/07/2015 12:55
RitaWong Looking forward to Ezion clearing past 0.65
05/03/2016 18:39

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LanSeeBoy Despite seeing a better long-term prospect from further boost in its production capacity, I'm very concerned on the industry over capacity could lead to intense price competition. Expect poorer 2Q.
12/05/2016 17:05
chiongster1234 faster drop please, i can't wait to all in my wealth with you. so next time can growth together or holland myself.
12/05/2016 21:35
chiongster1234 long time no come nearly can't see you, my baby
16/05/2016 21:49
chiongster1234 come back is real
24/05/2016 19:27
chiongster1234 come on
31/05/2016 15:21
chiongster1234 so nice prices
02/06/2016 20:43
LanSeeBoy Glove giant Top Glove net profit dropped 40mainly due to pressures on its average selling prices and higher operational costs. Riverstone will suffer same problem. Dump your shares before is too late.
16/06/2016 22:54
chiongster1234 holland...
19/06/2016 21:10
LanSeeBoy >40% of sales from Europe(incl. UK), Riverstone outlook could be badly hit going forward.
26/06/2016 16:18
chiongster1234 lanseeboy, u are damn right.
27/06/2016 14:45

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LanSeeBoy Another S-chip soon biting the dust
06/06/2016 18:02
LanSeeBoy With more than 40% of revenue from Europe (including operations in Germany), I think this company will suffer
26/06/2016 16:19

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Raymond Tiruchelvam in its heydays this company was known as pktech.... and what leaps and bounds we achieved... :-(
25/06/2016 04:48

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albertlaw Was at Capitalmaster Pte Ltd (Fock Wah Industrial Building)where they recommend strongly as strong accumulation of Valuetronics detected
09/04/2015 10:40
albertlaw In Oct 2014 it broke below 30cts after negative report by Maybank-Kim Eng..hover 30-35 for sometime before it broke through 40cts and at that time target price was from 50-72cts...latest T.P is at 64cts if it can maintain its profits and dividends policy..hope can break the 50cts soon


Quite safe witrh its limited downside as the dividends yiled is much better than FD rates
09/04/2015 23:04
albertlaw Valuetronics (VALUE SP, BN2)
Technical BUY with 13.4% potential returns
Last price: S$0.485
Target price: S$0.55
Protective stop: S$0.450
BUY with a target price of S$0.55, with stops
placed at S$0.485. The stock continues to
trade at above the rising 25-day SMA and a
breakout could close the gap down formed on
29 Jul 14. The MACD indicator appears to
have corrected moderately and looks poised to
form a bullish crossover at above its centreline.
Watch the MACD histogram to see if it could
move above its centreline.
Expected timeframe: 2 - 3 weeks.

Made a few round on this Valuetronics..it's owned by Hongkee..not an S chips and the beauty of this co it pays good dividends every year since ipo in 2007 and has no bank borrowings ..positive CAGR
09/04/2015 23:15
albertlaw Closed at 51.5 on 22 April
22/04/2015 23:33
albertlaw hit 52cts
24/04/2015 13:17
mocics Long time nobody talk about this stock...wonder why it continues to trade at such depress valuation? Cash is like 85% of market cap, free cash flow positive, yield around 8%, PER ex cash is around 1x....
09/03/2016 09:20
LanSeeBoy Silly mgt still keeping it listed. SME mentality, never gonna grow.
11/03/2016 15:41
breadman i think the management saw ur comment here lanseeboy
19/04/2016 09:39
LiteInvestor any sifu.... TP?
10/06/2016 21:18
680301Seed got syndicate or not? all watching football?
23/06/2016 15:08

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Alen_Chong Great movement . . . . .on There
18/06/2016 16:28

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JUICE Hi chiefs. Any thoughts on this counter?
10/06/2016 11:07
JUICE This counter seems to be snaking up slowly. Any expert thoughts how this will pan out? Thanks
10/06/2016 11:10

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chandra291 Very optimistic opinion of NRA
09/06/2016 18:49

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1.860, 1.920, 1.980 SL 1.760 www.epicresearch.sg
11/04/2014 13:01
Ruth Lim Target Done
14/04/2014 18:25
NicholasNWH90 Wow Andy u are so active!
24/05/2016 10:56

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one688easy another S-chips....riding on consumer market in China...
22/01/2013 15:29
one688easy potential take over target....for those who want to have china market..
22/01/2013 15:32

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PioneerTraining A great article written with great hard work...i must say....a great work of your which shows...I like your site its quite informative and i would like to come here again as i get some time from my studies. And I will share it with my friends.
21/04/2014 13:10
PioneerTraining Post removed. Why?
29/04/2014 18:38

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SeowLing Cheong Have you read the CIMB report?
10/11/2013 07:00
inphyy Cosco Corporation (Singapore) Ltd - Can it earn higher margins from big order book – are all the analysts wrong?

By Adrian Goh | Investor Central – Tue, Aug 20, 2013 4:00 PM SGT

20/8/2013 – Analysts are loathe to give SELL calls, but in the case of Cosco Corporation (Singapore) Ltd they are almost unanimous in their bearishness, after Q2 FY2013 results.

Higher marine engineering revenues couldn't make up for declines in ship building and repair activities, which lead to a fall in revenue and profit.

Near term prospects are also lacklustre.

Orders are up at US$6.7 bln, thanks in part to a US$170m jack-up rig order and a RMB 590 mln order for an offshore supply vessel.

But margins are already thin at around 10.8% in terms of gross margins, and 2.1% on a net basis, and the analysts aren't convinced that it can turn this around.

The financial highlights for Q2 FY2013:

Revenue: -8.7% YoY to S$890.3 mln
Net Profit: -56.4% YoY to S$12.0 mln
Cash flow from operations: S$3.1 mln vs S$101.7 mln
Cash Reserves: S$1.83 bln vs S$1.69 bln

Bullish analyst report
There are no bullish reports.

The Reuters survey of analysts shows that 8 have a SELL, a further 8 analysts have an UNDERPERFORM, and only 1 has a HOLD call on the stock.

Price targets range from 46 cents to 83 cents per share, with the median at 69.5 cents – which is roughly where the stock is currently trading.

Bearish analyst report
OCBC Investment Research says new orders, while plenty, will earn low profit margins in the face of stiff competition.

Also, payment on these orders will also only come in once the projects are delivered, which will put pressure the company's already debt-laden balance sheet.

If China's credit situation deteriorates further, it warns, Cosco could become vulnerable.

OCBC's recommendation is a SELL with a price target of S$0.60.

Maybank Kim Eng Research opines on similar notes and also says yard underutilisation will keep margins down.

Again, Cosco's debt level at S$3.7 bln is a big concern, with US$1.3 bln having to be repaid within a year.

It could refinance this debt, but it will likely be at a higher cost than before.

It has a SELL recommendation with a target price of S$0.65.

CIMB Research adds to the bleak outlook by pointing to low contract values for shipbuilding orders, and coming greater technical challenges and higher costs.

While CIMB Research has the slightly nicer-sounding recommendation of UNDERPERFORM, its target price of S$0.46 is actually below the others.

Investor Central. We keep your investments honest.

Question 1. What strategies is it adopting to increase margins?
Question 2. How concerned should investors be about $1.3 bln in debt repayments falling due in the next 12 months?
Question 3. Analysts are concerned about execution – are you?

We have sent these questions to the company to invite them for an on-camera interview, and/or seek their written response.

Sofar, we have not had a reply (which is why you are seeing this message).
10/11/2013 09:27
ekomuwa Get some company's info from Reuters about cosco's management:

It said the company's VP, Xu Minjie resigned after a day wheh he was under investigation by the authorities, understand that phrasing used was " corruption investigation"' this is going to add pressure to this stock price........

Just google using "cosco" you will get more info from Reuters; tried cut & paste but was being alerted this act violates the copyright stuff...
12/11/2013 08:14
inphyy China Cosco Holdings’ executive director resigns due to being under investigation by government authorities

Global Times | 2013-11-11 0:18:01

12/11/2013 12:55
ekomuwa cosco ever at its low at 0.605 on 28 Nov 2008, more recent low on 28 Aug 2013 at 0.665....this means it still have chance to go down by 4.5ct...from yesterday closed 0.71....but what was the possibility?? anyone can advice?
14/11/2013 08:34
inphyy COSCO Secures Offshore And Shipbuilding Contracts Totaling Over USD380 Million

COSCO Corporation (Singapore) Limited is pleased to announce that shipyards, which are subsidiaries of the Company's 51% owned subsidiary COSCO Shipyard Group Ltd, have secured contracts totaling over USD380 million to build two jackup drilling rigs and one bulk carrier...

14/11/2013 19:46
inphyy Cosco wins two contracts worth more than US$400m

25/11/2013 11:59
inphyy COSCO looking at weakest earnings year in 2013

Singapore Business Review – 49 minutes ago

Net profit could be below S$50m.

COSCO Corporation (Singapore) is facing its lowest earnings year this 2013, according to OCBC Investment Research, possibly a net profit of below $50m for FY13 compared to S$139.7m and S$105.7m in FY11 and FY12, respectively.

"Indeed, after five quarters of either little cost overruns or reversal of provisions made earlier, COSCO returned to making provisions on its construction contracts again, dousing hopes that it is gaining footing on the execution front," said OCBC.

"Looking ahead, we expect the operating environment for the group to remain difficult. Any credit tightening in China may also affect the ability of customers to meet their financial obligations," it added.
28/11/2013 10:37
lsngee COSCO Corporation (Singapore) Limited wishes to announce that COSCO (Guangdong) Shipyard Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company's 51% owned COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd, has delivered a Self-erecting Drilling Tender Barge, to Energy Drilling. The delivery documents were signed by and between COSCO Guangdong and the buyer recently. The tender barge has a working depth of 2,000 meters, a drilling depth of 20,000 feet and is equipped with heavy lift cranes with a safe working load of 400 metric tonnes..
29/04/2014 22:06
lsngee COSCO Corporation (Singapore) Limited wishes to announce that COSCO (Guangdong) Shipyard Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company's 51% owned COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd, has delivered a Self-erecting Drilling Tender Barge, to Energy Drilling. The delivery documents were signed by and between COSCO Guangdong and the buyer recently. The tender barge has a working depth of 2,000 meters, a drilling depth of 20,000 feet and is equipped with heavy lift cranes with a safe working load of 400 metric tonnes..
29/04/2014 22:07

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crm2012 Big scam...insiders are cornering the stock.From the price movement insiders seem to have the knowledge of the dividend payment. Upon the news of generous dividend payment, insiders will unload their holdings to the public for a 10-15% gains. Poor liquidity...Dont be caught at the mercy of the insiders!
12/06/2012 10:35
hongche TechOil&Gas is changing to higher side!! :))

Last: 0.960
Change: +0.010
Volume ('000): 477
Change (%): +1.05
Price Range: 0.950 - 0.960
Register Here For FREE Recommendations & Tips- http://sgx-nifty-live.blogspot.in/
06/07/2012 14:06
hp3000 climbing up again !
05/05/2014 14:17

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James Tan Tan Hope this fly
05/05/2014 10:50
BHSL What is your hope on Serial based on ?
05/05/2014 17:07
James Tan Tan Financial astrology provides us hope in this volatile yet speculative environment.
05/05/2014 20:18
BHSL Then it is merely a hope based on looking at a crystal ball? Sounds like hopeless to me
06/05/2014 10:28

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clarence_yeo2003 3Q profit miss is within expectations may correct to 4.29 level.
05/02/2014 09:42

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