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Name of Announcer * STX OSV HOLDINGS LIMITED  
Company Registration No. 201012504K  
Announcement submitted on behalf of STX OSV HOLDINGS LIMITED  
Announcement is submitted with respect to * STX OSV HOLDINGS LIMITED  
Announcement is submitted by * Elizabeth Krishnan  
Designation * Company Secretary  
Date & Time of Broadcast 23-Apr-2013 19:29:53  
Announcement No. 00170  
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Announcement Title * CHANGE OF NAME OF THE COMPANY  
The Board of Directors of Vard Holdings Limited (formerly known as STX OSV Holdings Limited) (the "Company”) wishes to announce that the name of the Company has been changed to Vard Holdings Limited with effect from 23 April 2013.

By Order of the Board

Elizabeth Krishnan
Company Secretary
23 April 2013  
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