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Greetings! My name's Jun Yuan, from Singapore. I'm currently a full-time retail investor cum trader with about 3+ years of experience, and also the webmaster of The Singaporean Investor - a website which I've started to share about individual company analyses (those listed in Singapore, the United States, as well as Hong Kong) in a layman way so that newbie investors will find it easy to understand, my long-term investment portfolio (along with a review of the individual companies' quarterly results as and when they become available, along with summaries of AGMs and EGMs - by sharing all these, I'd like to share a point that portfolio building, as well as monitoring the "health" of our investments is not a difficult task), and also general advise about longer-term investing and shorter-term trading (based on my personal experiences.) Speaking about moves that I've made in my long-term investment portfolio - I've added another blue-chip REIT in Keppel DC REIT, a pure-play data centre REIT, to my long-term investment portfolio yesterday, and have posted an article to share about the reasons why I've made the investment decision. You can read more about it here - I do hope you will find the contents presented useful, and I look forward to engage with fellow members of the investment forum. Cheers! :)

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