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0665hock yes...
10/01/2014 14:17
0665hock fooyoo....early ang pao
10/01/2014 15:12
0665hock Is Friday...next Friday will be...
10/01/2014 18:46
albertlaw Next resistance at $0.068

10/01/2014 23:25
0665hock no problem la...monday will break
11/01/2014 23:12
0665hock Now will be too late to go in
12/01/2014 18:26
0665hock another round of profit...sold some at 0.065
13/01/2014 12:13
0665hock tomorrow will in again...gd luck
13/01/2014 17:18
0665hock profit taking today after yesterday big surge
13/01/2014 17:36
0665hock Interesting...can't wait for next few days...
15/01/2014 19:31
0665hock very close to crucial date I think...
22/01/2014 19:16
0665hock last call
24/01/2014 09:07
aikinlai Last call? Last call bf it gonna shoot up? Still long way to go lar, buy buy land but what is the plan? Building commercial? Seen no more news from Albedo
25/02/2014 22:44
GTMS http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2014/03/19/Danny-Tans-Albedo-deal-off/
19/03/2014 10:40
ticktock never trust DT. invest elsewhere pse
19/03/2014 10:55
albertlaw 1 ALBEDO LIMITED REQUEST FOR TRADING HALT Mar 19 2014 10:08:06 AM
19/03/2014 15:53
aikinlai SO, There never been wrong of people saying don`t touch the vicent tan or danny tan family counter» coz they always find way to goreng the stock· can u believe it where all news saying near to deal n now not able to deal········ we are not stupid lar
19/03/2014 22:28
0665hock Go holland liao
20/03/2014 18:17
Nallayak How to inject agri land as if no National Land Code
21/03/2014 17:40
0665hock 0.01 when monday open
21/03/2014 23:16
Nallayak albedo lawyers must take immediate steps to protect co & shareholders by filing caveats on all the lands as Albedo has registrable interest on those non Agri land to prevent Msian parties ramp & dump on already bleeding Spore investors. If lawyer negligent then lawyer must be held accountable in AGM incl all directors. Thers no 2 ways about it and SGX the regulator who took eyes off ball too often must demand Albedo take steps
22/03/2014 14:50
Nallayak BT reported Palace not too keen with RTO , of course lah Big deal must get blessing b4hand, Tan not operating in KL & land not in KL. Looks like nothing albedo can do now but forget the whole deal & face the wreath of shareholders n punters & Sgx
25/03/2014 10:31
Nallayak even the shr price cant rebound against Palace wishes,throw in towel lah go back to 0.01 c as any Johor biznessmen will tell you cant defy the Palace
25/03/2014 18:29
Nallayak pump n dump don't get rubbish poured on u . Even Danny cant change Palace view
26/03/2014 11:25
Frant Denner Post removed. Why?
04/04/2014 17:11
Nallayak Forex is political
04/04/2014 19:56
Revier Thomas Post removed. Why?
08/04/2014 16:12
pyramidpoh Good news or bad news,updated the proposed acquisition of the entire share capital of Reflection Oasis INC. by Danny Tan?
10/04/2014 12:08
lsngee If on 19/4/12 they really deal will it rise?
10/04/2014 16:45
Nallayak can rise only if Palac e give green light
10/04/2014 19:38
lsngee Do u think this is the best time to go in?
10/04/2014 20:25
lsngee Albedo plans to issue 34.55bilion news share at 0.0224 per share it's bad new or good new?
10/04/2014 20:30
0665hock nope...tropicana only want cash not share...
10/04/2014 23:38
lsngee Meaning that have to wait?
10/04/2014 23:44
Nallayak the only way Tropicana can get cash is to rob a bank not albedo
11/04/2014 13:56
lsngee Then finish liao....
11/04/2014 21:15
Vivian Tiong So this counter cannot invest right?
11/04/2014 23:12
0665hock 1 cent
11/04/2014 23:38
dicklinglk Tough terrians ahead ......
13/04/2014 21:33
pyramidpoh no hope for this counter.
14/04/2014 12:10
stockadvisor Showing a down trend and indicating a strong Sell Signal. Can make a short position in these counter at current level.
14/04/2014 19:01
Nallayak too low to short
15/04/2014 12:34
0665hock kena short today
16/04/2014 12:00
0665hock another big short sell today...share holder also run
17/04/2014 20:21
LimitUp whats the deal on this? Freefall.........until when?
18/04/2014 17:41
dicklinglk I can only say - very sad....
19/04/2014 00:01
LimitUp When there is danger ....opportunities are just around the corner. Can this ctr drop any further than this? Judging by the huge volume being gobbled up these few days there are a lot of people who seems to know more than some of us? Opportunities around the corner? Pray tell....if you know pleeez....
22/04/2014 03:00
pyramidpoh Cannot be trusted Tan family.It is only a gimmict.
28/04/2014 12:03
Nallayak buy at half cent
29/04/2014 19:53
pyramidpoh Albedo is diversified its business to aesthetic medicine based in Taiwan & China.Now the time to invest in this Stock?
09/01/2016 07:24


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