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How I Was Sold On The Idea of Financial Independence

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Since I am coming up close to a decade of investing since I started my financial independence journey in 2009, I thought I'll do a trilogy of articles on the "rewinding back to history" to remind myself how far the journey has been, and hopefully this can also inspire others who are keen to take on this journey. 

For the longest time I can remember, the sequence of a life's journey is designated to be like this.

First, you attend school, study hard for your exams, get into the top 3 rank in your class, listen to your teachers, then subsequently get into a good tertiary school. 

Once you have graduated, look out for a good role at a multinational company, work for 8-12 hours a day, get promoted, and then stay there until retirement age comes calling for you. 

You work there all your life, build up your pension fund and you are all set for a comfortable retirement life. 

For the upper scale of the greater population, they work even harder, longer, climb the corporate ladder at a faster pace, increase time commitment and take on bigger responsibilities. 

Some goes to work unprecedentedly soulless without direction if this is what they wanted in life.

F.I.R.E - Financial Independence Retire Early

Over the last decade, this unwritten pact has been shredded by the FIRE movement community who thinks that going through life in this structured manner was an insane proposition. 

The FIRE movement thrives on the idea of financial stability and freedom autonomy and sells it to the people who falls under the radar of a failed designed regime system in our society. 

If you are a scholar and work in an organization where you thrive, look away because the FIRE movement is not suited for you. 

But for the larger part of the population who struggles to keep up, and are always constantly demanding for higher pay and more attention, the FIRE social movement pounces straight on your weakness, turning them into an upward spiral of beliefs and successes. 

They make them believe that financial stability has nothing to do most of the time with a person's scale of intelligence nor purchasing power. 

The movement believes that financial independence is a stone step away within everyone's reach if they want to believe. 

Sure, you do need some form of basic income to tide over your expenses and make some good judgement call, but the key is still discipline, sacrifices and some delayed gratifications and with expanding knowledge accumulated over time, you can venture to grow your money via the various investment tools. 

My Personal Experience 

I was sold to the idea of financial independence because the FIRE movement promises something that a lot of things back then were in doubt to me. 

Back then, I wasn't sure if I had what it takes to survive living in Singapore. 

This is one of the best developed fast growing nation in the world that is famous for her great territory of building landscape and fast pace of lifestyle, not to mention the stress level bemoaning on the high cost of living. 

Even when I was undergoing my education phases here, I was struggling to keep up with my peers for the sheer amount of homework and words to memorize and that stress that everyone was talking about lived up to its name real quickly. 

I had to settle for a score of 186 for my PSLE when everyone of my classmates were celebrating theirs' and I had to enter the normal stream in the next phase of my secondary school. 

Great, with 186 score which school wants to accept this loser!

Growing up here keeps me in the toes all the time, relentlessly trying to play catch up with fellow peers and classmates who are always steps ahead of me. 

On the good side, it forces me to step up my game (coming from a low base) and improve myself as a whole. 

Thankfully, the FIRE movement gave people like me chances to outperform my peers on a different scale. 

It is not entirely about wits because otherwise I would have fallen off the pack long ago.

One of the FIRE success criteria is to have perseverance and discipline and I had to work on my character build up over the years to get nowhere close to perfect.

But I know I have to give it a try.

And slowly over the years it is a soft-skills that can be nurtured and improved over time.

Thankfully it worked and I managed get a little better of myself as each day passes.

I continue my pursuit of financial independence since, and believe this is a movement for the people who believes in themselves, regardless of how the rest of the world sees you and discard your presence in this world.

This is a path worth taking, because even for the non-believers this is something they would have to take on someday in their lives.

Thanks for reading.

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