Partial Redemption with reduction of nominal value::Mandatory
Issuer & Security
SecuritySHIMAOPROPUS$800M8.375%N220210 - XS1157365070 - 24HB
Announcement Details
Announcement Title Partial Redemption with reduction of nominal value
Date & Time of Broadcast11-Jan-2019 15:20:51
Corporate Action ReferenceSG190111PCALSVMX
Submitted By (Co./ Ind. Name)Securities Market Control
Original Maturity Date10/02/2022
Disbursement Details
Existing Security Details
Cash Payment Details
Redemption Rate (%)104.188
Pay Date11/02/2019
Outstanding Securities Redeemed (%)50

DISCLAIMER: This announcement was prepared and issued by the named Issuer/ Manager to the Exchange. The Exchange assumes no responsibility for the correctness of any of the statements made, opinions expressed or reports contained in this announcement and is posting this announcement on SGXNet for the sole purpose of dissemination only. In the event of any queries or clarification required in respect of any matters arising from this announcement, such queries are to be made to the named Issuer/ Manager directly and not to the Exchange. The Exchange shall not be liable for any losses or damages howsoever arising as a result of the circulation, publication and dissemination of this announcement.

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