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The Golden Handcuffs

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Your job pays you well. The benefits covered under your employment are comprehensive. You love socializing with your circle of friends.

Everything is good, except you dislike your job.

You dislike your job because it downbeats you hard enough to become a prisoner and dictates you to do things against your wishes.

On some days when things aren't so busy in the office, they seemed okay because you get paid by simply being present in the office. All you had to do is to wait out for your time to expire, whether it is 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 and the job is "done".

On days when it gets really busy and empowering, it can be frustrating for your well being because the company can extend your time without your approval and you just have to suck it up to finish the task. 

Worst, these aren't task that you truly enjoyed doing. 

Or at the very least, you don't feel accomplished even when you have finished the task.

You start pondering on your way home if the reward in terms of the pay and benefits which you received timely every month measured well against the work you are being pit against.

You can't leave your job even though you hated it.

The pay and the benefits reminded you once again inadvertently that you have nowhere to go but being here.

You wanted to quit but you cannot.

You are handcuffed by the glory of the modern prisoner of war.

The best alternative that you can convince yourself is to look elsewhere with a greener pasture but too often, the high reward comes with high responsibilities, and that means constant pressures, deadlines and stresses everywhere.

Nassim Taleb, in his latest book "Skin in the Game", provided examples how companies used this as a strategy to keep their operations afloat and running with precision timing.

In his argument, companies pay their employees fixed salaries because they need their staff to be present in the office all the time during the operation hours, even when there are no tasks to be done. This, he says, is to ensure predictability that there are resources before demand.

Imagine otherwise having a billion dollar company but no human resource to operate the demand when the company needs them most. The company could go down under eventually.

Ways To Break Away From The Golden Handcuffs

The golden handcuff can tie and commit a person harder than what most people think.

They are ruthless not because they want to but because they know your weaknesses as a human being and they exploit that weakness.

If you are in this situation, there are a few ways you can do to slowly break away from this cuff.

1.) Eliminate Your Bad Debts

Bad debts tie you down harder than anything else because it compounds for you the wrong way.

That means having interest after interest growing each day that it will be hard for you to reach reducing the original loan once it spirals down.

Bad debts also shows that you are poor at managing your life, and finances and it is time to overhaul the whole situation.

2.) Review Your Needs and Wants

Once you've overcome the first step of eliminating your bad debts, it is then time to have a review of what you really need before buying.

Impulse buying only adds up to chalking unnecessary expenses over time which you need to declutter at the end of every episode.

Understanding what your needs are also adds to self belief that you are actually in control of your life. This is Your life and this is how you want to handle it.

3.) Stick To Those Budget You Set

There are good reasons why every successful nations, companies and individuals set and stick to the budget they set for themselves.

Having a budget is akin to having a hot chick sitting next to us. It keeps us well in check when we are feeling unsure of ourselves.

4.) Grow Your Money

Achieving Point 1 to 3 is hard enough not to mention a whole section dedicating on the offensive to grow your money.

To be truly financially independent, you need to learn the skills on how to make money working harder for you.

Putting your money in the bank is a good first step which instills the very same idea that gets you interests over time which means you are growing your money but at a much slower pace.

To grow your money, you need to be an established player either in the entrepreneur or investing field and to become so successful you need to dedicate a lot of time and resources to make it happen. This takes time and effort.

Final Thoughts

Charlie Munger once said that humans are intrinsically addicted to three things: Woman, Alcohol, and Your Monthly Paycheck.

Whilst your monthly paycheck may be a comfortable source of avenue for you right now to live your life at your desired lifestyle, do know the fact that it can quickly be taken out from you at any point in time at any circumstances when you least expect it.

When that happens, you don't want to be in the wrong addiction side of things because it won't even matter to them what your case is.

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