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Ann. Date Stock Name Opening Price* Current Price** Dividend Record Date View
19-May-2017 CEA ADR US$ 0.00 21.40 SGD 0.3198 21-Aug-2017 Entitlement Detail
15-Jun-2017 Nikko AM STI ETF 3.36 3.32 SGD 0.0231 17-Jul-2017 Entitlement Detail
16-Jun-2017 TopGloveCorp 1.78 1.82 SGD 0.06 17-Jul-2017 Entitlement Detail
13-Jun-2017 Cheung Woh 0.20 0.21 SGD 0.001 18-Jul-2017 Entitlement Detail
23-May-2017 Chemical Ind 0.825 0.89 SGD 0.03 19-Jul-2017 Entitlement Detail
12-May-2017 UMS 0.87 1.07 SGD 0.01 27-Jul-2017 Entitlement Detail

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 Genting Sing 1.085-0.06 
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