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Mini-Retirement [Series 2]: How My Friends / Colleagues / Families React To My Decision To Take A Break

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Apologies for some of the late replies for those who messaged me last week as I just got back from our family holiday trip at Hoi An late hours last night and I am still recovering today from the late night flight.

After my decision to take a temporary break away from a corporate work rat race which includes my submission for a resignation last week, I received mixed overwhelming responses from friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Most of the responses were congratulatory messages, which resembles how rewarding this journey has turned into and a good respiratory break is well deserved after a long decade of hard slogging and saving. I think the general consensus would agree that life isn't just about getting on top one after another without having a pause about where the direction of life is going to move towards to.

As one of the quotes in the Sun Tzu Art of War advocates, the strategy may be to retreat a few steps back in order to move bigger steps ahead. That way, it gives a clearer picture onto how we want to steer our life's direction and I think it was necessary.

There were also some people who were envious of the situation.

My first immediate thought was that I hope it gives them a good motivation for them to continue carrying out and executing their plans because if they do it is a matter of time before they get to their own stages of financial independence. They should never take this as the wrong smell of envy because that's not the whole intention and neither would it benefit them in any way if they choose to think it that way.

There were also some friends who've started messaging me to discuss on a potential business collaboration in the future.

I'm humbled by the approach because like I said the whole intention of this break is to explore so I'll try to keep my mindset open to any potential good working collaboration.

For my family members, apart from my wife who knows about this, we have not really told anybody about this including our parents as we wanted to keep this a low profile information and we wanted for them to learn about this as naturally as they can.

There are two reasons for this.

First, our parents still exhibit the traditional mindset where for one to be productive, a person needs to be physically going to office in the morning and coming back home in the evening. I think this is normal because a fixed stable income is most important to the family.

Being a digital nomad typing in the computer all day without any instructions, deadlines or bosses just won't work and convince them yet.

Second, they are probably unaware of our financial situation as well as we are and we also don't want to get into the details exactly with them because we wanted to maintain a certain level of privacy.

Hence, the key here is to let time shows that we can survive these 6 months period and still doing on just fine.

So thank you once again for all the blessings that we've received from friends and colleagues and we hope to put this to a good use and update our progress further as we go and experience what's out there in the real world.

Thanks for reading.

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